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Das erste elektro-akustische Chanson-Cabaret der 2020er.

Dystopianern is the title of an electro-acoustic album of songs that we plan, among aother things, to produce and release as a vinyl edition. Lyrics and music are by the artist Ira Blazejewska. In addition, Dystopianern is part of a broader project. There will be a book with drawings by Ira and Zygmunt Blazejewski@DNAfruit. There will be performances, in a boxing ring, theatre, cityscape. Our agenda: dystopia, antifascism, decadence, lust, glamour.
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12/14/21 - 1/26/22
January until July 2022.
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Minimum amount (Start level): 5,000 €

Mit dieser Summe wird das Album Dystopianern produziert, wir machen die Preproduction, gehen ins TonStudio zum Aufnehmen, alle Beteiligten werden fair bezahlt.

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What is this project all about?

Dystopianern is to be understood as a universal Kunstwerk. Specifically, an album will be produced in different formats: vinyl and CD accompanied by a book. Dystopianern is the first electro-acoustic chanson cabaret of the 2020s. The songs will be produced together with Ira B. In terms of musical influences, think Brecht/Weill meets German New Wave, Stravinsky and electronic dance music. There will be many exciting collaborations with excellent musicians. Texts and music explore dystopia-utopia, anti-fascism, decadence, glamour, lust and langour. There will also be an art book containing lyrics by Ira B. and drawings by Zygmunt Blazejewski. We also plan to shoot a video featuring many of Munichʼs leading lights. And we will perform at various locations in freestyle formations, creating fresh spaces for our content. We will document it all on film to create and connect new spaces.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Revolution! And to make a fabulous album. And a book. And a video. Then stage the whole thing in concerts and bedazzle the gods and goddesses. Bring people together. In creation and celebration. Call out the Nazis, racists, homophobes. Strike a blow for glamour. And a new kind of chanson. Sprinkle a little chuzpa about. Our audience already know who they are: lovers of good music of all eras, of chanson, electronic dance music, experimental minimalism, jazz maximalism, grime, opera, dubstep, etc. People who abhor the Nazi worm infesting our body politic. Those who would feel at home in a 20s cabaret. Those who long for something more. Who love champagne. Or whatever your tipple. The insatiable. The indomitable. Who know how to celebrate life – while painting it in the blackest of colors.

Why would you support this project?

Because you are very, very smart. You love good music. Kurt Weill, Kraftwerk, Tom Waits, Stravinsky, electronic dance music. You love Brecht. And art. You want to be part of the revolution. And... get great gifts: records, CDs, books, concerts, poems, studio visits, pasta dinners, and listen to opera.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

We invest everything in champagne. Joking aside, all musicians, producers, the project manager, the web designer, graphic designer, filmmakers, assistants, and everyone Iʼve forgotten here now will be properly remunerated. Weʼll go straight to the recording studio. If we exceed our first goal of €5,000, through the support of kind, smart people such as yourselves, we produce cds and records and books in larger quantities. If the enthusiasm exceeds the €14,000 mark, weʼll shoot a video, advertise it far and wide, and then celebrate life and art at the release concert.

Who are the people behind the project?

I.R.A. or Ira Blazejewska. What am I and what could I possibly be with a name like mine? Dystopian songwriter. And singer. And painter. Performer. People from all over the beautiful world play, dance, drink and work with me, from Las Vegas to Warsaw, Berlin, Malaga and back to Munich, helping to bring this project to life.

Ira Blazejewska

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1/24/22 - Juhuuuuuu. Es ist vollbracht! Wir haben das...

Juhuuuuuu. Es ist vollbracht! Wir haben das Startziel geknackt! Tausendenundein Dank an die fantastischen Unterstützer*innen! Ihr seid wunderbar.

1/18/22 - Wow, tausend Dank an Konstantin Wecker für...

Wow, tausend Dank an Konstantin Wecker für seine super großzügige Unterstützung! Eine große Ehre. Vom Meister selbst. Juhuhu!

1/14/22 - This sum is to cover the costs of producing...

This sum is to cover the costs of producing the album Dystopianern; this includes the preproduction, recording in a sound studio, and compensating everyone involved equitably.


Gefördert von Landeshauptstadt München


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