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We are Easy Cook Asia. Our mission is to make everyone Enjoy different Asian cuisine and Healthy Asian Lifestyle from the comfort of their homes. We offer authentic Asian meal kits with Easy-to-Cook Recipes, Nutritional Information and the Stories behind the Food. "Be the Chef, We prepare for You"
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About this project

Funding period 7/17/18 11:36 AM - 8/17/18 11:59 PM
Realisation Aug, 2018
Start level 3,000 €

The goal of the funding is to develop around 30 menus and keep testing products and learning from customers.

Category Food
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Do you like Asian Food? Have you ever cooked any Asian cuisine at home? How was it? Many people love Asian food but don't enjoy cooking at home. Because it's not easy to prepare ingredients to cook and cooking takes lots of time.

We offer authentic Asian meal kit with Easy to Cook Recipe, Nutritional Information and Stories behind of Foods.

It's Easy!. We prepare everything for you. The ingredients and sauces are all ready, you can finish cooking within 15 minutes. We will provide recipes and YouTube videos to teach you how to cook.

It's Healthy!. Each ingredients will be carefully selected and prepared. We will prepare homemade sauces as well as fresh ingredients for you.

You Enjoy! More you Know, More you Enjoy. You can enjoy not only foods but also lots of interesting food stories through our cooking classes and Youtube videos. Understanding foods would be the best way to understand the culture.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to make more people easily access to Asian cuisine, eat healthy food and enjoy the stories behind of the food.

This project is going to be highly beneficial for those who have busy lifestyle in the cosmopolitan city. We assume young office worker and family both parents working would be our main target groups.

If you think you are one of our target groups, here are three steps to enjoy Easy Cook Asia Service

1. Sign up and enjoy the video on the website You can enjoy recipes, interesting food stories and cooking videos.

2. Try our meal kit

3. Join our cooking class with interesting food story

Hope you enjoy our service!

Why would you support this project?

Thank you for your support!

The Rewards are waiting for you
Check out our rewards! We don’t want to make profits from you. What we need is valuable feedback in order to improve our product and service. That’s why we provide meal kits to anyone who support us. We also prepared cooking classes, food story lectures as well as customized T-shirt.

***Please note that the meal kit is only available in Berlin.***

You are a midwife to deliver our idea to the world
Just like the baby has to get out of the mom’s tummy, our idea has to be born. You can help us to give a birth of our idea to the world. Share our page if you like our idea!

You are proud of yourself
After several years, when you pass by the one of our Easy Cook Asia shops, you proudly tell your friend that you have contributed to make it happened.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

What if we found ourselves building something that nobody wanted? We don’t say we know what you want. Instead, we say we will keep learning from you.

Therefore, it will be used for developing products and we will keep testing them to customers if the project is successfully funded.

We expect to develop around 20 menus by the end of this year. They would be Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.

We will test our meal kit through the Cooking class, Food Story lecture and Qualitative interview when developing menu.

We will learn from our customers. We will not only analyze acquisition cost, conversion rate and retention rate but build a process how we can continuously increase the value to customers.

We think big but start small. We are going to deliver meal kits in Berlin first then expand to other cities in Germany. We have a plan to have a shop in Prenzlaurberg, Berlin as well.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Minchul and Cheng-en.

We are two young Asians from Korea and Taiwan studying MBA in Berlin. We both love Asian Foods and like to introduce them to more people.

Minchul is born and raised in Korea, and worked in Samsung Electronics. He used to hang out with friends before but now became a family man have two adorable kids. His role is Developing Products and Testing to Customers.

Cheng-en is born and raised in Taiwan, and worked in Microsoft. He loves to play Lego and enjoy finding Pokemon with the mobile phone. He is in charge of Information Technology and Marketing.

Also, we couldn't start this project without helps from our family and friends. And we are waiting for you guys to be a part of this project!

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