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Since 2017 Eat Small - Insect Power has already satifyed hundreds of dogs in Europe with its five tasty insect-based dry foods and treats. With these, We have already produced close to 30 tons of products and saved the use of tons of meat and ressources. Dogs just love Eat Small! Now, our loyal customers and community of Eat Smallers tell us they also want a tasty and healthy wet food that will also contribute to reduce the ecological pawprint of their best friend. We have heard you!
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 Eat Small - Healthy dog food for a healthier planet
 Eat Small - Healthy dog food for a healthier planet
 Eat Small - Healthy dog food for a healthier planet
 Eat Small - Healthy dog food for a healthier planet
 Eat Small - Healthy dog food for a healthier planet

About this project

Funding period 9/4/20 10:50 AM - 10/11/20 11:59 PM
Realisation November 2020
Start level 16,500 €

YES! We are funded and we can complete the production and marketing of our new insect-based wet food for adult dogs. THANK YOU to all dogs and planet lovers!

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City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Did you know that as much as 20% of the global meat production is used to make pet food? Our pets have an very high impact on the environment.

Eat Small - Insect Power: One bag at a time, we’re changing the pet food industry

Insects are packed with high quality nutrients that are essential for a dog's health. They are tasty and easy to digest. Replacing meat with insects in dog food is one of the most efficient ways to reduce a dog's ecological pawprint.

With our 2 lines of dry food exclusively made of insect proteins, we have already fed hundreds of dogs in Europe in a healthy and eco-friendly way.

But not all dogs eat exclusively dry pellets. A lot of them find wet food very enjoyable too. Now, our loyal customers and community of Eat Smallers tell us that they want a tasty and healthy wet food, that will also contribute to reduce the ecological pawprint of their best friend. We have heard you!

Here is our new wet food for adult dogs

Eat Smalls WALD wet food with insect protein

  • Contains 50% of Hermetia illucens (Larven der Schwarze Soldatenfliege), rich in high-quality protein, iron, calcium and vitamin B12
  • Rich in lauric acid: a quick available energy source, also known for its antimicrobial properties in the digestive system.
  • With sweet potatoes, buckwheat, black current, turmeric, rosemary, nettle, and pumpkin oil.
  • Tasty complete wet food for healthy adult dogs of all breeds
  • Perfect alternative proteins and carbohydrates for allergic dogs
  • 100% natural and eco-friendly
  • Low sensitivity grain- and gluten free recipe

When we reach the funding target of 16.500 €, we can start the production of the first 5000 cans of our delicious wet food for adult dogs.

However, if we reach €30,000, we will then start the development AND the production of the world's first insect-based wet food for puppies! Another eagerly awaited product from our community and future dog owners!

Lower the pet industry’s impact on the environment
Here is how:

The protein requirement of a 15 kg dog is covered by the equivalent of 100 kg of fresh meat per year (beef with 27% protein). In a country like Germany, where about 9 million dogs live, roughly 900 millions kg of meat per year are thus necessary to feed dogs.

The meat industry is among the 5 most most polluting industries, responsible for more than 17% of all green house gaz emissions on the planet.
Even so, it's a growing industry.
Pets consume 20% of global meat and fish production.

Insects are currently one of the most nutritious and also one of the most ecological and sustainable alternatives to meat. Insect farming requires a minimum use of water, land and food with almost no CO2 emissions.

Here is an example of what dogs can do to lower their ecological pawprint:
Let’s assume that a 15 kg dog eats one bag Eat Small WALD with 30% Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly larvae) per month, or 72 kg of Eat Small WALD per year.

While enjoying his healthy food with insect protein during one year, this dog prevents the used of:

  • 100 kg of fresh meat (beef with 27% protein)
  • more than 1,4 million L of water (9480 full bathtubs) - used to produce that meat
  • the emission of 1620 kg CO2 (14.580 km with a car) - emited to produce that meat

Not bad for a small dog, uh?

By 2025, we want to have produced 1000 tons of healthy delicious dog food with eco-friendly insect protein as a nutritious alternative to meat protein. Upon achieving this, we will prevent the use of about 450 tons of meat (beef meal, dehydrated), the use of 125 millions bathtubs full of water and the emission of 22 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

With our new wet food more dogs will enjoy insect protein as a delicious alternative to meat.
We are in the starting blocks. The production can start tomorrow and we want YOU to be part of the change! Help us get started and support this campaign to produce the first 5000 cans of Eat Small wet food

One can at a time for the health of your dog and the planet,
Be an Eat Smaller!!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

1) We want to offer to healthy dogs a natural food they love and that provides everything their body needs

Insects are loaded with high quality proteins that contains all essential aminoacids. They provide a lot of minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and also vitamins from the b-complex. They are raised without antibiotics or gen-technics. Our tasty recipe combines fresh sweet potatoes, and black current, gluten free buckwheat, turmeric, nettle and pumpkin seeds oil.

2) We want to offer to allergic dogs a food that controls their symptoms

80% of food allergies are caused by meat proteins and the other 20% by cereals or additives like chemical preservatives, taste enhancers or sugars. Insect protein is a perfect alternative for dogs allergic to meat. We only use alternative carbohydrates and gluten free pseudo-cereals in our foods. We said NO to any chemical additives and sugars.

3) We want to give to dog owners an alternative to reduce the ecological carbon pawprint of their best friend

The majority of us are willing to take action to reduce our ecological footprint and limit climate change. It is not always easy to find solutions that are easily applicable to our daily lives and those of our families.
By replacing meat with insects in dog food, Eat Small allows every dog to save resources.

4) We want to lower the use of animals with developed consciousness - and capacity of suffering - in pet food.

Insect farming is the only existing ethical intensive livestock farming. An insect farm reproduces the ideal conditions of living for insects : millions of them close together, with warmth and humidity. Their life cycle is short and stress free.

Why would you support this project?

It's very easy: by supporting us, you ensure that your dog receives a healthy and balanced food that he will love and that meets all his nutritional needs. Perhaps you have a dog that is allergic to its food? If so, you'll be offering him a natural, nutritious alternative made up of ingredients that will help control his symptoms.

In addition to taking care of your best friend's health, you'll also be doing something VERY IMPORTANT:

As a dog owner, each of us is responsible for the well-being of our 4-legged friend. And each of us is also responsible for the health of the environment and the planet. To curb the depletion of natural resources and global warming, we must make sustainable choices wherever we can.

By supporting us, you are joining Eat Small to become a champion of sustainability while making your dog happy. You are becoming a true Eat Smaller!!

You don’t have a dog? You can still support us so that we can reach our current goal and help us move towards our big goal of 2025: 1 million kilos of healthy delicious dog food produced and thousands of tons of meat and resources saved.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Startnext works on the all-or-nothing principle. That means, if we don't reach our 1st funding target (16.500€), we won't receive anything and the crowdfunding would have unfortunately failed. Your money will therefore only be debited when the crowdfunding is successful.

16.500€ (1st funding target)
HURRAY! We are now financed, every dog gets its new Eat Small yummy insect-based wet food for adult. A portion of the money will also be invested in the marketing of our brand new wet food.
THANK YOU to all dogs and planet lovers! Thank you to be Eat Smaller!

30.000€ (2nd funding target)
WOW, you are world class Eat Smallers! A part of the money raised will be used for the development of the first insect-based wet food for puppy dogs! A new class of food that will make dogs champions of sustainability from the very beginning of their lives.

The food for your adult dogs will be delivered at the end of November, beginning of December.

Who are the people behind the project?

Revolutions are born of unexpected encounters ...
Eat Small was born from a friendship between two women, a Spanish graphic designer and a Canadian veterinarian, who both made Berlin their adoptive city.

Hi! We are Gema and Veronique, the 2 founders of Eat Small - Insect Power.

Our brand is based on our vision: to offer to our best companions - our pets - a very healthy and delicious food and at the same time to respect the environment and the planet where we live.

As a dog veterinarian well experienced in pet nutrition, I’ve observed that many dogs become allergic to their food. Many current dog foods are made from not so nutritious meat by-products and large quantity of cereals like corn or genetically modified soya. « With Eat Small, I want to offer our 4 legged-friends a natural and nutritious food that will promote their health. »

I am graphic designer and creator of our visual content. I’m concerned about my food consumption and the impact of my choices on nature. Now I consume less meat, avoid industrial products and prefer local farmers to reduce my carbon footprint. « With Eat Small, I want to give pet owners the possibility to be healthy and sustainable with their companions and reduce their ecological pawprint. »

One bag - and now, one can at a time, we want to build with you a healthier world for our dogs and nature.

Be an Eat Smaller, support this campaign !

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Eat Small - Healthy dog food for a healthier planet

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