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Ein Blick Iran. An Insight into Iran. Inside Iran. Its People.
Two cultures meet -and why not Catholic Bavaria and the country Iran? And in a church in Munich? We say ‘yes’ to transcending borders and are adding a personal perspective to the image of Iran propagated by the media. Hidden from view by every regime are the real people, the people who live in a country. The project ‘Ein Blick Iran’ is an invitation to experience, feel and think – about peace as well. With projections, pictures, music and more.
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Michael Schmidt
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 Ein Blick Iran. An Insight into Iran. Inside Iran. Its People.
 Ein Blick Iran. An Insight into Iran. Inside Iran. Its People.
 Ein Blick Iran. An Insight into Iran. Inside Iran. Its People.
 Ein Blick Iran. An Insight into Iran. Inside Iran. Its People.
 Ein Blick Iran. An Insight into Iran. Inside Iran. Its People.

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Funding period 4/18/12 5:28 PM - 6/15/12 11:59 PM
Start level 50,000 €
Category Art
City München

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What is this project all about?

Our way of thinking is dualistically conditioned. We weigh up - often automatically - between right and wrong, good and bad, for and against, East and West. Life however takes place between and beyond these opposites. These boundaries even exist in the way we think.

This project unites many of these opposites and aims at creating a better understanding between two cultures that could not be more different. In St. Maximilian’s Church, in the heart of the city of Munich, we will be presenting the country Iran and its people. As a multimedia experience.

We want to encourage a stimulating encounter, ask lots of questions and find very personal answers.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our target audience includes people of all ages from different backgrounds and cultures who believe in what binds people together.

The central aim of ‘Ein Blick Iran’ is to be found in the experience of just such a bond. And every single person is more than welcome to take part.

Why would you support this project?

Whoever wants to change anything should first start with him or herself. We have taken these simple words of wisdom to heart. Starting by changing our view of Iran and its people. You can support this project too and help set an example. An example for a peaceful encounter between two totally different cultures.

The project ‘Ein Blick Iran’:
- gives a different perspective to the image of Iran propagated by the media
- creates a meeting place
- encourages people to reflect on what they have in common
- sends out a message of peace

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If the financial target is met 100%, this cultural project will take place. If not, every euro will be returned in full to the sponsors.

The money will only be used to cover expenses incurred by the realisation of the exhibition. These are first and forement costs for the rental of beamers, screens, lighting, sound equipment and players, as well as printing costs for large-format exhibition posters and advertising material.

Who are the people behind the project?

A compete project team is involved in ‘Ein Blick Iran’. At present there are 18 people working on the project. They come from a variety of different professions and include graphic designers, social media specialists, journalists, translators, texters, light designers, sound engineers, event technicians, printers, photographers and film-makers.

All are working free of charge and are supporting this cultural project on an honorary basis. A further 17 people are raring to go, ready to demonstrate their enthusiasm and turn the project into reality once the project has been successfully financed.

If you also want to be part of it, then write to us at [email protected]

Project updates

6/16/12 - <p>DANKE AN ALLE...

DANKE AN ALLE UNTERSTÜTZER! Nachdem wir bereits ein paar Anfragen bekommen haben, wie man das Projekt noch unterstützen kann. Ab heute nur noch über dieses Spendenkonto bis zum 15. Juli 2012 - Das Geld wird ausschließlich für die Realisierung der Ausstellung und der Rahmenprogramme wie. z.B. dem Friedensgebet oder Konzerte verwendet. Wir freuen uns über Eure Spende! KONTONAME: Komische Gesellschaft e.V. KONTONUMMER: 74203 BLZ: 70054306 bei der Sparkasse Bad Tölz Wolfratshausen BETREFF: EIN BLICK IRAN UND DER VOLLSTÄNDIGE NAME

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Vielen herzlichen Dank an unseren ersten großzügigen Kooperationspartner aus Österreich, der an uns und das Projekt glaubt. Unterstützt werden wir mit hochwertigen Leinwänden, sowie vielseitiger Abspieltechnik für Bild, Ton und Licht.


Vielen herzlichen Dank an unseren zweiten großzügigen Kooperationspartner. Unterstützt werden wir mit den modernsten Projektoren und Plasmabildschirmen. Manchmal werden Träume wahr!

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Ein Blick Iran. An Insight into Iran. Inside Iran. Its People.

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