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Function your bike into a compact cargo bike! Perfect for bike enthusiasts, but also for cargo bike beginners!

The product idea of my bachelor thesis "Le Vélo Cargo" at the Bauhaus University Weimar shall become reality! The Elephant Cargo Fork (ECF) is an adapter solution for entering the world of bicycle transport. A normal, 1 1/8 inch bicycle can thus be turned into a compact cargo bike, with a rigid, foldable cargo area and a smaller 20 inch front wheel. This saves space twice: an additional bike is not necessary and the current one can be used in a variety of ways.
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4/18/22 - 5/31/22
summer/fall 2022
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Minimum amount (Start level): 29,180 €

This finances the production of the complete mini-series! All in Europe, handmade and shipped personally!

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What is this project all about?

The Elephant Cargo Fork (ECF) was developed in my bachelor thesis at the Bauhaus University Weimar. It is the result of the theory that conventional cargo bikes are hardly suitable for densely populated urban areas. The space conditions in urban areas are often limited, space is simply not available or expensive, especially when you think of old buildings or multi-apartment buildings. Their basements are narrow, gardens or backyards also have only limited capacity. Carrying the large cargo bike into one's own apartment is also hardly possible because of the weight and size.

The ECF is the perfect problem solver. Mounted on a normal, 1 1/8 inch bicycle, it requires hardly any more space and also saves the purchase of an additional bicycle. Thus, the physical space and the theoretical additional load. Since the previous bike can be used in many ways, it also saves the financial burden.

The ECF does not stop you at the question of which bicycle covers today's uses. It combines the everyday commuter bike with the transportation bike.

Very often, the available space is the point at which the purchase of a cargo bike fails. Too big, too expensive - where can it go? The ECF solves exactly that. It creates the incentive to try it out. You don't have to buy an additional ECF, but you also don't have to get rid of a bike to have the space for it. Not bigger, not really heavier, not more expensive.

The ECF also rides like a normal bicycle. It doesn't need more space in traffic. And just the point parking is just as uncomplicated. For the same reason: the compact size.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

A traffic turnaround for transportation by bike is happening, but slowly. Larger cargo bikes need a modified infrastructure. Urban planning needs to adapt to cargo bikes, especially in terms of parking. The ECF does not rely on these adaptations. It is part of the solution approach, is available now, and is also ready for the city of tomorrow.

If you are a bike enthusiast, a fan, maybe even a courier or interested in the whole topic of cargo bikes, have already thought about buying one but just don't have the space in your old apartment in the middle of the city - then the Elephant Cargo Fork is exactly what you need! If you assemble it yourself, you definitely need to have manual skills. Or you are so active in the scene that you know a good mechanic or have a very good local bike store that can mount the ECF to your desired bike.

Technical Details:

As a basis, a 1 1/8 inch bike is required! In addition, a 20 inch front wheel with disc brake! The down tube must be only slightly oval and not thicker than 40mm in diameter!

  • 600x330mm foldable platform (fits 600x400mm Eurobox)
  • Holder for two smaller panniers (Ortli** City)
  • 1 1/8 inch mount (steel frame!)
  • 460mm axle to crown
  • 74° head tube/platform angle
  • 20 inch wheel (not included!), up to 54mm width
  • 100mm quick-release axle
  • IS disc brake mount
  • maximum 40mm downtube diameter!
  • individual downtube TPU bushing included.

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Why would you support this project?

This fundraising is about the first 30 pieces. Basically the duplication of the prototype I already built for my bachelor thesis.

The first 30 copies are expensive That is (sadly) obvious. It is mainly due to the small quantity. But in addition, the ECF is handmade. This includes the individual parts, the externally supplied fork, but also the assembly - this is where a frame-building duo from Leipzig is helping out; Dlouhy Cycles. On top, the powder coating is also handcrafted in Leipzig.

If the first 30 are well received by you, there may be a larger production. That depends entirely on the feedback. It is very likely that a larger series will be much cheaper. Eventually, a mass production could also be more lightweight. But that would also mean that production would be more machine-based and automated. So it wouldn't be a handmade one-off and not one of the first 30 pieces.

Your purchase of an Elephant Cargo Fork would therefore help me a lot in my dream of an independent production.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

If the funding is successful, the production of the mini-series will be started. In principle, the fundraising works like a pre-order. In addition, you can also support my idea with a small contribution through karma or a t-shirt.

The surplus income of this fundraising furthermore supports my idea of Apriko Bikes as an independent project.

Who are the people behind the project?

At the moment, the whole enterprise is still a small one-person show. Design and draft, planning, preparation, packaging and shipping I do myself. But I am supported enormously by various people with tips and ideas. Just the actual craft, the assembly, is done by the frame builders of Dlouhy Cycles, who also supported me with the prototype for my bachelor thesis. The t-shirts are also printed by friends of friends, again each one by hand.

I realized the bachelor thesis in the context of my product design studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar. This work was supervised by Prof. Gerrit Babtist and Dipl. Des. Sarah Böttger.

The crowdfunding project was not successful and can no longer be supported.

  • All orders and payments have been automatically cancelled and reversed.
  • You have questions? Contact the Startnext support team.
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Dlouhy Cycles

Jan and Mario are Dlouhy Cycles. They build custom steel frames based on customer specifications. Their workshop is in Leipzig, where the Elefant Cargo Fork is assembled by hand.

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