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This documentary (engl. "share the harvest") portrays people who work with the principle of Solidarische Landwirtschaft (= community supported agriculture) in Germany. Farmers create a regional, sustainable and fair food supply together with a group of members. Help us spread the benefits of community farming.
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About this project

Funding period 4/24/20 1:20 PM - 6/15/20 11:59 PM
Realisation shoot 2020/postproduction 2021
Minimum amount (Start level) 7,750 €

Its a wrap! We can shoot the movie and visit all the farmers several times (2020). Details see description

Category Movie / Video
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

How can we as a society feed ourselves in a more sustainable, sensible and wholesome way? In this film we dive into community supported agriculture (CSA), an already existing model that provides a lot of answers.

"With a SoLaWi (CSA), several private households bear the costs of a farm and receive their harvest yield in return. Due to the personal relationship and the special quality of the food, both producers and consumers experience the many advantages of a non-industrial, market independent agriculture. " (Netzwerk Solidarische Landwirtschaft, CSA Network Germany).


We are visiting three different CSAs in Germany and talking to the people behind these projects. What are the current challenges in agriculture? And what, from their perspective, are the solutions? Why is community-based agriculture so sustainable? We are making a forward-looking film that does not focus on the negative, but on the positive. We want to encourage, inspire and demonstrate in concrete terms how everyone can make their own small contribution to a more sustainable nutrition.
CSA is full of fresh ideas and gives practical answers to urgent questions of our time – help this movement to become louder and more visible!

A) Farm Hof Apfeltraum - Brandenburg

Former organic farm that has reached its limits in the conventional marketing system. Two years ago they made the decision to exit the growth spiral and switch to SoLaWi.

B) Farm Gemüsegenossen - Brandenburg

A single mother, together with a group of people, creates a CSA out of nothing. It now supplies 30 households with food. A community emerges that goes beyond growing vegetables.

C) Work in progress - tbd.

The last CSA is still tbd. We are still searching for a farm with educational offers. Please feel welcome to email your suggestions or interested parties to [email protected]!

D) field work with schoolkids

In a second storyline, within a style of intermediate cuts, we accompany schoolchildren on their own fields. We`ll visit them in order to plant, harvest and cook together. The children should also have their say!
We are supported in this by our partner: The GemüseAckerdemie

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

What do we want to do?
A documentary about 40 minutes in length. The film should run at film festivals and specialist events. It will also be available online free of charge for everyone.

Our goals:
- Give farmers a vote
- Make a positive solution-oriented film
- Spread the idea of CSA

Target group:
Basically everyone, we all have to eat something!

Why would you support this project?

Why are we making this film?

We are convinced that CSA is a crucial element for navigating our world into a more sustainable future. You can help us spread this idea and help change our agriculture and food system!
"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." (Robert McKee) That is why we started to preparing this project in 2019, drafted a concept, did research, looked for and met protagonists and partners. We already had some test shooting days (see teaser). So far, we have financed the preparations ourselves. In order to continue our work, we need your help!

Why help CSAs to grow and to be better known?

Here are the advantages of CSA at a glance:
- Vegetables are produced regionally
- Less food waste and packaging
- High biodiversity
- Financial security relieves farmers
- Planning security offers space for ecological action
- Solidarity principle: high-quality food affordable for everyone
- Benefits for the community and the environment instead of individual profiteers
- CSA is a space of experiences and knowledge exchange

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will benefit the production of the film. We made a lot of preparations - but now we need financial support to continue shooting.

Total cost for Funding goal 1: 7750€
- Transportation costs to locations (2000 €)
- Rental costs for camera, sound and light equipment (3000 €)
- Allowances for team members à 50€/10h (€ 1250)
- Meals for the team (500 €)
- Other costs: crowdfunding thanks / taxes: (1000 €)

Total cost for Funding goal 1: 13750€
- Post-production costs: rental of studio spaces / sound studios for image and sound post-processing (at least 1500 €)
- Costs for licenses, music and animations (at least 1500 €)
- Allowances for all team members à 50€/10h (at least 1000 €)
- Other costs: taxes / advertising etc. (2000 €)

Every cent counts. The more support we can collect, the more professional we can make this film and in the end it will make a difference in how many viewers we can reach. Elements such as our own composed music, high-quality post-processing in studios, drone recordings, and ultimately working with professionals and their professional equipment are decisive for the end product and the so-called "production value". The better this is, the more people will eventually reach the film.
Film projects like these are often underfunded, which means that everyone involved works free of charge, even though this is their real job. Even if the payments will only have a symbolic value, it is important to us to show all employees some appreciation and not to let them work on this project completely free of charge!

Who are the people behind the project?

We are a small film team and we are making this film out of conviction. We firmly believe that SoLaWi will be an essential component of a more solidary and sustainable future.

We are:

Philipp Petruch - director and filmmaker
29 years old, studied theatre, film and media studies. Freelances as assistant director for TV and cinema productions

Kevin Schaub - cameraman
25 years old, trained surveyor. Freelance cameraman, assistant and drone operator for cinema and TV productions

Linus Berberich - 2nd camermann and all-rounder
24 years old, studied art history, where he focused on the emotional power of color, light and shadow. Freelances as a cameraman and gaffer

Cutter & Colorist
We are still looking for support - If you or someone you know is interested email to: [email protected]

We are still looking for support - [email protected]

This project is only possible with the support of the protagonists and our crew, who take time from their everyday work to contribute to this project and give us an insight into the world of SoLaWi.

Our partners:[/ b]

The GemüseAckerdemie helps us with the selection, communication and organization when shooting with the gardening school class.

Here you will find a SoLaWi close to you and lots of information on CSA in Germany.
https: //

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