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The documentary "The Kingdom of BGBJ - Sampah" (WT) provides insights into a world that is hard to grasp. We accompany a young woman who is incessantly advocating for the dignity of the people of Bantar Gebang. For years, Resa Boenard has been fighting single-handedly against the prejudices and stigmata that people have to face when living in societies leftovers.
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12/6/19 - 1/31/20
Sommer 2020
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Minimum amount (Start level): 5,000 €

We are supplied with the essentials in the post production. You enable us to work more effectively on the project.

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What is this project all about?

More than 6,000 families live on the largest garbage dump in Southeast Asia.
Every day 8000 tons of trash from the Indonesian capital Jakarta are dumped at the landfill in Bantar Gebang. While people struggle for their daily income, children are often left to themselves or have to work as “scavengers” to support their families.
No perspective, trapped in their destiny.
For a first insight here a little impression.

Resa Boenard created the Kingdom of Bantar Gebang Biji or BGBJ (phonetically pronounced "biji-biji"), which means "seeds of Bantar Gebang".
BGBJ is a unique community asset functioning as both a hostel and a hub, a place that serves both visitors and the local community.

For years, Resa Boenard has been fighting single-handedly against the prejudices and stigmata that people have to face when living in societies leftovers.
Today, she lectures on waste management throughout Southeast Asia and is listed as one of Indonesia's most inspiring women. Her message is not about the filth and rubbish, but about the families and their hopes and dreams

The Documentary “The Kingdom of BGBJ - Sampah” (WT) takes a look behind the scenes of the biggest landfill of southeast asia. The movie unveils what life is like for those living in the leftovers from society and how a seed of love, carefully spread, starts to grow.

In our time in Bantar Gebang we had the opportunity to gather a lot of material and are now ready to start the postproduction for "Sampah - The Kingdom of Bantar Gebang"

The aim is to create a documentary that focuses not on garbage but on people and portrays a life story worth telling.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

"Knowledge is power"
Following this principle, we want to educate people about our global recycling system in order to give society the power to recognize and face its problems.
Through the shots shown in the film, the viewer gets a glimpse behind the scenes of our global waste management. In addition, we would like to accelerate the development of our partner organization "The Kingdom of BGBJ".
The goal is to establish sponsorships and a "weekly FOOD" program for the children of Bantar Gebang. For this we developed a concept during our shoot with Resa Boenard.

Furthermore, we would like to expand the community center. The structural condition is very questionable in some places. That is why we have designed plans for new roofing and an extension of the existing school building in the form of a library and a computer lab.
Everyone involved should know where the funds are going and what the support will do. Over the following years, we will accompany the progress of the "Kingdom of BGBJ" and, with further publications, guarantee lasting transparency.

After covering our costs, ALL profits from the documentary will go 100% into cooperation development, education and active support for the “Kingdom of BGBJ” and Resa Boenard.

The problems of waste management are by no means limited to Indonesia or Southeast Asia, and cant possibly be regarded as irrelevant considerations.

Why would you support this project?

Our film project is funded solely by donations and self-initiative.
The services of the team are 100% non-profit

Help us to sow a seed of hope to show that we can deal with inhumane conditions in a humane way.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

If the funding threshold is reached, we will be provided with the basic needs during the project phase. Furthermore, our team is scattered and we can not avoid commuting occasionally. You enable us to work more effectively on the project.

Editing, color grading, animation and sound design can be done by us. For this we need no funds.

Music Rights can be acquired and voice actors can be hired. The documentary will be available in German, English and Indonesian.
The more money we collect, the greener we can generally produce.

If the funding target is achieved, we will need funds for promotion and marketing. We also have to invest in advertising. Because our message means nothing if not heard.
We also need funds to apply to film festivals and movie theaters.
If we exceed the funding target, we will set up a small traveling cinema and invest in missing equipment such as video projector, screen, sound system, camera and light box to be prepared for lectures and events at any time. Preparation is vital!

In addition, we are looking for partners who consider our commitment as urgent. You support our future development activities, because our visions are by no means limited to a documentary film.

Part of the money collected goes to the pre-financing and distribution of the film "The Kingdom of BGBJ - Sampah" (AT), and to the active promotion of development projects. Funds such as sponsorships and the FOOD program go completely,

after deducting transaction costs and tax, to Resa Boenard and her organization "The Kingdom of BGBJ".

The cost of the “Goodies” may vary, depending on the exchange rate and tax policy.

Who are the people behind the project?

An architect, a designer, two engineers, two directors, a web developer and many volunteers.

They all have in common that they are friends and want to change something.

During a study visit to Indonesia, Michael first set foot on the garbage dump of Bantar Gebang in 2016. At first he is shocked. Until he meets Resa Boenard. Now, the young man begins to see life, the laughing children and with them the hope in this terrible place.

We want to draw attention to the people whose voices are not heard and want to pursue sustainable journalism to promote the development of the "largest landfill of Southeast Asia".


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