When thousands of Bangladeshi workers who make our clothes under inhumane conditions are being fired, persecuted by the police and brought to court based on false and arbitrary allegations, just because they demand a higher minimum wage, we all must and actually can do something! Support the victimized workers by buying fairly and co-operatively sewed solidarity t-shirts. All surpluses go directly to Bangladesh and will be used for covering lawyer and court costs. Join in and take a stand!
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Anton Wundrak Mantovanini
Anton Wundrak Mantovanini1 min Lesezeit

Letzten Freitag haben wir die finale Summe an die Kolleg*innen des ExChains-Netzwerks bzw. TIE überwiesen. Das Geld steht jetzt für die Arbeit und Kosten vor Ort in Bangladesch zur Verfügung. Nochmals Danke an alle, die sich solidarisch gezeigt haben!

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