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Eat fresh, shop free, be FREA. In our restaurant you can eat vegan food without wasting any trash. You can shop in the store without producing any plastic waste. During Workshops and lectures you can learn and you have the chance to exchange thoughts with others. That is FREA. The first vegan zero-waste Store.
5,695 €
50,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 26/11/2017 14:48 o'clock - 14/01/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period April/May 2018
Funding goal reached 5,000 €
2nd Funding goal 50,000 €
With 25,000€ we would close our financing needs. With 50,000€ we can purchase all vegan and zero-waste products and open FREA in spring 2018.
City Berlin
Category Food

What is this project all about?

Way too many things are packaged, trash is accumulating everywhere and especially in restaurants no one pays attention to reduce waste. This has annoyed us for a long time.

With FREA we create a place which produces no trash and packaging waste. We do not need trash bins. FREA is the worldwide first vegan zero-waste restaurant, store and community space.

All ingredients, which we use to cook and all products, which you can buy in the store are plastic free and come without packaging directly from the producers. Why does this matter? We still have the chance to bequeath a world to the next generation on which a good life is possible. In order to do so, we need to drastically reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases in general.

That is why we at FREA, pay close attention to not using any plastic, as it is made of the fossil fuel crude oil. As we mainly buy from regional producers and therefore have short transportation ways, we minimize CO2 emissions.

In addition we use 100% of our food. We recycle peel and leftover food, which we cannot make further use of, within 24 hours in our innovative composting machine -- without generating smell or any waste. Like this, we reduce transportation and save energy costs for processing our waste.

Where to start?
Even though a sustainable earth is still a utopian dream thus far, you can contribute every day to reach this goal by for example saying no to products which have long transportation ways, are packaged in plastic or of animal origin. For this reason, FREA offers regional, seasonal cuisine, completely plant based. Only in this way, we can keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

Besides, you will find everything at FREA which helps you to become a zero-waster: Whether it be razors, lunch boxes or yoga mats. At workshops and lectures our partners and friends will show, how to step by step live a less wasteful life.

Not only in the store, but also with our catering business, we represent this philosophy. For example we provide offices with our lunches on a daily basis. The food is filled into stacked stainless steel containers and delivered by environmentally friendly city couriers, enabling us to provide offices and events with plastic-free, packaging-free, vegan and healthy food.'

What are the goals and who is the target group?
Our goal is to offer you access to zero-waste articles and a packaging-free, seasonal and vegan diet. Moreover, we have the vision to build up a community which shares ideas and success stories around the topic of “Zero-Waste Lifestyle”.

Our target group consists of people who live an environmentally conscious and sustainable life. And by now this group is already pretty big. For instance around 10 million people are vegetarians in Germany and 2 million thereof live vegan. But we also want to approach those who eat everything.

With us everybody can get inspired and make it part of his or her everyday life. We want to grow together with you and make a difference.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Unser Ziel ist es, dir einen Zugang zu Zero-Waste Artikeln und einer verpackungsfreien, saisonalen und veganen Ernährung zu bieten. Außerdem sehen wir die Chance, eine Community aufzubauen, in der Ideen und Erfolgsstories zum Thema "Zero- Waste Lifestyle" geteilt werden.

Unsere Zielgruppe sind Menschen, die umweltbewusst und nachhaltig leben und das sind mittlerweile schon sehr viele. In Deutschland ernähren sich zb. knapp 10 Millionen Menschen vegetarisch und 2 Millionen davon leben vegan. Aber wir wollen natürlich auch diejenigen ansprechen, die alles essen. Bei uns kann sich jeder Inspirationen holen und diese in seinen Alltag einfließen lassen. Wir wollen mit dir zusammen wachsen und etwas ändern.

Why would you support this project?

We want to make a difference with FREA. If you support us, you can not only eat delicious and healthy food and shop plastic-free, but you also help us to reduce pollution of the environment, overproduction and packaging waste. We want to speak up together with you about what is going wrong how we can change that.

With your support we can be a lighthouse for other caterers and flag what is going wrong.

It doesn’t start with how we package, but how and what we consume.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

We have been able to secure a big part of our financing needs through our generous partners.

But now we still miss the last portion and we hope to get it together with your help.

With 50,000€ we can close our financing needs and get a big step closer to our goal of opening the worldwide first vegan zero-waste store.

With your support we can finance our beginning inventory for the kitchen and the store such as metal razors, yoga mats, lunch boxes, handmade ceramic dishware, pots, bags, art out of recycled materials etc.

Besides, your contribution goes into the furniture and fixtures of FREA, because also the interior design should reflect our philosophy. This is why you will find premium upcycling products at FREA.

Who are the people behind the project?

The people behind FREA are Lea Lato, Felix Brecht, Halfdan Kluften and David Johannes Suchy. For the past 6 months we have been working on and fine-tuning our project. What started as an idea has become a convincing concept which has in the meanwhile received a lot of backing from the economic and environmental sector as well as from the city of Berlin.

It is about time, that we change something because with every purchase we influence how the how the world develops.
The team: Lea has a bachelor in metropolitan studies, has been living vegan for 4 years and supports the protection of animals and the environment.

Halfdan has travelled the world for 4 years and works as a cook. Among others he worked as sous-chef at Silo, the worldwide first zero-waste restaurant.

Felix loves the environment and his honey. He keeps his own bees and supports the protection of the environment and the fight against the dying of the bees. Additionally, he is a businessman with a master degree from Purdue University.

David has run his own catering and production company for over 2 years and is a qualified product designer. He writes recipes, is a youtuber, blogger and certified holistic nutrition coach. Moreover, he cooks with kids and supports schools in their efforts for a healthy and sustainable diet.

But you are also part of the team. We can achieve something big only with team spirit, awareness and your support.


Legal notice
Concept Zero Waste UG
David Johannes Suchy
Simon-Dach-Str. 6
10245 Berlin Deutschland

Phone: +491633547189
Mail: [email protected]


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