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Doing Nothing All Day
The documentary DOING NOTHING ALL DAY -FREISTUNDE shows the search of a young mother for a perfect school for her son. She discovers the tradition of democratic schools. The documentary integrates the experimental film project DEMOCRACY on SUPER8 with clips filmed by over ninety people. From filmmaker to preschooler, everyone takes part! Democracy and participation on all levels of life&learning inspire via FREISTUNDE, through its experimental elements, the international educational discourse.
27,533 €
35,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
1/24/16, 11:45 PM Margarete Hentze

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Wir danken der Druckerei Lokay für die großzügige Unterstützung in der Produktion unserer FREISTUNDE-Filmplakate und -Postkarten und freuen uns diese umweltfreundliche Druckerei mit an Bord zu haben.

Als eine von wenigen Druckereien in Deutschland sind sie nach den strengen Anforderungen des EMAS- Umweltmanagementsystems zertifiziert.

We would like to thank the printing house LOKAY for its generous support in the production of our FREISTUNDE posters and postcards. We are extremely pleased to have LOKAY on board as a supporter.

It is one of the few printing companies in Germany that is certified with the EMAS seal, which requires a strict environmental management system.