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OUR GOAL: A FUTURE-PROOF, REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE! Become part of the largest crowdfunding campaign in the history of German agriculture. With your support, we want to plant more than 30,000 trees and shrubs this winter on the land of the non-profit foundation Stiftung Zukunftsland. This is the start of an inspiring showcase farm that regenerates soils and shows that climate and nature conservation can go hand in hand with agriculture.
214,544 €
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 Let's plant the future!
 Let's plant the future!
 Let's plant the future!
 Let's plant the future!
 Let's plant the future!

About this project

Funding period 11/7/20 1:30 AM - 12/7/20 11:59 PM
Realisation Winter 2020/21
Start level 175,000 €

With the 1st funding target we can plant 30,000 trees and bushes and provide them with what they need. The focus is on nut trees, sweet chestnuts and hazelnuts.

Category Agriculture
City Obermoschel

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What is this project all about?

Healthy soils, biodiversity, functioning water and carbon cycles are the basis of life. These common goods are threatened by industrial agriculture: every year we lose more than 24 billion tons of fertile soil worldwide, in the last 30 years about 70% of all insects in Germany have disappeared and climate change is advancing!

We, from the Hof Lebensberg farm in Northern Palatinate, are therefore pursuing a clear goal:

We will practice a regenerative agriculture, through which we will create a biodiverse agricultural ecosystem, improve soil fertility, actively protect the climate by building up organic matter, close water cycles and produce a multitude of nutritious food.

The soil on the farm is still barren, dry and poor in nutrients.

We are building up a practical and model farm using many of the world's most successful methods of regenerative agriculture - to bring life back to the land and be a source of inspiration for many other farmers and landowners!

Together with your support we can make an important contribution to climate protection and the urgently needed agricultural turnaround!

An essential part is the role of woody plants – also on agricultural fields! They ensure deep rooting, build up topsoil and provide habitat. At the same time the edible woody plants provide valuable food. This winter we are planting a multi-layered, diverse nut-agroforestry system (e.g. with walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, heartnuts and pecans).

With your support we want to plant 30,000 trees and shrubs this winter!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our global ecosystems are threatened. It is our collective task to act. All of us are called upon! Support us in showing that agriculture can provide for intact ecosystems and thus for biodiversity, soil regeneration and climate protection.
 Let's plant the future!


Climate protection

  • We rebuild degraded soils, thereby increasing the humus-content and storing CO2 in the soil every year. This year we start on 11 hectares.
  • Trees, shrubs and even our animals help us to sequester more CO2.
  • We sell our products (vegetables, fruits, nuts, animal products) directly on site and in the region (no more than 100km away). This reduces transport distances and decreases CO2 emissions.


  • Species-rich mixed forests would be the predominant ecosystem in Central Europe. Therefore we see the need to plant many trees!
  • We ensure that many new biotopes are created.
  • We operate without any environmental toxins!
  • We enable natural predator-prey mechanisms to develop.

Food Sovereignty

  • Through our wide range of healthy foods, we contribute to regional food sovereignty.
  • To provide a wide range of regional produce, we will expand our process our own products in the future.

Farm Community

  • We live and work togethe and use Sociocracy 3.0 to make effective, collaborative decisions.
  • We see ourselves as a cosmopolitan community that develops itself through internal and external exchange.
  • We value and use the knowledge of different generations and practice open, non-hierarchical communication.

Further development & spreading of regenerative methods

  • On our plots, the development of soils and biodiversity will be documented and researched over the years.
  • We further develop the knowledge of different regenerative methods here on site.
  • We are setting up a seminar service and by passing on knowledge to all those interested, we contribute to an agricultural turnaround!


Regenerative agroforestry

Holistic grazing management



Keyline water management

No-till farming

Diverse polycultures

Why would you support this project?

Together with your support we can set an example, showing that humans can repair the damage that has been done. Humans can regenerate ecosystems, actively fight the climate crisis and the extinction of species, and at the same time grow healthy food.

This is not about us as individuals, but about our common goal of a future worth living for future generations.

In order to anchor this long-term perspective in all our actions, the farm is in the hands of the non-profit foundation Stiftung Zukunftsland and not in private ownership.

All of the land, as well as the buildings and operations, are owned by the non-profit foundation Stiftung Zukunftsland, so this vision will remain valid in the long term. Thus our trees can grow for generations!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

With your financial support, this winter we will plant an incredible 30,000 trees and shrubs on about 11 hectares in the first large agroforestry system on the Stiftung Zukunftsland's land.

In addition to the plants themselves, the money will enable us to enrich the very impoverished soil with Terra Preta and rock flour so that the young plants can grow well. Furthermore, the tree rows will be covered with wood chips so that the soil is better protected from drying out. Since we want to protect the young trees in case of another drought, the total sum also includes drip irrigation. 

On top of that, we will provide food and lodging for the volunteers who will make their way up our windy mountain in winter to put the trees in the ground. All the trees will be planted on a voluntary basis and together we will work thousands of unpaid hours in all weathers, this is our contribution for a future fit for grandchildren!. All this is only possible with your support!

Here is a detailed overview of the costs:
First Fundingoal
Second Fundingoal

If you help us to even reach our second funding goal, the regeneration of the soil and biodiversity can take place on additional areas where we would like to plant more species-rich hedges this winter! In addition, we can integrate more plant layers and even more fruit and berry bushes into the nut agroforestry system!

Help us to show, also here in Germany, that the production of our food can be climate positive and beneficial to the environment!

⭐ In return we offer exciting rewards and hope that everyone will find something suitable!

⭐ Is just giving money not enough for you? Do you also want to plant trees? Then help us during the planting! If you are interested, you can contact us on our website as a volunteer: - Planning can change due to corona situations.

⭐ We can issue a receipt of donation. This will be sent to you as a PDF.

Who are the people behind the project?

We at the Hof Lebensberg farm are a group of motivated people with expertise in the fields of agriculture, forestry, crafts, environmental sciences, environmental protection, sustainability, design thinking, education, and social work, who combine all their experience, courage and will for a sustainable (agri)culture, economy and society.

The farm Hof Lebensberg belongs to the non-profit foundation Stiftung Zukunftsland. So do the areas and farm buildings.

If you want to learn more about the team at Hof Lebensberg, our way of farming and our vision, please have a look at our website:

Support now 

Let's plant the future!

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