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GloW yaMbao - The Social BBQ Gadget
The barbecue season hast just started! How do you start it better than stocking up with a special barbecue grill? Cook healthy whilst saving energy, money and time by using a special technique constructed and made in Germany! The Glow yaMbao is a so-called micro-wood gasifier. Actually developed as clean cook stove for developing countries, it will now also be available in Germany as a BBQ-Gadget. This offers a special barbecue experience for you and a healthier cooking in the Global South.
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 GloW yaMbao - The Social BBQ Gadget
 GloW yaMbao - The Social BBQ Gadget
 GloW yaMbao - The Social BBQ Gadget
 GloW yaMbao - The Social BBQ Gadget
 GloW yaMbao - The Social BBQ Gadget

About this project

Funding period 6/8/16 4:50 PM - 8/8/16 11:59 PM
Realisation 2016 / 2017
Start level 7,500 €
Category Social Business
City Rastede

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What is this project all about?

GloW stands for the development and marketing of energy-saving stoves in developing countries. The energy saving stove replaces the widely used three-stone-fire, which is mostly used in closed rooms and thus the inhabitant’s health is threatened tremendously. With the GloW yaMbao people can cook healthy while saving fuel, money and time.

Due to repeated inquiries and our own experiences with the Glow yaMbao, we want to provide you a lovely garden stove and social BBQ. That’s what the GloW becomes if you combine it with a barbecue plate.

Along with a grill plate that can be put on the actual hob, the GloW offers a good alternative to conventional grills which are often made abroad and of inferior quality. In addition conventional grills are fueled by coal from tropical timber or out of a non-ecological and health threatening production. With the GloW, you will just use dry chunky biomass (wood, pellets, brush cuttings…).

In addition to the use as a barbecue, the GloW yaMbao can be used by gardeners for waste disposal. Due to the construction the charged biomass will not burn completely, but will turn into charcoal which can be used to create fertile soil (Terra Preta).

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What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to offer the GloW yaMbao as an alternative on the German barbecue market to overcome disposable and environmentally harmful grills and get towards a conscious environmentally friendly and healthy BBQ. All conscious living, but also tech-savvy grill and garden lovers should therefore feel concerned.

The glow can be used

  • As charcoal BBQ-replacement
  • In camps (scouts, youth groups) for cooking and bread on a stick (“Stockbrot”)
  • On Festivals
  • In the Garden
  • For Outdoor Cooking
  • And, and, and ...

Why would you support this project?

Enrich your grill and garden world with the one social BBQ gadget. Your order supports our work in developing countries, because everyone has a right to a healthy and environmentally friendly cooking! Your purchase reduces the retail price in the Global South and become accessible for the general public.

A quick look back: In our successful crowdfunding early 2014 you have supported us in order to be able to go into the pilot and prototype phase of GloW. Thanks to you we were able to test the stove with traditional methods of cooking in our pilot country Uganda and to make the stove more efficient during our development phase in Germany!

Now we are on the next level and introduce you to the ‘Glow yaMbao’, its variations and add-ons, all of which are fully developed and now available to everybody. Meanwhile, our stoves are tested, tried, used and loved in 15 different countries all over the world! (It's magic) Thus, in addition to your barbecue experience you do something good for the global south at the same time!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Primarily this campaign is about to bring you closer to our social BBQ gadget. With our ready-made product and your support, we want to build up a strong sales force in Germany, reduce the cost of production through the purchase of additional tools and equipment and implement new structures for a smooth process in logistics. In addition, we can cover our running costs (Insurance, Fees, Website-, Marketing-, and Development-Costs).

With your lovely support over the top we are even able to cover the costs of further participation in tenders for large development projects (World Bank, GIZ, EuropeAid, etc.).

Who are the people behind the project?

We are a team consisting of three young founders with the shared goal of making the world a somewhat better place.

Sebastian is a trained industrial mechanic and has a Master in Energy Technology. Ahead of his master he has worked for about one year in Uganda at a research center for energy technology (CREEC). Whilst working in Uganda he co-founded a company that manufactured energy saving stoves. Currently he is active as Department Manager for Mechanical Maintenance at ‘Stadtwerke Bielefeld’ (municipal utilities). In our team he is responsible for the development and production planning.

Lia has a Master in Environmental Engineering with specialization in waste-engineering and urban water management. She made her master in the waste sector and worked out a project work about emission savings from energy-saving cook stoves. In addition to her engineering studies, she has a certification in environmental law. During her Bachelor studies, she completed an internship at an engineering company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the team she is responsible for management, environmental concerns and legal issues.

Markus graduated as BBA in International Business and Management and also studied African Studies. He has worked for one year in Uganda for an environmental organization which was promoting energy saving stoves for the rural population in the framework of World Bank projects. He currently serves as a media expert for public relations at the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training. At GloW, Markus is responsible for sales and corporate communications.

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GloW yaMbao - The Social BBQ Gadget

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