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Grüneo offers the first DIY-indoor gardening box that contains 100% organic materials and all the necessary knowledge to sow, grow and enjoy herbs and vegetables made by you. It is designed for people who not only want to harvest the freshest food but also want to learn about the principles of gardening and discover new ways to live more sustainably. Are you in?
11,568 €
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 GRÜNEO - Indoor gardening made easy & sustainable
 GRÜNEO - Indoor gardening made easy & sustainable
 GRÜNEO - Indoor gardening made easy & sustainable
 GRÜNEO - Indoor gardening made easy & sustainable
 GRÜNEO - Indoor gardening made easy & sustainable

About this project

Funding period 2/25/20 9:00 AM - 4/11/20 11:59 PM
Realisation April-May 2020
Start level 7,000 €

If we reach this funding goal, we will produce our first batch of boxes, and open our online shop.

Category Agriculture
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

We are revolutionizing gardening! With Grüneo boxes we bring a new way of gardening: growing a garden straight on your windowsill. We have developed the right methodologies and selected the best materials for growing greens in the forgotten spaces of our homes. How do we make it possible?

  • We selected the best regional products for indoor spaces. Our high-quality substrate has the perfect density and nutrients for the sowing phase.
  • We only choose seasonal seed varieties that grow well together, with the same nutrient needs and growth requirements. And most importantly, those that will grow healthy in indoor homes!
  • For us, quality also means making a positive impact on the environment. All our products are organic, plant-based and made without any synthetic-chemicals or mineral fertilizers. Also, our seed-varieties are non-GMO (not genetically modified).
  • With the Grüneo Starter Guide, we guide you through all steps of the planting process. We provide detailed information about our seeds, the best tips and tricks, and even a cooking recipe!
  • Take advantage of our online Plant Coach service! We are happy to assist you with any gardening questions and can make plant diagnostics anytime.
What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to make gardening accessible to everyone, and to make the process of plant growth easy and fun!
The Grüneo online shop will offer an extensive range of seasonal garden boxes and other gardening products for indoor home spaces. With this crowdfunding project, we present our first exclusive Grüneo products. We have developed two Starter boxes with very special seed varieties:
HERB GARDEN BOX: Purple Basil, Parsley, and Chives
VEGGIE GARDEN BOX: Cherry Tomato, Multicolour Chili, and Red Leaf Lettuce

Each starter-box includes:
- 3 Seed varieties
- Natural Substrate for the sowing phase
- Biodegradable Pots made of wood fiber
- Organic & vegan Fertilizer (or plant food)
- Wooden Sticks
- Starter Guide
- Online Plant Coach service

Grüneo is perfect for:

  • People who are tired of not knowing why their kitchen herbs die
  • People who want to have a garden, but do not have a balcony/backyard
  • DIY and plant lovers who want to green up their apartments
  • Parents who want to educate their children about nature and the origin of their food
  • People who are looking for the perfect gift!
Why would you support this project?

4 reasons why you should support our project:

1) Healthy for you and for your family: growing a home garden ensures that you eat fresh and tasty veggies right after harvesting and without losing any nutrients. Studies show that vegetables can lose between 15% and 55% of their vitamins three days after being harvested.
But, being healthy also includes a positive mindset, quality of life and happiness. Grüneo is not only a product but also an experience of personal growth. The mere interaction with the living plant and the joy of the activity have a positive impact on your health (stress relief, relaxation and self-esteem). There is no better feeling than eating homegrown food. Take advantage of that!
2) Healthy for the environment: We are committed to growing Grüneo sustainably from its roots, and to generate a positive impact not only on the gardener’s life but also on the environment. How do we do this? In the last months, we worked hard to produce a product free of plastic, made of ecological materials, and sourced on a regional scale (produced in Germany).
3) Healthy for the plants: you will have the happiest garden ever! A high-quality substrate is fundamental for the healthy growth of your plants. With our biodegradable pots, the roots will grow freely due to their plastic-free composition. We are sure your plants will bloom to their best as you become an expert gardener with our Starter Guide!
4) Healthy for Grüneo: by buying any of our rewards you help us nurture and grow Grüneo. “Think. Ask. Rethink. Design." These have been the words that marked our motto from the beginning of this adventure in 2018 up until today. We have been working together with potential customers, getting feedback, making surveys, improving and building a product to make the experience of gardening a joyful and easy experience for you. Today we present to you our final products and, with your support, we will be able to bring these products to the market!

Now everyone can be a city gardener: We make it easy for you- providing all materials at once, without any hassle and to your doorstep!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

In order to grow our startup (garden), we need a team (gardener), an idea (seeds), knowledge (soil), customers (water) and funding (light). With money you donate to our project you bring the necessary light to our garden to make it grow high!

Goal 7.000€
With this money, we will produce our first batch of boxes, meet our first customers, and open the Grüneo online shop during summertime 2020.

Goal 15.000€
If the second goal is achieved, we will expand our product range with new boxes for the winter season 2020.
As for the production, we currently do it all ourselves. We love DIY, but in order to scale the project we will outsource production by looking for a fulfillment partner socially involved.

Seeds are where it all begins... so join our indoor gardening revolution and let’s grow together!

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Alicia and Lena, a diverse and energetic girl team.

Alicia, co-founder and CEO of Grüneo, has a business and marketing background. She has built the brand from its roots, transforming her vision on indoor gardening into a fresh accessible product. She defines herself as the perfect Grüneo customer, as her story with the project starts by living in an apartment without balcony, with a big passion for DIY activities, and a need for experiencing nature within the city of Berlin.

Lena, co-founder and product expert of Grüneo, has studied Horticulture and Plant Science Management. When she says “gardening is my life” she is not joking. She owns a beautiful greenhouse in a franconian backyard and she loves, lives and works for plants. She is like our plant-based fertilizer: nurturing Grüneo from the inside to make its growth even healthier and to harvest the most delicious fruits for you, our beloved customers.

Along the journey, we also had amazing people giving us support on different topics. Thank you:
- Hans Dalmau (, for the filming and editing of the video
- Cheng-En, Jennifer and Aiden, and Valeria, for being our testimonials
- Ana, for the beautiful product design
- Lena and Jacqui, for the editing of the content
- Simon and Lisa, for the campaign pictures
- Paula, Franzi (IG @wonder_of_today) and Bea (IG @_beasalas), for the illustrations
- Startup Incubator Berlin, for letting us be part of your startup community

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GRÜNEO - Indoor gardening made easy & sustainable

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