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The Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine-Project
Why import expensive hemp-seeds, when they can be cultivated locally and organically? The Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine makes this possible! One machine which collects the hemp-seed after the harvest of fibres, allowing farmers to obtain two valuable products from one single hemp field. Become crowdfunder and supporter of a technological innovation that could give farmers all over the world new incentives to cultivate Industrial Hemp!
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 The Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine-Project
 The Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine-Project
 The Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine-Project
 The Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine-Project
 The Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine-Project

About this project

Funding period 5/18/15 10:10 AM - 7/18/15 11:59 PM
Realisation 3 Monaten
Start level 10,000 €
Category Agriculture
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

About a technological innovation that could give farmers all over the world new incentives to cultivate Industrial Hemp!

The cultivation of Industrial Hemp in Germany is permitted, although subject to registration. Nevertheless, hardly any farmers grow it. Although the demand for Hemp products, and especially hemp-seeds, grows steadily, most of the oil- and protein-rich seeds are imported at a high price.

The potential: Harvesting hemp-seed after the fibre harvest – A combined harvest is possible.

Hemp-fibers are already being cultivated in Germany. Because of the different maturation periods of seed and fibre, only one of these can be harvested with current technology. Therefore, one valuable side-product, mostly the seeds, are left unused.

Observations on hemp-fields in Northern Germany and research from the agricultural institute in Potsdam indicate that the seeds, which are not matured at the time of the fibre harvest, continue maturing in the field even when the plant is cut down for the harvest of fibre, making it possible to harvest the valuable seeds subsequently. This can be done with the Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine.(H.H.M).

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine is what we want to build. We strive to make it available to existing hemp-farmers this year at operating costs. With this machine, the regional and biological cultivation of Industrial Hemp becomes more economically interesting. The attractiveness of Hemp cultivation creates new incentives for other farmers, and end-consumers can get their Hemp (-seed) products from regional agriculture.

This service at operating cost should become the basis for the foundation of a service provider which will support farmers during all the steps of the hemp cultivation. We will advise farmers who are interested in growing hemp on, for example, the choice of hemp-variety, ordering seeds, the registration and up till the harvest and the subsequent selling of fibre and seed.

Why would you support this project?

Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and has been valued for its oil, fibres and healing qualities ever since. Industrial Hemp is a versatile, sustainable and ecologically valuable plant which deserves more attention and should be promoted by us all.

Some benefits of re-introducing this original native plant are:

  • Hemp is undemanding and protects itself. Hemp grows in almost all climates, on almost all types of soil and hardly needs any care or fertilization.
  • The cultivation of Hemp doesn't need any pesticides. Hemp is highly resistant to deceases and pests. Hemp resists weeds by itself.
  • Hemp improves soil structure and fertility.
  • Hemp grows very quickly. As a fast growing renewable resource, hemp is a real alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Hemp instead of wood as resource for paper making. Because of it's high cellulose content and high tearing strength, hemp is a much better resource for paper than wood. On the same cultivation area the yield for paper out of hemp is four to five times higher than that of wood.
  • Hemp-seeds are versatile. The seeds can be used as food, the oil can be used for cosmetics and medicine as well as a technical oil for industrial purposes.
  • Hemp-seeds as food don't get you high, but make you healthy! With all essential amino-acids, high grade proteins and a high amount of unsaturated fats (e.g. Omega-3 & -6)), the seeds are a very good source of protein and vitamins (vitamin B1, B2 and E, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron.)
  • Hemp is the resource of the future. The unique nature of its fibres and seeds enables a universal use of Hemp as a organic resource for industrial purposes.
  • Hemp as an ecological building material. Hemp can be used as a building material, to make fibre-reinforced plastics, as a source for energy and as biomass.

You are a fan of this fascinating plant and you would like to participate in the hemp renaissance in Germany and the world.

Here a few good reasons to support this project:

  • To help grow the fast renewable resource Hemp
  • Support regional and biological cultivation of Hemp
  • To reduce the costly import of Hemp
  • Combined Hemp harvest leads to higher yields for farmers
  • Combined Hemp harvest creates new incentives for farmers to cultivate Hemp
  • Obtain regional ecological Hemp products cheaper

In addition, everyone who supports us financially will receive a variety of rewards which corresponds to the contribution made. These rewards are of a symbolic nature and mainly offer a invitation to get informed about this ancient crop plant and this project.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

A prototype of the H.H.M. already exists, but it needs a new carrier vehicle and further modules. With your support we can buy these second hand and build it together with mechanical engineers and other experts.

The largest part, 86%, of the money, will be used to build the Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine (building parts 50%, wages 36%). 10% of the sum is planned for campaign costs. The remaining 4% are reserved for the transaction fees collected by

In case the project gets over-financed, the extra funds will be used, according to the allocation of funds above, to technically improve the machine even more. The more we collect, the better the machine will become! The funding goal of 50.000 € is the minimum of means we need to build the Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine.

Who are the people behind the project?

This Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine-Project is being organized and executed by Marijn Roersch van der Hoogte. A Biologist from the Netherlands living in Berlin.

Project partners are the Hemp Museum in Berlin, the Hemp-fibre factory “Hanffaser Uckermark e.G.” and the small Berliner hemp-manufacturer Hempwood GmbH.

What connects the four parties is their passion for Hemp in general and their vision of the necessity of regional and ecological production of Hemp products. Because of that, they are in close contact to one another and they mutually support each other in their work.

You will be updated regularly by Marijn about the status of the project, so you can track how your support leads to the realization of this project.

For questions, tips, criticism and praise your can contact Marijn personally, or leave a message on the project-wall.

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The Hempseed-Harvesting-Machine-Project

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