Hey, we are JAGUWAR from Berlin and Dresden. We play a mix of noise pop, indie and shoegaze. In order to be able to finance the studio recordings of our second album "GOLD", we started this campaign and came up with nice goodies for our supporters. The first single "VALLEY" is already out! -- For supporters outside the EU: Just place your order and contact us via [email protected] regarding additional shipping costs. Thank you!
5,156 €
Funding amount
Flexibel project: The collected funding amount will be disbursed.
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About this project

Funding period 10/1/20 12:55 PM - 11/1/20 11:59 PM
Realisation Spring 2021
Funding goal 5,500 €

We decided for a flexible campaign - we receive every euro you pay and we cannot lose if we don't reach the goal.

Reaching the funding target of € 5,500 could cover all costs that arise from the studio recordings and the production of the rewards.

Category Music
City Berlin
Legal notice
Dora Oyèmi Hessou
Prenzlauer Allee 141
10409 Berlin Deutschland

Dora Oyèmi Hessou, Felix Fischer, Christoph Matthias Krenkel GbR
Steuernummer: 31 345 02072
Finanzamt Prenzlauer Berg

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