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Projekte / Fashion
Karma Chakhs
At last there is Chucks without any bad karma. This is the next step of Crowdfunding: Crowduction! “Take it or leave it” was yesterday, tomorrow the crowd is going to decide what will be produced. Delivery in July 2013. Music: Dara Sepehri Pictures: Tina Linster, Fair Trade Center Breisgau, TumblR Blogs
31,931 €
20,000 € Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 11/11/12 2:30 PM o'clock - 1/31/13 11:59 PM o'clock
Funding goal reached 20,000 €
Category Fashion
Ort Berlin

Project updates


Es ist soweit! Die nächste Karma Chakhs Crowduction von Shai Hoffmann startet heute abend hier: www.startnext.de/karma-chakhs2


Pressestimmen / press articles related to Karma Chakhs here: http://tinyurl.com/bugds5s


New! Free Christmas-Card Download. For all those who want to put the Karma Chakhs under the Christmas tree. Well, the shoes will be delivered in July 2013, but we have nice cards you can give away instead. Illustrations by Donya Todd, Jette Funke, Matzthias Ycavirp and Michelle Proyer. Thanks for your great work! Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s3ecurve7tcueqd/7Gr25Q-KBf

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