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Kiron University offers world class academic degrees for refugees. Anytime, Anywhere, Tuition-Free. Our vision is not just to overcome the obstacles refugees face to access higher education, but to build a better, more individual-centered university for their needs - regardless of their documents. Kiron creates hope for a better future through education.
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First Days at University

Markus Kreßler
Markus Kreßler2 min Lesezeit

University starts on Friday for almost 1000 students at Kiron.
We asked Kashif, who hails from Pakistan, to study mechanical engineering and how he prepares himself to commence his studies.

"I'm highly motivated! I am really looking forward to it. It will be a good chance to turn my dreams into reality. I'm really interested in engineering, mechanical engineering, you know? To work with machines. I believe I will have a good chance to work with that here in Germany, working with a practical platform to shape my skills. I like this better than only theoretical work. You know, we are designing the future!" he said laughing.

Of course Kashif is excited to start, just as we are working high speed on making the process as easy as possible for our students. The support of our volunteers is overwhelming and we are on our way to a successful opening, but we still need your support for our start next campaign:!!!)

Despite the crisp Berlin air, Kashif was running around Alexanderplatz with a rosy smile. He said he was excited to meet his friends there, some of whom will study with him. Being sociable and curious he said he always tries to learn more about his new friends and those around him, "Just yesterday I had an interview with a lady, a lengthy conversation for three hours. She was explaining German culture and tradition. I did more research about it when I got home. I also did research about Japan when I met my Japanese friend. About his language and traditions. It will be a gathering of all the students form all over the world! All artists, all political beliefs, all ideas!"

But his sociable demeanor will not waver his desire to learn. "For now, I prepare by reading, to get new updates. I get access through wikipedia and the Encycolpedia Britannica, on engineering and math. Everywhere, one has to be practical!"

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