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Klay – "Reflected" EP Project
Finally! Klay is getting ready to release their first EP called "Reflected". The raw alternative pop band from Graz, Austria has worked hard and put a lot of heart into this project, and is now hoping for your support to make it a reality, with all that entails. Aside from the EP with four brand new songs, the band also wants to produce an awesome music video for their first single "Over".
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T-Shirt Design

Ben Miller
Ben Miller1 min Lesezeit

Liebe Leute,

Unser T-Shirt Design ist fertig, also wollen wir euch das auf gar keinen Fall vorenthalten! Oben seht ihr die Mädels und Burschen Varianten der Shirts. Wir hoffen es gefällt euch und danke Elias Sonnek für das coole Design :)



Hey guys,

Our t-shirt design is finished, so we're super excited to show you our new shirts! You can see previews of the men's and women's shirts in the gallery above. We hope you like 'em :) Thanks to Elias Sonnek for the cool design.

-- Ben



Klara Miller
Klara Miller1 min Lesezeit
Klay – "Reflected" EP Project