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Don't you wish you had a place where you could just stroll to without knowing exactly what is going to happen? A place where you can always experience and discover something new, where music is listened to or played together, where cultural, social and political exchange takes place, where art is looked at and created or where you can just grab a book and read it with delicious coffee? We at KUKUMU have been dreaming of this place for a while.
19,265 €
Alisha Umrath
Alisha Umrath Projektberater "Magnificent how the power of the crowd became visible here."
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 KUKUMU Café - Kunst, Kultur, Musik
 KUKUMU Café - Kunst, Kultur, Musik
 KUKUMU Café - Kunst, Kultur, Musik
 KUKUMU Café - Kunst, Kultur, Musik
 KUKUMU Café - Kunst, Kultur, Musik
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About this project

Funding period 6/12/21 4:59 PM - 9/11/21 11:59 PM
Realisation September - December 2021
Start level 17,500 €

Der Innenausbau des KUKUMU Cafés steht an. Neben der modularen Innenausstattung wird unter anderem in Kaffeemaschine und Küchenequipment investiert.

Category Community
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

KUKUMU fuses art, culture and music with delicious coffee. We are a group of different collectives and creative minds joining forces to open a café in Berlin-Moabit, enabled through an open call. As a young association, we want to create an open, inclusive and discrimination-free space with this project and share our appreciation for artistic, political and social issues with anyone and everyone who wants to join us.
With your support, we want to bring the KUKUMU Café to life and give back a piece of lost culture to the neighbourhood and the whole city. In doing so, we want to emphasize sustainability, regionality and fair production. Our sustainability concept is based on the conscious avoidance of unnecessary transportation and waste, as well as a seasonal and fair-trade menu. The café is to become a cultural meeting place for the neighbourhood and all people, regardless of their origin, gender and sexual orientation.
Workshops, concerts, readings, small film festivals and a community skate store are just some of the concepts we will realize in the café. In addition, we plan exhibitions of local and international artists with a new focus each month. In our café, we will offer a platform to young and upcoming artists and enable them to shape the café in a new way with us. We also want to include other artistic fields such as performance art and theatre in our events.
Our goal is to create a place where all people can feel comfortable, develop their ideas and come together.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our diverse offer is aimed at people of all ages who are interested in culture, a cosy atmosphere, good coffee and a young and dedicated team. We invite everyone to enjoy a morning coffee, an extended brunch or one or the other after-work beer with us.
It is our special concern to cover a broad spectrum of ideas, concepts and needs with our cultural program. The cultural aspect is not just one part of many but forms the pulsating heart of this project. Through the involvement of our clientele and various creative minds, a growing and changeable community is to develop around the café. Our vision is to use this community to bring the idea of a barrier-free, cultural exchange to Berlin and the world through a variety of formats. We invite all connoisseurs, culture enthusiasts, music lovers, politically engaged people, students and neighbours to join us in creating a place of well-being and to continuously redesign it. We want to not only consume culture with you but also create it.
Any form of extremism, racism and sexism has no place in our midst and will not be tolerated in the KUKUMU Café. The goal of this project is not financial gain for the association. All income is used to finance the operation of the café, the various events and the cooperation with various artists so that all participants can receive a fair payment. We do not strive for profit, but the promotion of cultural exchange, especially against the background of increasingly dwindling cultural spaces.
The KUKUMU-Café is only the beginning of a growing structure. It is important to us to expand our efforts and network to spaces in and around Berlin and to create a variety of different projects like this in the future, starting from KUKUMU.

Why would you support this project?

Since last year, numerous important cultural spaces have been lost to the pandemic in Berlin and around the world. Large galleries and state-funded museums are keeping their heads above water, while alternative locations in particular are falling victim to the numerous lockdowns. In these times, it is all the more important to initiate a counter-movement and once again bring more alternative projects to life, in which independent and creative people can thrive, share and present what they care about.
We aim to create a community through culture, where all people can participate and live out their creativity. The café will serve as a spatial and practical framework with room for all kinds of ideas. We want to perpetually transform the café through constant collaboration with artists and musicians from all fields and craft classes, and offer them the opportunity to use the individual elements of the café as a presentation platform for their concepts. Through a diverse selection of cultural events (exhibitions, live music, jam sessions, workshops, readings and much more), we aim to enrich and bring together the emerging community.
The cooperation with social initiatives, educational institutions, fair and regional producers and non-profit organizations is as important to us as bringing the district of Moabit back to life after a long hibernation.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

In case of successful financing of this project, we will use the received money for renovation works, material procurement, gastronomic equipment and interior decoration. In order to organize our cultural events in a proper atmosphere, we also need sound and lighting equipment. The planning of events involves some costs, so we will, among other things, pay for materials for workshops and exhibitions from the money we receive.
We want to finance this community project through crowdfunding to preserve our financial and creative independence. Our supporters should not only help us to realise our visions but also become an active part of KUKUMU. The café is a space for people by people. The goal of the association is not to make a profit, but to promote culture. And this can only be done together.

Who are the people behind the project?

The KUKUMU-Café is backed by a large group of imaginative individuals and collectives. The spectrum of about 30 people ranges from architects, social activists, writers and designers to students, artists and musicians. Behind this project is a diverse and energetic community that feels united by the values of KUKUMU. Therefore, we are working with numerous politically engaged and creative collectives (KarmaKollektiv, Culture.Room, Sendb00ks and many more), who help to shape and enrich our plans, ideas and principles through their diverse cooperation possibilities.

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KUKUMU Café - Kunst, Kultur, Musik

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