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Dear La Luz Friends - please support us for many more years together with you in El Palmar

With La Luz you escaped from your everyday life, you were spoiled with culinary delights, made your first or intensified your yoga experiences. We saw your children grow up, sparked the surf fever in you, you and us got older together, made friendships ... all of this should all be over now, just like that? La Luz doesn´t know how to continue and asks you dear people for help.
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11/15/20 - 12/24/20
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What is this project all about?

Our La Luz Surfcamp is now without income for 8 months, we have lost 90% of our turnover and our reserves are spent. At the moment we still can employ some colleagues of our staff, the rest of our team is already unemployed. After such a long time, most of them are only entitled to unemployment money until the end of November. In December we will no longer be able to meet further obligations and would have to close with an uncertain progress.

Giving up is not an option for us! After many sleepless nights we decided to ask for your help via crowdfunding. You can support us by purchasing one or more of our rewards. We can only continue with your support! [/ b]

Due to the lockdown in Spain, we had to close shortly before our main season in March. As a result, we lost two important school-holidays with a lot of families and guests and also had to cope with paybacks for canceled bookings. During the summer, travel restrictions in Europe were lifted and all surf camps could receive guests. In summer we are closed because there are no reliable waves here on the coast and you cannot offer surf courses lasting several days.

Our hope was that we would receive guests again from mid-September 2020 and make up for the losses of spring. Unfortunately, this hope was not fulfilled, in September came new travel warnings for Spain and almost all bookings for autumn were canceled. Our second main season September / October / November is not happening. Overall, we've lost 90% of our annual income so far.

We have opened September 12th because we wanted to show our staff, our loyal landlords and our guests that we don´t give up. Since then we had an average of 3 guests per week.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We do not want to lose our dream, you as our guests, our team, our existence and our home. The goal of your support is that La Luz Surfcamp can continue its regular season until June 7th, 2021 to give you, our staff, the guests who want to come, our partners a perspective. Please purchase our rewards. [/ b]

You, our La Luz Family [/ b], all guests who have been with us in the last 10 years, your friends, regular guests and surf travellers, can help us.

Why would you support this project?

We had to cope with a 90% drop in income since March. We received only 1,800 € as a grant from the Spanish state, nothing more is in sight. There is no end to our economic difficulties in sight within the nexts months until the Covid crisis relaxes. Should we have to close in December, it is not sure if we can open again in the usual way after the end of the travel restrictions. Our permanent staff would understandably have to look for other jobs, our landlords would have to rent out their houses (including the lodge) to other parties for a longer period of time. We'd have to start again at 0.

With your help, we can survive this difficult season, support our permanent staff, pay the rent of the La Luz Lodge and current loans in the hope that a normal new season for La Luz Surfcamp will be possible from September 2021 at the latest.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money from the rewards is used exclusively for staff salaries, rent and loan payments. We cover additional costs for insurance, electricity, repairs, motor vehicles, taxes, fees, etc. ourselves. We would keep 6 employees necessary for the operation and support the other permanent employees who do not receive unemployment money.

We have already terminated all unnecessary rental agreements and reduced the remaining rents for our lodge and staff homes. The loans are long-term monthly repayments for our Casa de Cuore and a loan to the La Luz Surfcamp with which we have bridged the months since March.

Our goal is to finance the entire season to stay open until the end of May 2021. The monthly costs are € 11,300, plus the costs for Startnext.

Who are the people behind the project?

The whole La Luz team with Moni, Tom, Debo, Christian, Manu, Julio, Javi, Fosky, Lidia, Límon, Pili & our freelancers Yoli, Jorge, David, Lobo, Cristina, Cacha, Angel and Pablo.

Big hugs, we hope to be able to continue La Luz together with you. [/ b]

* Moni Samm and Tom Mayr with their La Luz Surf and Events S.L.
* Deborah Stöckle, our camp manager
* Christian Jüngling our Food & Beverage Manager
* Manuel Sanchez (cook)
* Julio Untrera (cook)
* Javier Diez (chief surf instructor)
* Fernando Rodriguez a.k.a. Fosky (surf instructor)
* Lidia Sanchez (Café Dahoam Manager)
* Daniel Patiño a.k.a. Límon (caretaker)
* Pilar Gonzalez (cleaning)

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