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Land of Giants
"Land of Giants" is a creative mix of the apocalyptic science-fiction, western and martial arts genre. After the storm reduced our world to ruins, the Giants came to us, to punish those who would ever again lay their hands on the magic called "Electricity". A long time ago Crutch (Mathis Landwehr) challenged the Gigants anger. His destroyed knee won't let him forget the day, they took everything from him. So he ventured out to hunt and kill them.
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Funding period 9/5/12 4:10 PM - 10/1/12 11:59 PM
Start level 7,500 €
Category Movie / Video
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

It is the extraordinary story of a lonly hero who is named after his crutch and challenges the anger of the gods.
We follow him in his futile quest through a barren and endangered world, where water and food are as hard to find as trust and love. A world, where people live in constant fear of the gods and the forbidden magic from the old days: Electricity. Because even the light of one single light bulb is enough to lure the gods, which come in the form of enormous giants and lay waste to whole villages.
Even though Crutch already became witness to the destructiv power of a Giant in his youth, he doesn't believe in the fairy tales of immortal gods. The Giants are mortal. Just like us. And there is a reason, why they are here, forcing us to live by their rules...

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Dear audience, as you might know, Mathis Landwehr impacted the development of martial arts film projects in germany as a pioneer for many years. On his way a network of close allies formed, willing to break new ground with Roundhousefilm for action "Made in Germany". All participants feel dissatisfied about the quality of german action films and have a shared vision, to make the neglected genre respectable again.

We believe, there are many martial arts enthusiasts, film and genrefans out there, who share our opinion.
In addition, the many comments of Mathis' fan base encourage us time and again: We realize, so many fans are thirsty for new german action formats!

Dear people out there: We share the same passion! We would like to take you on our journey. Let's bring the project idea "Land of Giants" to life together. We need your support here on startnext!

"Land of Giants" has the potential to be developed as a feature film or TV series. With your help we want to succeed shooting a teaser that can attract and enthuse investors about our marketing ideas. The teaser serves as a showpiece and is supposed to deliver a taste about what else is possible in the german film scene: Top-class action paired with exciting story! We want to offer something new to not only the german audience, but also the audience around the world.

Why would you support this project?

The "Land of Giants" project has its source in the think tank at Roundhousefilm. As an aspiring specialist for genrefilm we want to make the film scene in germany more colorful. With your support you give us the chance to develop further project ideas and other action formats for the german and international market.

Your financial support helps a team of experienced professionals, who worked in the filmindustry for years. Those many years of experience combined with the strong commitment toward the "Land of Giants" project are the strong points for your investment.

On top of that you earn exclusive and limited thank-you's in case of a succesful funding.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The money will be used for all unavoidable cost of the filmproduction, amongst other things the film technology (camera, light, dolly, tracks, crane, etc.), travel expenses, costumes, production design, film location rent, travels to the film location, acomodations at the film location, editing room rent, visual effects, sound studio, color correction/finishing.

At the same time the team works for free, or on provision.

In the case of a successful funding on startnext we will shoot the teaser for the project "Land of Giants" in Berlin and area from the 5th till the 7th of october 2012.

The teaser can be made even longer and more elaborate (e.g. through additional shooting days, more roles, more vfx), should more money than originally planed come together.

Who are the people behind the project?

Production: Roundhousefilm GmbH
"Crutch": Mathis Landwehr
Production manager: Sascha Girndt
Project manager crowdfunding & PR: Maria Wötanowski

Director: Krystof Zlatnik
Director of Photography: Ralf Noack
Screenplay: Jan Cronauer, Krystof Zlatnik
Action-Director: Ulrik Bruchholz

Make Up: Patrycja Postek
Costumes/Production design: Michael Rudnick

Stuntcoordinator: Sascha Girndt

Visual design: Marcel Weisheit
Concept artist: Felix Mertikat
Previs/Storyboard: Felix Koch
Music: Steven Schwalbe
Sounddesign: Andreas Mühlschlegel
Technology/Support: Marco Vukic

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