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LIBERTINE Magazin – In Love With Women
LIBERTINE is your new social magazine for women, moving between the poles of fashion and feminism, sustainability and consumption, idleness and driving force, digging deep and flying high. We reflect society from a female point of view, break off with worn out categories and transport a sence of life: Freedom. Freedom to be who you are, to live the way you like and to love whoever you want. With your support we develop a financing plan to publish LIBERTINE four times a year.
7,709 €
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 LIBERTINE Magazin – In Love With Women
 LIBERTINE Magazin – In Love With Women
 LIBERTINE Magazin – In Love With Women
 LIBERTINE Magazin – In Love With Women
 LIBERTINE Magazin – In Love With Women

About this project

Funding period 11/2/15 6:16 PM - 12/2/15 11:59 PM
Realisation November 2015
Minimum amount (Start level) 7,500 €
Category Journalism
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Authenticity, free-spirited thinking, feeling and living, questioning reality, finding your own definition of happiness. Being a woman: That is the principle of LIBERTINE.

LIBERTINE finally turns a wish into reality – a wish to create a magazine that eliminates labels and does not tell its readers who they ought to be. Instead we want to impart a sense of life: Freedom. Freedom to be who you are, to live the way you want to live and to love whoever you want to love.

What we want is, to excite women for each other – whether they might be straight, bi or gay – and give a forum to inspiring and fabulous women. We want to present different life styles and talk naturally about relationships from a woman-to-woman point of view.

LIBERTINE gives a voice to exciting and extraordinary protagonists – some of them are famous and others are staying in the background.

They are involved in politics or fashion, they are writing books or business plans, they are at home in the art world or are travelling around the world being a yogi. They lift social projects off the ground, they question the given and they create a space for new ways of thinking.

LIBERTINE magazine is created by the community from within. It inspires and connects its readers – not only locally but reaching far beyond the national borders. Hence LIBERTINE will be available as an English-language e-paper too.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Countless magazines are filling up the book shelves and yet there is still something missing: A women's magazine that does not allocate labels and that challenges worn out categories. A magazine that unifies seeming opposites and that looks at things from different perspectives. Specially this is pointed by LIBERTINE.

Every issue follows a social relevant theme such as freedom, courage, love, fundamental change or culture. This will be approached from different angles.

Our readers are primarily one thing: Different.

  • they are interested in social matters and want to be an active part in making changes
  • they feel at home in a thrilling city life, or they enjoy the countryside
  • they are both: interested in fashion as much as in environmental issues.
  • they seek a sustainable lifestyle and they follow their own instincts
  • they question the world
  • they love women – whether in form of a lesbian relationship, or as a fan of all those great women all over the world

Why would you support this project?

Without your support, LIBERTINE – In Love With Women will be a one hit wonder at best.

In the long run we aim to finance the magazine through advertising clients combined with the proceeds of magazine sales. Given the fact that LIBERTINE is a new product on the market though, published by an unknown name, advertising clients will be reserved. Moreover because LIBERTINE is not a mainstream magazine. We refrain from product placement or fashion campaigns to win major labels.
We rely on your help to fund us. Moreover a successful crowd-funding campaign can build a vital momentum!

We would like LIBERTINE being published on a regular basis and being a substantial part of the magazine world. Your personal support will motivate us doing so!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Should we be successful, the first printed issue will be published on 9th December 2015.

LIBERTINE will be available at train station book shops and via subscription in Germany (6 €), Austria (6,90 €), Switzerland (SF 8) and Luxembourg (6,90 €).

Funding mile stone 7.500€:
If we reach our first target of 7.500 € , then with your help we would be able to cover the costs of printing and distributing 5.000 copies. We have secured our partners for printing and distribution.

Funding target 15.000€:
We would prefer to print a higher edition. Let's say 10.000. Besides we consider to bring you together with other readers, as there are cultural and political events in different cities, or an own events with female performers specially booked. We have so many ideas waiting to be realized.

We aim for the success of the first printed issue to help us to win future advertising clients. This income combined with the proceeds of magazine sales will enable us to establish a three month LIBERTINE publishing cycle.

(If the project doesn’t reach the funding goal, you will get your money back.)

Who are the people behind the project?

Our team who represents the free LIBERTINE spirit is as diverse as our readers.

The LIBERTINE crew is constantly growing. At the moment our tight knit is:

Hanna Ender
Christiane Falk
Friedericke Guggolz
Magdalena Haupt
Laura Hirch
Katharina Pfannkuch
Sina Scherer
Julia Schönstädt
Thea von Winning

Goodyn Green
Nadja Klier
Katja Ruge
Linn Schröder

Art Direction & Picture Editor
Studio Y U K I K O
Michelle Phillips & Johannes Conrad

Marketing & Cooperation
Robert Schmale
Silke Zenker
Lukas Adda

Publisher & Chief editor
Juliane Rump

We unite the interest and the acceptance for different life styles, the enthusiasm for inspiring women and their projects just as much as the principles and visions of LIBERTINE.

Networking is important to us. Our editors and photographers live in London, Los Angeles and all over Germany. There is a constant exchange between our two main locations Berlin and Hamburg, where most of our team members live. That is why our release parties will be taking place in both cities and why we are also planning many different events in both places.


The uplifting tune from the crowdfunding video is a song from planningtorock:

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LIBERTINE Magazin – In Love With Women

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