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Music documentary about the effects of covid-19 pandemic in Berlin's music & club scene.

Music documentary about the effects of the covid-19 pandemic in Berlin's music & club scene. Berlin has always been a vivid and colourful city. A city that was full of inspiring spots, artistic opportunities, and loud nightlife. A city with a huge cultural background that is now on hold.
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12/8/21 - 2/28/22
January - April 2022
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What is this project all about?

The documentary will be full length, 90 minutes.
It explores how the pandemic affected the life, the mentality and the businesses of artists, cultural venues and music business entrepreneurs in the German capital. From new talents to worldwide established icons.
How was their life before the pandemic?
What did they do during the lockdown?
How did they adapt to the new circumstances?
What are their plans for the future?
What are they doing to overcome the ongoing situation?

We interviewed some of the most prominent and up and coming Berlin- based artists, musicians and business owners. We’ll be following their life, their daily routine and their stories in a city without concerts, DJ sets or shows, showcasing what used to be their everyday life before the pandemic and how they adapted to the ongoing situation.
What did they learn from this unique year and
how had they to go beyond their comfort zone to overcome this change?

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The project goal is to celebrate Berlin's culture, electronic music & club scene and the artists who make this city so unique.
We would like to tell the story of Berlin during the pandemic through the eyes of its people. To share their stories and inspire more people.

The project is for music lovers, club culture lovers, technology lovers and of course for Berlin lovers.
If you love this city, you have to support our project, which is a love letter to Berlin!

Why would you support this project?

This is an independent project that was born out of pure love for the electro and club scene in Berlin.
We managed to film all the interviews and additional material with our own resources, but we need your support to complete the project!

There are many reasons for supporting these projects.

  • You want to be the FIRST that will watch this music documentary!
  • You are a fan of our participating DJs and musicians.
  • You love Berlin's music & club scene
  • You would like to attend our premiere with all these international DJs.
  • You want to take part in the hottest party in Berlin!
  • You just like our project
  • You want the gifts we offer
  • You are a very cool person!
  • You have your reasons.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

We started this project independently, we have been working on the project for 2 years and we just shot all the material with our own resources.
Now, we want to take the project to the next level!
We need your support for post-production.

We need to hire professionals for the editing of the film, the colour correction, the sound mixing, the sound design, the original music and the creation of DCP.
We also have to pay for music rights.
We have to do German and English subtitles.
We'd like to hire a graphic designer for the film's poster and
a web designer for a cool website of the movie.

Who are the people behind the project?

Director | Writer | Editor | Producer: Dimitris Argyriou
Camera Operator: Alkistis Kafetsi
Sound Recordings| | Boom Operator| Musik: Gari Marcos
Sound Recordings | Boom Operator: Makis Asimakopoulos
Sound Design | Mixing | Original music: Mihali Paleologou

Anja Schneider (DJ, Producer, Spokeswoman for Booking United, Germany)
Fink (Singer, Producer, Musician, UK)
Pan Pot (DJs, Producers, Riverside Studios, Germany)
Mark Reeder (Producer, DJ, Filmmaker, Legend, UK)
Kid Simius (DJ, Producer, Spain)
Craig Walker | ex-Archives | Craig Walker + The Cold (Musician, Singer, Producer, Ireland)
Velten Doering (DJ, Producer, Germany)
Frank Hahn (Founder of the Rave Space App)
Frankey & Sandrino (DJ Duo, Producers, Germany)
Aga Heller (Founder and Label Owner of Frills GmbH
Ava Irandoost (DJ, Iran)
Markus Kavka (TV presenter, DJ, Producer, Author, Germany)
K.E.E.N.E (DJs, Producers, Panama)
Klaus Lederer (Berlin Senator for Culture and Europe, Germany)
Αnnie O (DJ, Germany)
Xenia Wiedekehr (Wilde Renate, Germany)
Annett Gapstream, (DJ, Producer, Germany)
Carola Stoiber (Founder and Label Owner of Pull Proxy)
Chris Steinweg (Founder & Owner of the Symbiotikka Parties @ Kit-Kat Club)
Emanuel Satie (DJ, Producer, Germany)
Pamela Schobeß (President Club Commission, Owner Gretchen Club, Germany)
Christian Witt (Producer, Recording Studio Owner, Germany)
Denite (DJ, Producer, Spain)

Max Brudi (Ninja Tunes)
AND.ID (Algol Paradox)
Asteris Kutulas

Dimitris Argyriou

The crowdfunding project was not successful and can no longer be supported.

  • All orders and payments have been automatically cancelled and reversed.
  • You have questions? Contact the Startnext support team.
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