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Lily is from Buenos Aires, Bene from Berlin, we play latin - jazz - folklore - tango, in our own style. Lily brought the latin roots, Bene brought the jazz wings . With our band we played over 200 concerts, we recorded 2 successful albums "nómade" 2011, Nominated as best Worldmusic album for the ‘German Record Critics Award’ ,, "Huellas"-2013 and now we want to release our 3rd album at the end of May, with our great band and wonderful guests from Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Turkey and Germany
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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater "Impressive how the power of the crowd became visible here."
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 Lily Dahab
 Lily Dahab
 Lily Dahab
 Lily Dahab
 Lily Dahab

About this project

Funding period 3/15/18 12:25 AM - 4/22/18 11:59 PM
Realisation March 15th till April 22nd
Start level 9,500 €

With this amount of money we can cover all our costs. Thank you! Danke! Muchas Gracias!!!

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City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Over the last years we toured around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As well we were invited to Jazz festivals in Sweden, Switzerland and Lituania. Meanwhile we composed and arranged, we threw things to the bin and we developed and rehearsed for our next CD called "Bajo un mismo cielo" ("Under the same sky"). This music now is the result of 2 years of intensive work which makes us very happy! For this next CD we include very special songs, some of them are classics of the latinamerican world, reborn in new jazz versions. And of course our compositions which have to be send into the world!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to give our very best, to make the best album possible.
To make us and you happy ;-)
With your help we can make a super sounding and great looking album! And it´s a wonderful way to finance it, to do this together and say thank you.
For everybody who loves music and wants to take part in a project which without him or her wouldn´t be possible in this quality and professionality.
To include the listener and the followers of our music, in the process of making an album, to get something special which will only be available for 4 weeks, by contributions people get something special.

Why would you support this project?

To support this project means to help but getting something in return:

Because you like our music? Or think we are nice people?
It´s much more than this! We take music in a very respectful and serious way, we take our time to bring a CD to the market, and we are sure this one will make you smile, dance and cry, it´s a CD full of emotions!!!

Because people keep coming to our concerts, people enjoy our music, buy our CDs, encourage us, support us, follow us, live our music, because we live for the music, we put 24hrs, weekends, passion and love into our music...and this process is over when it comes to the listener. What is a CD without a listener? You! are part of our motivation, your wish .. to enlight your life with our music.

The truth is this : there´s nothing more exciting to make your own music, to be on tour, to be on stage, to perform for people and to connect with the heart of the people through music.

An album always is a highlight and a stopover. With this campaign you can become active, when we hopefully proudly give the rewards at the end of this 4 weeks we hope you would be proud to have been part of this project together with us on the way of making it possible.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

In case we are succesful we could pay the costs necessary for making an album of a very high quality :

Our musicians (quartet), our guests (2 guitarists, 2 percussionists, a Viola player, a Flugelhorn player, a drummer) , the Studios, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Photo session, Art work, documentation about rehearsals, recording, live concerts on video, New website and Promotion.
All the money we will hopefully raise here will be directly used for the production of our album!
To break it down for you a little here are some oft the big cost pools:

− Studio Rental
By far the biggest cost. We record in studios which have at least 4 booths to be able to record live, with a Grand piano (sometimes added cost of tunning)
A studio costs € 600 – per day! only to record.

− Mixing / Mastering
However recording is not all there is to a CD production. Now it's time for mastering.
The Mixing and Mastering usually takes more time than the actual recording and is a very sophisticated job for our audio engineer. Sessions of 8 hours or even longer.

- CD Art, photos and design
At the end of this process there is the CD with an attractive booklet, Professional design.

The CD will be published at the end of May 2018!

Who are the people behind the project?

It is a long list of artists and people who make this CD possible, but
Bene and Lily, for whom this project is their passion, pay all the costs of the long list which comes below.

Jo Gehlmann (Ger) - guit- / Quique Sinesi (Arg) - guit / Eudinho Soares (Brasil)- guit / Andreas Henze (Ger) - double bass / Camilo Villa (Colombia) - E-bass / Topo Gioia (Arg) - perc / Hogir Göregen (Turkish) - perc / Dudu Tucci (Brasil) - perc / Heiko Jung (Ger) - drums / Florian Menzel (Ger)- flugelhorn / Juan Lucas Aisemberg (Arg) - viola

We recorded and mixed with Jürgen Heckel and Gregor Schweiger.
Artwork like in "nomade" and "Huellas" by Ondho from Barcelona. Photos session in Buenos Aires : Mori Herrero/
Natascha Zivadinovic -post production.
Promoter in Germany.
Designer for a new website,
EPK video maker (Electronic press kit), videos backstage during rehearsals, recordings and Live performances. (Sound and video edition)

We publish our CDs on a small jazz label: Herzogrecords

Lily Dahab
Bene Aperdannier

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Lily Dahab

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