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We are two Brazilians with a mission: we want to offer the best cachaça we found in Brazil to you. Cachaça is mostly known by its drink "Caipirinha", but it is so much more! It has a huge history, complex notes, and it is a very versatile spirit. We produce Malandra in the countryside of Brazil with a small distillery, the process is totally manual and we respect the environment. Support us to be part of this wave.
5,000 €
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 Malandra - Handcrafted, small-batch Brazilian Spirit
 Malandra - Handcrafted, small-batch Brazilian Spirit
 Malandra - Handcrafted, small-batch Brazilian Spirit
 Malandra - Handcrafted, small-batch Brazilian Spirit
 Malandra - Handcrafted, small-batch Brazilian Spirit

About this project

Funding period 1/31/20 3:47 PM - 3/9/20 11:59 PM
Realisation April 2020
Start level 5,000 €

Yes! With this amount you help us to produce the first 2.000 bottles of Malandra and transport them to Germany! :)

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City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Have you ever had the famous "Caipi" at a party? Do you know which spirit is used to do the cocktail? And, have you wondered why it was tasting so, hm... peculiar?

That's not the cachaça's fault (the Brazilian spirit from sugarcane), but the quality of the cachaça you are drinking. Unfortunately, the majority (90%) of cachaça in Germany comes from industrial producers. This means the sugarcane plantation has to be fast harvested, and sometimes the fields might be burned down to speed the process. Plus, the distillation method is continuously processed, making all the high levels of alcohol end up in the bottle you drink from.

As Brazilians, we asked ourselves why there is no quality cachaça in Germany, and that's why we created Malandra: a traditional, handcrafted, sustainable and small-batch cachaça. We want to bring the best of Brazil to Germany, that's why we partnered with a small producer in Brazil and developed Malandra only for you. In the future, we also plan to help an organization for environment conservation in Brazil.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

For all the "caipi" lovers, distilled enthusiasts and environmental supporters: you deserve a better cachaça. One that refreshes you during any season, can surprise you with new notes and wants to preserve the environment in Brazil.

With 90% of cachaça in Germany being from industrial producers, that does not resonate with the cachaça culture we believe in. Malandra wants to:

  • Bring a handcrafted and small-batch cachaça to Germany
  • Support a local farm with sustainable production methods
  • Spread knowledge about cachaça and Brazil in Germany
  • Support a local organization with environmental initiatives (planed!)
Why would you support this project?

Malandra is not only another distilled beverage, but it is also a way to spread and change the way people drink cachaça. We want to deliver a high-quality spirit that even we Brazilians are proud to drink!

That is why we offer two different kinds of Malandra: Crystal and Oak.

  • Malandra Crystal is the original Brazilian Spirit, with fruity notes and very fresh it's ideal for the beloved "Caipi", but also to our Malandra Tonic and many other cocktails!
  • Malandra Oak is the combination of Brazil and Europe - with notes of cherry, vanilla and oak it's lovely as an aperitif/digestif as with cocktails, such as Malandra Ginger.

All recipes are in our social media :)

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be used to acquire our very first batch of cachaça and bring it to Germany. From the first 2.000 bottles: 1.400 are Malandra Crystal and 600 Malandra Oak.

From the first batch, half will be paid by your support and the other half is on us! Your contribution is really important for us, and it would make possible our dream to come true!

Who are the people behind the project?

We are two Brazilians, friends, and former co-workers: Tássia and Andreia. Since we have met in our previous job in Brazil, we knew we wanted to do something together one day.

Tássia came to Berlin to study, and all her friends asked her to prepare a traditional caipirinha for them. Because Germany lacks good cachaça, her family and friends from Brazil brought her bottles of handcrafted cachaça. Her husband gave the kick to develop Malandra, and Andreia joined forces to find a small producer who would develop and produce a sustainable and traditional cachaça with us!

Malandra is more than a cachaça and another distilled for us. It is a way to share a piece of our culture in Germany and at the same time, support the environmental conservation in Brazil (something so needed at the time).

We say "Muito obrigada" to all those helping us to get here: Sebastian, for the kick; Leo for the design; and our family and friends who participated in our Focus Group and gave us a lot of feedback!

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Malandra - Handcrafted, small-batch Brazilian Spirit

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