This film is about a woman who risks everything to fulfil her dream and became an exceptional dancer and pioneer. 2017 was the 100th anniversary of Mata Hari's death, a reason to commemorate her story. This is a "Rocky"-film for women, because it's always worth fighting for your dreams.
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Crowdfunding for our short film "Woman in the mirror"

Annette Hildebrand
Annette Hildebrand1 min Lesezeit

Here the Content in English: In a time when women weren't even allowed to have their own bank account a woman that lost it all, stands up again, fights for her dreams and becomes the first shooting star of Belle Epoque. It's a "Rocky"-Film for women and an encouranging call to action to all the people that believe in their dreams.

THANK YOU so much for sharing, liking and supporting this Project we've been working on for about 3 years. The film will be with an English skript. Because of our Network manly based in Germany we decided to do the Crowdfunding in German.

THANK YOU again for any kind of support you wanna share with us: Good vibes, recommendations, likes, commentaries and shares and buying one of our lovely gifts.

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