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Projekte / Literature
The menstrual coloring book Maubeschau is a graphic coloring book on the subject of menstruation and cycle. It is intended to give women a positive access to their femininity. By writing moods and various parameters into a calendar you will get a better understanding of your cycle. The drawings of the various vulvas invite you to creatively explore the diversity of female sex and show that every vagina is beautiful!
10,358 €
10,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.
 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.
 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.
 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.


Funding period 6/15/18 8:46 AM o'clock - 7/22/18 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period 12.07.2018- 13.08.2018
Funding goal 8,000 €

print 11.000 €
kamera/postproduktion1000 €
shipping3.000 €
packaging 800€
Startnext commission and transaction fee 1100€

2nd Funding goal 10,000 €

layout 500€
website 500€
translation 500€
storage 360 €
material for production 140 €
Startnext commission and transaction fee 1200 €

Category Literature
City Hannover
Website & Social Media
Legal notice
Jenz Mau
König-Konrad-Str. 22
36039 Fulda Deutschland



The wonderful artist and jewelry designer Fanie Roux from Cologne, manages to preserve the delicacy of nature in all its cruel transience and to turn it into dreamy jewelry. https://www.facebook.com/fanierou


Steffi von Einskommasechsdesign is a great artist and a wonderful support to me. "Support your local girl gang" does not only stand on one of the shirts she designs, she really lives solidarity sisterhood.


Liebhabereien is a sex shop for women with an open, loving atmosphere and now for over 10 years an important institution for female pleasure in Hannover. Everything started here for me. :-*

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