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The menstrual coloring book Maubeschau is a graphic coloring book on the subject of menstruation and cycle. It is intended to give women a positive access to their femininity. By writing moods and various parameters into a calendar you will get a better understanding of your cycle. The drawings of the various vulvas invite you to creatively explore the diversity of female sex and show that every vagina is beautiful!
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 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.
 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.
 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.
 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.
 Maubeschau!  Menstrual colouring book.

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Funding period 6/15/18 8:46 AM - 7/22/18 11:59 PM
Realisation 12.07.2018- 13.08.2018
Start level 8,000 €

print 11.000 €
kamera/postproduktion1000 €
shipping3.000 €
packaging 800€
Startnext commission and transaction fee 1100€

Category Literature
City Hannover

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What is this project all about?

Maubeschau is a coloring book for adults. The book seeks to empower women through creative engagement with their cycle of developing a positive and body-affirming, self-accepting sense of their femininity. It invites you to take a proud and open position to your menstruation. Through the akt of painting you spend lovingly time with yourself and the menstrual cycle. It is a research book to get in touch with your own menstrual period. A book to honor and celebrate yourself!
The text is written in German and English.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Maubeschau is intended for all women who menstruate and have the desire to enter into a self-contained connection with their femininity. It is also a wonderful gift for young girls who get their period for the first time.

Why would you support this project?

If you also find that it is already time that women no longer need to be ashamed of a bodily process that is as natural as sleeping and breathing, then help me get this book on the market. That this topic becomes something beautiful and completely normal in our societys view.
That the next generation of girls will have it easier.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

If the project is successfully funded, I pay for the work done by my team of layouter, cameraman, computer scientist, accountant, material already spent, and shipping the books and gimmicks. The largest part, however, flows into the printing costs. I commission a regional traditional printing company, which realizes very elaborate art prints and very small editions with a lot of love. Wanderer Werbedruck Horst Wanderer GmbH. Maubeschau will be an artwork and not a small booklet. Therefore, the costs are higher than at online printers. With Japanese thread binding, hardcover, thick drawing paper, perforated pages and foiled embossing on the cover, the book is not only robust in use as a workbook but also beautiful to look at.

Who are the people behind the project?

Jenz Mau was born in a suburb in the middle of Germany in 1985. She has always drawn. After a school diploma in design she studied visual arts with focuses in painting and graphics. At the age of 23 she finished her degree with a street art project ( she became active in feminist groups and co-organised a Laydyfest already during her studies. Working in a sex shop for women she learned about the wonderful depths of eroticism and bodily sensations for the first time.
In Cologne she completed additional training as a mechanic. There she joined the local squatting scene and fought for greater codetermination in public and social spheres and city planning. She discovered her love for writing and started producing literature. Her short stories were published in Fettliebe, a Leipzig based literature magazine; for the blog lvstprinzip she writes about sexuality. Added to this she took part in an experimental documentary film project about sex. It was shown in cinemas and received wide attention ( The project's large popularity enabled the team to shoot another film. This time a feminist-pornographic comedy recalling the 1970s ( Ever since then she has been publicly active as a pro-sex-feminist, advocating that women can simultaneously be both feminists as well as sexually self determined.

In 2016 she traveled through Germany and France in a truck she converted herself. Inspired in part by meeting wonderful women on that journey, she began to look into her menstruation and her womanhood and shared her experiences on social media platforms and with her friends. The responses were so positive that the idea for this book was born.

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The wonderful artist and jewelry designer Fanie Roux from Cologne, manages to preserve the delicacy of nature in all its cruel transience and to turn it into dreamy jewelry.


Steffi von Einskommasechsdesign is a great artist and a wonderful support to me. "Support your local girl gang" does not only stand on one of the shirts she designs, she really lives solidarity sisterhood.


Liebhabereien is a sex shop for women with an open, loving atmosphere and now for over 10 years an important institution for female pleasure in Hannover. Everything started here for me. :-*

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Maubeschau! Menstrual colouring book.

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