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Kiss the earth with free feet. Our minimal-shoes allow you to sense the ground thanks to thin flexible soles without heel or footbed, with sufficient space for your toes and an anatomical fit without restricting stiffeners. Made of eco-friendly natural materials so that no plastics touch your skin anymore! The material comes from fair working and trading conditions, the shoes are designed in Berlin and fair and clean produced in Portugal.
21,523 €
30,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european


Funding period 10/23/18 11:59 PM o'clock - 12/4/18 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period October 2018 to March 2019
Funding goal 12,000 €

This is the minimum amount to get a start-up loan from a bank so that we can proceed with the the project.

2nd Funding goal 30,000 €

We need at least this amount to start the shoe production: for outsole moulds, lasts and to pay the manufacturer.

Category Fashion
City Berlin
What is this project all about?

What characterises an Aehrenkranz shoe?

• thin and pliable soles without heels
• outsoles are stitched on, not just glued
• plenty of space for your toes thanks to an anatomical fit
• comfortable wearing experience without footbed or restrictive stiffeners
• eco-friendly, sustainable natural materials (fair trade and organic certified if possible)
• breathable yet water-repellent
• non-toxic and skin-friendly: no plastics touch your skin!
• created under fair working and trading conditions

We start with a half boot called FREUDENTANZ (dance of joy) – a lightly padded, lightweight and flexible minimal-shoe for spring and autumn.

The sneaker REISELUST (love to travel) and the ballerina model SOMMERWIESE (summer meadow) are ready as a draft. Both shoes are in development and will be ready for spring 2019. Please note that the photomontages are not yet the final shoes and we reserve the right to make improvements.

All shoes will be available in EU sizes 36-47 (Sommerwiese up to 44) in the following colours and materials:

• charcoal vegan Piñatex® (black)
• paprika vegan Piñatex® (orange-red)
• ocean nappa ecopell® (turquoise)
• curcuma vintage ecopell® (lightbrown)
• stone vintage ecopell® (grey)

What are the shoes made of?

All materials your foot comes into direct contact with are eudermic, of natural origin and purchased in Europe:

• The vegan shoe is made of sustainable, PETA-approved Piñatex®: pineapple leaf fibres gathered by Philippine farming cooperatives, which would otherwise be burnt to pollute the air. They are processed in Spain into a water-repellent, pollution-free leather substitute.

• The leather shoe is made of German cowhide (only obtained from food production). It is vegetable tanned and dyed without any harmful substances. The ultra-soft, breathable ecopell® ecoleather is certified antiallergic and impresses with its longevity and haptics.

• The lining and insoles of our shoes are made from fair trade organic cotton and/ or vegetable tanned Portuguese cowhide.

• The laces are made of cotton. As soon as we reach certain order quantities, we will be able to buy organic cotton laces.

• To better resist abrasion, we use outer soles of recycled synthetic rubber. We consciously decided against natural caoutchouc because it requires the clearance of virgin forest and a pesticide-rich cultivation in monocultures. Organic rubber is still very rare and is not available to our sole manufacturer.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

In the next few years we will bring out further minimal-shoes – also children shoes – that meet our above stated requirements.

Who is going to wear our shoes?

Barefoot runners who sometimes have to wear shoes.
Mindful people who want to feel the ground they are walking on.
Also especially suitable for blind people and people striking on their balls first.
Vegans, vegetarians
Festival visitors, globetrotters and all conscious humans who question their consumer behaviour and care about our beautiful mother earth.

Why would you support this project?

Our minimal-shoes combine responsibility for mankind and the environment with foot health and they even look beautiful.

We hold high environmental standards for our products. We are deeply committed to human rights and animal welfare. We buy and produce locally (Europe), pay attention to fair wages and have an account with an ethical bank.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

To start the production we need at least 30.000€.
We spend it for:
• moulds for the outsole of sizes 36-47
• a sufficient number of lasts in sizes 36-47
• shoe samples for promotion, advertising and photo shootings of the first model
• production and transport costs of the orders made during the crowdfunding campaign

If we don't want to just work on demand – which would imply a production and delivery time of at least four months – we need an additional 35.000€ to stock up our webshop for the first time.

If we include the gradual introduction of children shoes in 2019, we will need further 25.000€ at least for outsole moulds, lasts, pattern development and initial production costs.

When we reach our first funding target, we will apply for a start-up loan from a bank to get the minimum amount of funding.

If we reach our second funding target, we can get a higher loan and can proceed as planned.

If we reach 90.000€, we are independent of a bank.

When will the shoes be delivered?

We plan to deliver all shoes in spring 2019.
However, since we are not always able to influence or anticipate the processes in the production facility – there may also be supply shortfalls – delays could occur.

Since we do not yet know our order volume and all material has to be procured for the first time, it is extremely difficult to state binding delivery times.

We will definitely keep you up to date!

Who are the people behind the project?

Hi, I am Annette.
No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find shoes that were produced in an environmentally friendly way and made of natural materials, that are comfortable and flexible, without heels and perfectly made for striking on the balls of your feet. And which matched my taste! I don't like synthetics on my skin, I try to avoid plastics wherever I can and protect our environment and resources.

As a fashion designer who specializes in footwear design and development, I decided to make the shoes I wanted for myself.

I've been working on the project of my heart non-stop since beginning of 2017.
I put every cent into it, borrowed money from friends and family,
renounced holiday trips ... but now I rely on you.

Please support my project today, share it in your networks and tell your friends, acquaintances, therapists and work colleagues about it!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Project updates


Kurz vor dem Wochenende haben wir heute wunderbare Nachrichten für euch: Die Produktion der ersten Kollektion ist fast beendet. Unsere schönen Schuhe kommen Ende nächster Woche in Deutschland an Wir sind soooo aufgeregt und freuen uns jetzt schon auf euer Feedback!


Please subscribe to our newsletter or read the updates on Facebook! In it we write extensively about the state of development and the hurdles that we encounter. It exceeds our capacity to answer each and every one of you and group mails are prohibited. Thanks for your understanding! The shoes will probably get delivered in July. Stay with us! https://www.aehrenkranz.de/en/newsletter-abonnieren/


Please subscribe to our newsletter so that you are always up to date! You save me valuable time if I do not have to answer every single one of the same questions. Thank you very much!
Here is just a brief summary of the last newsletter: Unfortunately, there was an unpredictable time delay because the grey leather has to be newly tanned again which takes about 2 months. We are now planning the delivery of all shoes for the end of May. We hope you understand and say sorry! Annette


We reached our goal! Thank you very much to everyone of you! You will receive all your rewards ca. mid March 2019.
Please subscribe to our newsletter on our webpage to always stay informed.
This campaign page will no longer get updated!


About returns and changes:
Like with all other online purchases, you have the right to exchange or return your goods within 14 days of receipt if the delivery address is within the EU.
This does not apply to donations.

You can also change your details (size, colour...) until the end of the campaign. Click on the link in your confirmation email and go to your paid rewards. If not clear, startnext describes this in more detail.


If you want your orders get delivered outside Germany, please don't forget to add the shipping costs.
As a small start-up business we got different conditions offered from our logistics partners as big companies with predictable huge numbers of deliveries have.

Website & Social Media
Legal notice
Annette Becker
Schliemannstr. 25
10437 Berlin Germany

Tel.: +49 30 4467 4386
VAT-ID: DE245 778 880

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