Kiss the earth with free feet. Our minimal-shoes allow you to sense the ground thanks to thin flexible soles without heel or footbed, with sufficient space for your toes and an anatomical fit without restricting stiffeners. Made of eco-friendly natural materials so that no plastics touch your skin anymore! The material comes from fair working and trading conditions, the shoes are designed in Berlin and fair and clean produced in Portugal.
21,523 €
Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth / Projektberater
Yeah, you made it. The project is successful. I'm glad that the project can be realized now. Well done ;)
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european
 AEHRENKRANZ minimal-shoes: eco, fair, european

About this project

Funding period 10/23/18 11:59 PM - 12/4/18 11:59 PM
Realisation October 2018 to March 2019
Startlevel 12,000 €

This is the minimum amount to get a start-up loan from a bank so that we can proceed with the the project.

Category Fashion
City Berlin

Project updates


Kurz vor dem Wochenende haben wir heute wunderbare Nachrichten für euch: Die Produktion der ersten Kollektion ist fast beendet. Unsere schönen Schuhe kommen Ende nächster Woche in Deutschland an Wir sind soooo aufgeregt und freuen uns jetzt schon auf euer Feedback!


Please subscribe to our newsletter or read the updates on Facebook! In it we write extensively about the state of development and the hurdles that we encounter. It exceeds our capacity to answer each and every one of you and group mails are prohibited. Thanks for your understanding! The shoes will probably get delivered in July. Stay with us!


Please subscribe to our newsletter so that you are always up to date! You save me valuable time if I do not have to answer every single one of the same questions. Thank you very much!
Here is just a brief summary of the last newsletter: Unfortunately, there was an unpredictable time delay because the grey leather has to be newly tanned again which takes about 2 months. We are now planning the delivery of all shoes for the end of May. We hope you understand and say sorry! Annette


We reached our goal! Thank you very much to everyone of you! You will receive all your rewards ca. mid March 2019.
Please subscribe to our newsletter on our webpage to always stay informed.
This campaign page will no longer get updated!


About returns and changes:
Like with all other online purchases, you have the right to exchange or return your goods within 14 days of receipt if the delivery address is within the EU.
This does not apply to donations.

You can also change your details (size, colour...) until the end of the campaign. Click on the link in your confirmation email and go to your paid rewards. If not clear, startnext describes this in more detail.


If you want your orders get delivered outside Germany, please don't forget to add the shipping costs.
As a small start-up business we got different conditions offered from our logistics partners as big companies with predictable huge numbers of deliveries have.

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Annette Becker
Schliemannstr. 25
10437 Berlin Germany

Tel.: +49 30 4467 4386
VAT-ID: DE245 778 880

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