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Montado Black-Edition | eco and vegan cork-streetwear
Together we will crowduce the Montado Black Edition - the world‘s first fashion and accessory collection made of black-coloured cork. Our key piece is the organic vegan „leather jacket“ made of cork. You can get this worldwide novelty and other useful cork products such as wallets, belts and T-shirts as a reward for your support.
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Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth Projektberater "Impressive how the power of the crowd became visible here."
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 Montado Black-Edition | eco and vegan cork-streetwear
 Montado Black-Edition | eco and vegan cork-streetwear
 Montado Black-Edition | eco and vegan cork-streetwear
 Montado Black-Edition | eco and vegan cork-streetwear
 Montado Black-Edition | eco and vegan cork-streetwear

About this project

Funding period 5/4/15 9:21 AM - 6/21/15 11:59 PM
Realisation Anfang-Mitte September 2015
Start level 60,000 €
Category Fashion
City Helmbrechts

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What is this project all about?

With your help we want to push sustainable and vegan fashion forward by producing the Montado Black Edition.
It’s the worldwide first (fashion) collection that principally consists of black-colored cork.
With cork instead of leather there is no animal suffering, no toxic chemicals, and no exploitative trade structures.

Cork is the leather of the 21st century.

Together we can show the world that a sustainable clothing industry is no utopian dream anymore. Thanks to your support we avoid the (greedy) loan sharks. That helps us to use every Cent very effectively and thus make the product more affordable.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our Aim:
Our aim is to establish cork on the clothes market not only as an alternative for leather but also as a sustainable alternative for already existing toxic imitations.
This helps not only animals and plants but also humans. Because our production based on cork offers a vision for the Portuguese farmers in the Montado region to sustain their endangered cork biotope.
In turn, the cork woods offer hundreds of animal and plant species space to live. For example the Iberian lynx, there are only 100 more of his kind.
Furthermore, we want to avoid the dogmas of the clothing industry and circumvent mechanisms, that would make the market launch of our products unnecessarily expensive, slow and most of all unfair.
Beside all these positive effects for plants, animals and the environment, in the end you will have beautiful products of high quality. Because of its exceptional qualities cork is just perfect for clothes and Accessoires.

Facts that make cork a perfect fabric:

  • extremely durable
  • hardwearing
  • heat-insulating
  • splash-proof
  • lightness

Our target group:
To the target group of the Montado Black Edition belongs everyone who likes progressive designs and cares about fair working conditions, toxic free materials and a sustainable production chain. We want to get through to everybody, who declares oneself against animal suffering and takes a stand for preserving nature.
If you are willing to take one step into a sustainable future, you belong to our target group.

You and me, together as a crowd!

Why would you support this project?

It’s time to question and to stop the current greed for consumption. We have to concentrate on fair and sustainable production in order to leave behind a world worth living. 
The scope of our consumption contribute to the environmental destruction and happens at the expense of people who themselves have only little and who are not able to change current structures. The production of leather and synthetic fibres under inhumane working conditions und with the use of toxic coloring and preservatives bear part of the blame.

With the Montado Black Edition we want to show that an alternative production is not only necessary but possible. And you can be part of this production! 
We don’t only produce sustainable and stylish products we also lay the foundation of sustaining the cork forest. Through our cooperation with the Portuguese farmers we can create a basis for growth of the sustainable cork biotope and cork production. Because an ecological and organic economy consisting of peasants and regional production with German textile knowhow can grow.

Cork is not only a renewable resource with special look, but also of high value for the environment. Because the bark of the Portuguese cork oak protects the soil against erosion and increases the absorption of rainwater. Furthermore, it absorbs CO2, which becomes even more when the cork bark is being peeled off every nine years. So cork makes a contribution towards environmental and climate protection but it also helps us to realize this ecological and vegan collection without damaging the environment. For our products nobody has to suffer; neither animals, humans nor nature. That makes our Montado Black Edition a worldwide unique production chain. According to the motto: no torture, no murder, no toxin. BLEED- nobody has to bleed for our products.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

A large share oft he money goes directly into the production of our Montado Black Edition and support the work of the cork peasants in Portugal directly. The money that is left after covering the expenses and taxes, will be donated completely to the animal rights organization PETA, which we are working with for a long time now. (If you are keen on the financial details click here)

Who are the people behind the project?

The initiators of the project are Michael and Kristoffer and of course you as the crowd.

About Michael:
Michael is the CEO of bleed organic clothing. He is the creative head behind this collection. As company founder and qualified textile designer he has long experiences and the necessary business sense for making the vision become reality. During his studies he witnessed the bad conditions of textile productions. He founded his own label and redefined the norms of the textile industry. With bleed organic clothing he made the vision of a sustainable textile production reality. Within seven years, he now has reached the top of the German eco streetwear scene.

About Kristoffer:
At his side is Kristoffer, the project manager. He is a freelance photographer for advertisement and works on the visual identity of green labels. In the past years he has gained experiences with several startups in the creative sector which he supported in their foundation phase. That’s how he became the initiator for the crowdfunding project. During the whole process his areas of responsibility are marketing, PR activities and the Startnext Blog. Of course he has always an open door to listen to you.

About you, and the crowd:
This brings us to the most important project supporter: you, the crowd. Without your help, our ideas would never be realized and the collection would only consist of a few drawings. You are the decisive factor for the success of our project and the change towards a sustainable society.
We say THANK YOU to all the people who invest their ideas, critics and their capital in our project. THANKS! OBRIGADO! DANKE!

Project updates

6/17/15 - Neues "Dankeschön" Produkt online! Der...

Neues "Dankeschön" Produkt online!
Der #familybusiness Jutebeutel.

5/27/15 - FAQ Liste mit den häufigsten Fragen und...

FAQ Liste mit den häufigsten Fragen und Antworten jetzt im Blog!

5/26/15 - Neue Produktvideos zu allen Teilen der...

Neue Produktvideos zu allen Teilen der Kollektion ->

5/20/15 - Aufschlüsselung des Produktpreises ->...

Aufschlüsselung des Produktpreises ->

5/7/15 - English version ->...

English version ->

Mehr Größen zur Auswahl!

Folgende Größen sind auch verfügbar, jedoch in der Produktbeschreibung nicht erwähnt!

Damen T-Shirt: s - xl
Herren T-Shirt: s - xl

Damen Korkjacke: xs - xl
Herren Korkjacke: s - xxl

Bitte einfach beim Bestellvorgang die jeweilige Größe eintippen.

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GOTS Standard

The used organic cotton for the Montado Black Edition is 100% GOTS certified. This high standard guarantees a toxic-free production and a compliance of the highest social standards. More fairness and sustainability is not possible!

PETA Fashion Award

Bleed Organic Clothing carries the label „ PETA-Approved VEGAN “ since 2013. This label approves brands, which produce outstanding designs without using any animal material.

PETA Deutschland e.V.

PETA is our official partner on board. The animal rights organization fights against animal suffering and advocates a vegan lifestyle for more than 20 years. 5% of the total funding amount, at least 3000€, will be directly donated to PETA Germany.

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Montado Black-Edition | eco and vegan cork-streetwear

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