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The album RAIN IS COMING by FARAWAY FRIENDS supports water projects from VIVA CON AGUA. With your help we want to cover production costs.

With the production of our debut album RAIN IS COMING on vinyl we support world wide water projects, together with you! Viva con Agua Music is a platform that gives artists the possibility to publish and release their music. Together we help the vision of WATER FOR ALL come true. We, the FARAWAY FRIENDS met on a trip through India. With our debut album we create space in the art and music world for conversation about the future of our planet.
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2/22/21 - 3/22/21
From 22nd March 2021
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This is the sum we need to cover costs for studio, mixing and mastering.

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What is this project all about?

On a travel with Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe through India, we, Keno, Ditty and David Raddish met in the September 2019 at a hotel by the Ganges in Varanasi. That night we met, inspired by the conversations we had, congruence in each others work and the experiences we had on the travels, we decided to make a record together.

David had been recording samples of the sonic landscape in India– creeks, crowds, chants, creatures. These samples form the backbone of RAIN IS COMING and water runs through the spine as stories, songs and sometimes, just as sounds. A mix of documentary and fiction, the record features several voices that need to be heard, it is structured like a sonic experience that talks about the magnificence of life, dedication of those who are fighting to protect it, and encourages people to think.

With your support as FARAWAY FRIENDS we would like to produce and promote the Album RAIN IS COMING. Together with you, we want to build a community and contribute for the human right of access to clean drinking water through the universal language of music.

Become part of the community by donating or buying our album!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

WATER IS A HUMAN RIGHT – Water concerns all of us. Not in all parts of the world people have access to clean drinking water. FARAWAY FRIENDS and Viva con Agua use the universal language of music to achieve access to clean drinking water for all.

The Album encourages people to think and tells stories of water, of courage and intention for change and of the power of activism.

FARAWAY FRIENDS will take us on a journey to India and we will meet people that fight for a better world. Proceeds from the music will support Viva con Agua's water projects in India and Africa. Your support will contribute to the access of clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in countries like India and other parts of the world. One the one hand, the music release raises awareness around this topic. On the other very practical hand all the proceeds of the music release will support water projects of Viva con Agua.

Why would you support this project?

The album RAINIS COMING is an artwork with social impact. It speaks of ideas of a better world: access to water as a human right, protection of our planet and empowerment of people that haven't been heard enough.

Viva con Agua Music is part of a social business that equally supports the musicians and Viva con Agua's water projects. It raises awareness for socially relevant issues and helps people in India and other countries on their way to access to clean drinking water and sanitation for all.

As soon as we have covered all costs, proceeds from the project will go to water projects of Viva con Agua. By supporting our album project you will become part of a community that can change the world step by step with the wonderful music of FARAWAY FRIENDS.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Your support helps FARAWAY FRIENDS to realise the vision of the album RAIN IS COMING. The Vinyl will be produced and promoted in a small edition of 500 pieces as recycled product. Proceeds from the album and the artworks will be divided for the artists and Viva con Agua water projects.

There are so many people that supported and accompanied us on the journey of this album and we want to refund some of these costs on a minimum level: People from the recording studio, from mastering and mixing, additional musicians, production of the very nice recycled vinyl and booklet, shipping costs.

Please help us with that, so we can support water projects with our music.

Who are the people behind the project?

The Collective FARAWAY FRIENDS was co-founded by Indian singer-songwriter Ditty, Austrian drummer and producer David Raddish and German rapper Keno, frontman of the band Moop Mama. Together, with all those who inspired this record and artists who joined us in this journey, we are a collective that wants to create space in the art and music world for conversation about the future of our planet.

During this journey of our record, many artists became part of our collective: Musicians like Peter Laib, David Six, Bernhard Schimpelsberger, activists like Pooja Chowdhary and Maulik Sisodla. Kruttika and Doktor Drops did the album artwork, Daria Titarenko did the booklet. Jawad Rajpoot, Anima Medea, Sarah Lasaki and her class of students danced with us. Lene Popp put them in the right light. So many great filmmakers worked on wonderful music videos with us: Lennart Leuchtenmüller from Drop Images, Philipp Gladsome and Valentin Ammon, Eric Wilson and Chris Schwarz, Noah Felk and Marvin Martey, Marc Schemmer and the Scotchcarlsen team. Thank you all for being part of the journey.

We also want to give other artists a stage. 11 international artists created 11 limited fine art prints dedicated to every song of the album, which will be sold via Viva con Agua ARTS shop. We also plan an exhibition with the artworks and the travel photos by photographer Julian Pircher, that you can also get as a thank you-gift here.


  • Josephine Sagna
  • Doktor Drops
  • Gamze
  • Deepti
  • Namrata
  • Aditi Damle
  • Christine Brey
  • Sudeepti
  • Gizem Winter
  • Sarojini
  • Margret Aurin

The artists are supported by the label structure of Viva con Agua Music, that is a cooperation between the Label Chimperator and Viva con Agua ARTS. As a social business the water organisation has built a platform to release music with a goal to support international water projects. Music as universal language talks about global topics in a creative way and motivates to social engagement. It communicates the access to water as a human right.

All these people have formed a synergetic common piece of art together, that can achieve change in the world.

Viva con Agua ARTS

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