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Ember Nightshades - A Symphony of the Suburbs
We are producing a feature-length queer-feminist black and white silent film with intertitles and a musical score in the style of the 1920s. "Ember Nightshades" includes different aspects of comedy, horror, espionage and romance film. We have been shooting since December 2014, and have already shot more than half of the scenes. Now, with your kind support, we hope to finance the rest of the filming and postproduction.
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About this project

Funding period 11/20/15 2:44 PM - 1/6/16 11:59 PM
Realisation By the end of 2016
Minimum amount (Start level) 3,500 €
Category Movie / Video
City Wien

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What is this project all about?

The main setting of the movie is Vienna in 1923, with a few fictional elements thrown in.
The plot is centred around three main characters – Carmilla V. Karnstein (played by Flora Schanda), Laurenzia Walpurga Hildburg Bingen (Irene Schanda) and Vladimirja von Silvanien (Sabine Jelinek) – whose fortunes gradually intertwine ever more. The lascivious spy, the crazy natural scientist and the melancholic werewolf become allies in the twilight of Vienna's underworld, where various other libertines roam through bacchanal societies, radical reading circles and shady freak-shows. Together, they take up the fight against the "Department Against Unnatural Activities", a repressive surveillance institution, while also battling with their personal fates...
Carmilla follows the trail of an unknown woman who is spying on the bacchanal society. She aims to find out what lies behind the appearance of the possibly hostile spy, and uncovers some highly explosive – and juicy – details in the process. In the course of her secret activities in the laboratory, Laurenzia is blackmailed by an unscrupulous admirer who demands abhorrent things from her. She is driven to a drastic decision with serious consequences. Vladimirja, in trying to hide her secret second nature, is ultimately compelled to reject her great love. Little does she know that her beloved has a hidden side to him that could reunite them.

In the manner of an "alternative history", the nostalgic indulgence in 1920s aesthetics is linked with topics that remain highly relevant today: political resistance, bureaucracy, precarious employment, solidarity, gender issues, feminism...

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We plan to complete the movie during 2016. It will be shown in selected cinemas in Vienna in autumn/winter, as well as being released on DVD. It is our hope that our work will enrich the queer-feminist film scene.

Our target audience is composed of all those who appreciate the humorous – yet thoroughly serious – play on gender roles.

Why would you support this project?

All our work is a labour of love, done in our spare time. Although we've come to terms with managing on a small budget (which has until now been financed solely by ÖH Uni Wien), there are nevertheless ongoing expenses that it doesn't cover.

But our dream of turning our idea into a reality should not fail for lack of money! Now we are calling on your good taste in art and hoping for brisk participation in our crowdfunding appeal. Fabulous goodies await you...

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

If we reach our funding threshold, we will be able to finance the remaining filming: it will cover additional equipment, rent and hire costs, costumes, props, make-up, travel expenses and catering.

If we hit or even overshoot our funding goal, we can produce the movie with better equipment and in better quality. We will also be able to pay at least a small fee to our actresses_*, actors_* and all those who work behind the camera (camera, light, editing, music, make-up, props...).

Who are the people behind the project?

The core movie team – Sabine Jelinek, Flora Schanda and Irene Schanda – shares equal responsibility for idea and concept of the project. We are responsible for the script, directing and organisation, and we also appear in the three leading roles in front of the camera.

For many years, we have been active, whether individually or jointly, in various (queer-)feminist alternative artistic, cultural and activist contexts, mostly in Vienna. "Ember Nightshades" is our first collective movie project.

Since mid-2014, a permanently growing movie team has gathered around us. In making the film, we attach great importance to the creative participation of all those involved, as well as to everyone having their say in the process, which has already proved to be a successful approach.

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Ember Nightshades - A Symphony of the Suburbs