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It's a transformational women's voice means: a vibrant platform to debate & share their daily life experiences to effect change they want to see

Ntombi Langa Radio radio project, with its multiple themes, configurations & networks, constitutes essential tools to tranform challenges facing African communities in Bremen - Germany, in the Diaspora and rural & urban societies in the African continent. It serves to provide women with voice-means for gender-based information, expressions, inclunding vertical communications and exchange networks needed to revolutionalize its social and cultural environment & to effect change they want to see.
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Funding period
5/2/23 - 5/31/23
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Minimum amount (Start level): 3,000 €

The money will be used to purchase equipment för the radio station to connect the satelitte to reach out to target group in African rural communities .

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Primary sustainable development goal
Gender equality

What is this project all about?

"Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls" Guided by UN-SDG 5, Ntombi Langa Radio Project is a women’s radio for rural and urban communities in southern Sahara Africa. It is a platform and & forum that seeks answers for women and girl-child empowerment. It will be a voice-means that spells out the awareness for women and girls and their right to empowerment and self-determination and gives a wakeup call to action. This will be a platform that seeks to understand obstacles that impede women from e.g. accessing equally to resources and provide advice to eliminate and minimize such obstacles to better the situation of women and girls.
Ntombi Langa Radio’s mission is to link African women’s voices in Bremen, Germany, Diaspora & the regions of Sub-Sahara Africa with a concept (themes) based on vibrant communications within diverse communities with the aim of uplifting the lives of rural and urban women and children, incorporating, and developing synergies and local solidarity. Thinking global and acting local.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Major challenges facing African women in African communities is to be understood in the context of societal, economic, and political transformations. Despite ground-breaking developments having taken place in Africa especially the processes of decolonization, gender issues regressed: women are still considered second-class citizens by their menfolk. Most women and girl-children are a deprivileged niche. Ntombi Langa Radio, equipped with gender-based transformational themes seeks to address these gender-imbalances. The radio empowers women to find their voice and the courage to change patriarchal settings to transform their lives and of families and communities.
Among many of the envisaged themes: the goal of this project is to establish a link between African women in Bremen, Germany, and the Diaspora African communities with women in the Sub-Sahara Africa, focussing on themes that affect women in situ. Introductory radio themes will focus on human trafficking - migration, child marriages, genital cutting of girls. The push-and-pull migration and its subsequent victimization of young women and girls trafficked to Europe must be seen in context of chronic wars, climate change, partriachy, & cultural beliefs systems that have not changed; etc.
African women in Bremen, through their experience have important information that can protect lives. Perilous journeys made by African women to reach the shores of North African & Europe has claimed hundreds of women's lives. The goal of this radio project is to pass this important information to African women who wish to make perilous journeys to Europe, firstly on foot through the Sahara Desert: the radio informs them about the risks involved; such as deaths through dehydration, abductions to be sold as sex slaves in North African towns; organ harvesting take place in the Sahara where there is no security to monitor most criminal activities adequately that take place in the desert. Information regarding migration and its challenges is of extreme importance: Ntombi Langa Radio’ goals is to inform women while they are still in Africa about the challenges of migration. To know about themes debated and discussed on Ntombi Langa Radio platform; please visit the website:

Why would you support this project?

From 10 households in African communities, nine have radios. Communication at inter-rural, urban cross-border African countries & at international level is of great importance.
In African societies, a radio is the safest, most reliable and cheapest way of communicating with communities crossing the barriers of country-boundaries, internal and external displacement, illiteracy, diversity; absence and out-of-reach of print-media & television, smart phones, tablets, etc.
Ntombi Langa is a concept based on classical public service broadcasting with the aim of using the medium to save lives, dangers of migration of women, to make them more aware of the dangers of traditions such as genital cutting of children, girls, and young women.
Ntombi Langa radio gives a voice to women to be more involved in the developing process and to improve their production capacity.
Ntombi Langa Radio is a medium that imparts value systems; devotion to relevant issues such as health: HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Covid 19: Information on cyclones, draught, food insecurities, conflicts etc.
Ntombi Langa Radio will be adapted to women’s economic, social, and cultural conditions and give them both access to information and provide them with vast source of expression and communication.

Why support this project?

• A shift in the mindset of young Africans who see the Diaspora as solution to their problems must be articulated.
• Supporting this project means you are saying no to human trafficking of young women. Dissemination of information through Ntombi Langa radio to inform women about the dangers of migration.
• You are saying no genital cutting of girls in Europe and African communities. This unnecessary pain to growing children and young women must be stopped!
• Ntombi Langa Radio will provide information on dangers of migration and its challenges.
• you are saying no to dozens of deaths in the Sahara Desert - women die either due to lack of food and water in the desert- or organ harvesting, or sex-slaves in North-African towns.
• you are saying yes to solutions to both continents: articulating the EU-Marshal Plan with Africa and its implementations as the solution to uncontrolled migration to EU countries.
• Give dignity to young African women and see Africa as their own. A bright future is in Africa!
• It is the young Africans who should remake Africa.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

[b]Radio Equipment
-Mischpult - 2,500.00 EUR
-CD player - 150.00 EUR
-Computer für Aufnahmen, Schnitt & Sendeclient - 500.00 Euro
-LCD Displays 2X - 30.00 EUR
-Externe Soudkarte 2X - 30.00 EUR
-Microphone Größmembrane 3X - 250.00 EUR
-Gelenkarmstativ 2X - 50.00 EUR
-TischKonstriktion - 50.00 EUR
-Verdrahtungen - 50.00 EUR
Total costs Equipment = 4,063.00 EUR

Rentals for six months
450.00 EUR/month * 6 = 2.700,00.00 EUR

Total costs: 6,763.00 EUR

Who are the people behind the project?


  • Nomazulu Thata-Peltzer
  • Jackie Touleque
  • Katharina Merz
  • Ntombi Langa Radio Team

    What are the sustainable development goals of this project?

    Primary sustainable development goal

    Gender equality

    Why does this project contribute to this goal?

    Mission: Guided by the UN-Sustainable Millennium Goals: Ntombi Langa Radio’s mission is to offer a platform for women in regions of Sub-Sahara Africa with a concept based on vibrant communications within diverse communities with the aim of uplifting the lives of rural and urban women and children, incorporating and developing synergies and local solidarity. Thinking global and acting local.

    This project also pays toward those goals

    Reduced inequality

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    What does this mean? 
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    Lehmhorsterstrasse 17
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