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nuapua - Revolutionäres Trinksystem. Rein natürlich und mit Stil
nuapua is an innovative new way to drink pure water more deliciously and tastefully. We want to support the consumption of this natural, healthy, regional and sustainable resource. We also want to help people from being “have to” water drinkers, to becoming “love to” water drinkers.
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 nuapua - Revolutionäres Trinksystem. Rein natürlich und mit Stil
 nuapua - Revolutionäres Trinksystem. Rein natürlich und mit Stil
 nuapua - Revolutionäres Trinksystem. Rein natürlich und mit Stil
 nuapua - Revolutionäres Trinksystem. Rein natürlich und mit Stil
 nuapua - Revolutionäres Trinksystem. Rein natürlich und mit Stil

About this project

Funding period 1/12/15 5:13 PM - 3/6/15 11:59 PM
Realisation early spring 2015
Start level 20,000 €
Category Invention
City Kremsmünster

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What is this project all about?

The system consists of a durable and well designed bisphenol-A free tritan bottle for your mobile requirements or a glass carafe for your home and office use. The heart of the system is a "flavor capsule" with your preferred natural taste. This flavor capsule is activated in the patented screw top, so that you can enrich your local water with your preferred natural tastes – of course completely without any sugar.

Simply get some water into your bottle/carafe, place the flavor capsule into the screw top (which is called “falvorizer”), close the flavorizer and enjoy the full taste of different natural flavors.

What is inside the capsule?
The ingredients of the capsule are natural extracts and essences of fruits, herbs, blossoms etc. Due to the innovative new capsule we can preserve the flavors without any sugar or other preservative substances. All ingredients are 100% natural.

The different tastes
You can choose between 6 different compositions. Beside classical flavors like mango/orange we also have something for more experimental water drinkers who want to try something deliciously new, e.g. with cucumber/lemongrass.

We will start with the following flavors:

  • mango/orange
  • yuzu/mango/pineapple
  • apple/cherry
  • elderflower/lime/peppermint
  • cucumber/lemongrass
  • caramel/vanilla

With every starter package (tritan bottle or glass carafe) you will get a mix of the 6 different flavor capsules, so you can taste them all, before you pick your favorite one.

The assortment
Besides the focus on natural ingredients, we want to emphasize the fact that you can use this system wherever you are.
The 0.75 liter glass carafe is perfect for your home and office use, while the 0.5 liter bisphenol-A free tritan bottle is your perfect companion for all your outdoor activities. If it is in the car, on a shopping trip, at university or at your indoor or outdoor spots activities – you can always have your favorite taste of nuapua with you.

This is the reason why we integrated a flavor depot at the bottom of the tritan bottle. So you will always have enough new flavor capsules with you and never run out of your favorite natural taste when you refill the bottle.

With the glass carafe you will get a specially designed drinking glass. So you can enjoy nuapua on long office days or for stylish & delicious moments at home.

Due to the focus on minimalism with our flavor capsules, the ability to refill the system, and the use of local water resources the waste compared to a standard 0.5 liter one-way bottle can be reduced by 98%, and the transportation weight can even be reduced by more than 99%. The product is made and assembled in Austria, and all suppliers come from Germany and Austria.

Benefit overview:

  • 100% natural
  • without sugar or synthetic sweeteners
  • cero calories
  • no artificial ingredients
  • option between glass carafe or tritan bottle
  • different delicious tastes
  • 98% less waste
  • 99 % less transportation weight
  • 100% freedom, taste and enjoyment

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to create more joy while drinking natural healthy water, by making it a real tasteful and varied experience, with natural ingredients and a sustainable “zeitgeist”.

Additionally we want to increase the awareness and the usage of good quality local drink water resources. Combined with our durable long-life tritan bottle / glass carafe we want to reduces the waste of this industry and stop unnecessary transportation of simple good water around the globe.

Our target group are people who like to drink in a delicious and natural way, and people how care about themselves and their environment. We want to bring joy into people’s everyday life, and give them a comfortable solution, which is useful, tasty, sugar free and free from any artificial ingredients.

Why would you support this project?

Three reasons why you should support our project:
With nuapua we want to raise awareness for the usage and the way in which we use our most important substance of life – drinking water.

Water is the origin of life and for us one of the most important human resources – therefore a human right to have and not a sellable product. Therefore we want to strengthen and stimulate the usage of local drinking water (ideally tap water or if necessary local filtered bottle water), and stop shipping it around the globe.
We live in a developed country where we have good local water resources. With our innovative drinking system nuapua we want to raise attractiveness and acceptance of local water (ideally tap water) by making it more attractive. We do this with 100% natural flavors, without sugar, artificial sweeteners, synthetic colorings and other chemical stuff.

We believe in high quality products, therefore we use the best available materials and produce the system ourselves in Austria. All suppliers come form Austria and Germany.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

After four years of development, testing and optimization we now already ordered the tools and molds necessary for the production. These tools and molds will be ready in spring 2015. With your funding we can finance the first series production of nuapua, so that we can deliver your thank you gifts by May/June 2015.

Who are the people behind the project?

The core team behind nuapua consists of 5 people who carried this project with their heart and soul through the last years.

Our Designer and Co-founder Gerhard loves to think out of the box and likes to link existing knowledge in new combinations. Since 1989 he designs for Silhouette and adidas eyewear and designed products for Swarovski and Samsung.

Our expert for super tough and critical technical things is Hermann. He is an entrepreneur, specialist in tool making and injection molding technics with special focus on small, complex components on a very high quality level.

Co-founder Michael studied business administration, business law and has his focus on international brand building. With his know how of fast moving consumer goods we want to bring nuapua across the borders of Austria.

Petra has her profession in international Marketing and Sales and with her studies in creative processes she is the right one to bring our common vision together so to make it reality.

Christof names himself as “pea counter”, but we think he is more than that! He studied business administration and law, and as professional tax lawyer he always has an eye on our financial issues, even in tough times.

Project updates

11/12/15 - Es ist vollbracht! Vor einem Monat haben wir...

Es ist vollbracht!
Vor einem Monat haben wir die Pakete an unsere Unterstützer der ersten Stunde ausgeschickt und die positiven Rückmeldungen freuen uns sehr. Wir können es gar nicht glauben, dass viele der Geschmäcker bereits nach dem ersten Monat "out of stock" waren. Keine Angst, die Lager sind wieder gefüllt und Nachbestellungen können unter getätigt werden.
Wir sagen DANKE für die vielen Unterstützungen und das Vertrauen in uns! Christof, Gerhard, Hermann, Ines, Petra

3/10/15 - WE ROCKED IT! 237% der Zielsumme - was für...

237% der Zielsumme - was für eine Zahl!

Vielen Dank für Eure unglaubliche Unterstützung! In nur 57 Tagen hat nuapua über 400 Menschen begeistern können. Unsere Auftragsblöcke zeigen über 1.000 Flaschen und 19.000 Kapseln!

In den nächsten Tagen ergeht an unsere Unterstützer nähere Information zu Auslieferung und weitere Schritte.

Ab Freitag, 13.3. kann auf fröhlich weiter vorbestellt werden. Bis 30.6. als Dankeschön versandkostenfrei :)

1/26/15 - YIPPIEEE! Dank eurer Hilfe haben wir die...

YIPPIEEE! Dank eurer Hilfe haben wir die Fundingschwelle von €20.000,-- nach nur 14 (!) Tagen geknackt. Wie es bis zum Ende des Crowdfunding weitergeht? Dazu mehr im Blog.

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Special Award Erfindung - Sieger 2014

Designer Gerhard Fuchs erhält anlässlich der Design- und Erfindermesse in Innsbruck den Special Award für die Erfindung "nuapua"

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nuapua - Revolutionäres Trinksystem. Rein natürlich und mit Stil

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