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The Junior Ballet Frankfurt is presenting their ballet to the art world for the 125th anniversary of the Nutcracker premiere in 1892 in Saint Petersburg. The audience is given the opportunity to travel to the world of dance and classical music. What makes the travel even more special is that the ballet is performed by children for children and, of course, for all the ballet lovers. We want to establish the great Christmas tradition - "The Nutcracker" - in Frankfurt.
20,246 €
20,000 € Funding goal
Project successful


Funding period 16/01/2017 11:36 o'clock - 16/02/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period June December 2017
Funding goal reached 20,000 €
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What is this project all about?

Ballet dancers of different ages from the Ballet School DAS STUDIO and Junior Ballet Frankfurt present their current version of The Nutcracker - the classical performance of one of the most famous ballets composed by P.I. Tchaikovsky and based on a romantic fairy tale written by E.T.A. Hoffman. The enchanting story of the brave Nutcracker, angry Mouse King, little Mary and first love that wins at the end, is world famous and opens the doors to the classical ballet. 120 dancers, more than 300 unique costumes, authentic stage set and professional sound and light technology await viewers at one of the most beautiful stages in Hessen.

The project enriches public and cultural life of the region by creating a new platform for dance. It facilitates an intergenerational exchange for the members of the newly established JBF community that was normally missing until now. Thanks to our "children for children" initiative kids and teens gather valuable stage experience, have an opportunity to participate in a famous ballet, discover and enrich their creative potential, and learn new artistic and cultural ways of expressing oneself.

Your support will make a fairy tale come alive!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goals are:

• To create the classical ballet production with young dancers at a high professional artistic level
• With the help of Crowdfunding we hope to partially cover the costs for a technologically appropriate facility, technological equipment, stage set and costumes

The target group:

Our young participants gain their first valuable experience in art and dance. The advanced members deliberately enjoy a fascinating trip to the stage world. The production welcomes and attracts all age groups in the audience.

Why would you support this project?

Are you interested in culture, dance, theatre? Here is your chance to make the staging of a classical ballet possible as well as to contribute to the development of the Junior Ballet Frankfurt.

Every contribution that is made through this Crowdfunding campaign goes towards the production of The Nutcracker. Supporting us should bring you joy! Every voice matters!

You can decide if you want to pre-order VIP tickets, ensure yourself a calendar, a T-shirt or a private lesson, perpetuate your name or your company or just to make us a bit happier with your help.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The crowdfunding of the project should partially finance The Nutcracker ballet. We need the budget to build the stage set, make/rent costumes, and pay for the theatre stage rental.
In case of successful funding the project will be realized in one of the Frankfurt theatres between June - December 2017.

You are cordially invited to the production premiere!

Who are the people behind the project?

• Anna Filatov, qualified dancer, choreographer, director of the ballet school

The ballet school was founded in 2007 by Anna Filatov in Frankfurt am Main and is celebrating its 10 years existence this year. Every year numerous students participate in big recitals arranged by DAS STUDIO. Furthermore the students of the ballet school regularly and very successfully take part at national ballet competitions. DAS STUDIO is a team! Here's a little foretaste:

• The JUNIOR BALLETT FRANKFURT (JBF) was founded by the ballet school DAS STUDIO in Frankfurt. It unites DAS STUDIO and other dancers from different dance and ballet schools from the whole Rhein Main region. Dancers of such an innovative ensemble are children and teens from 5 to 20 years old.

• KINOBRIGADA - Filmproduction

Legal notice
DAS STUDIO, Ballettschule in Frakfrut
Anna Filatov
Offenbacher Landstr. 7-13
60599 Frankfurt am Main Deutschland

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