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One Way Ticket - Science-Fiction Thriller
„One Way Ticket“ - a thriller movie with Sci-Fi elements. The story line works on different temporal levels and gradually reveals the truth behind a series of murders. This short-movie project was shot on locations in Cologne, Bonn and Hong Kong.
4,015 €
3,700 € Funding goal
Project successful
 One Way Ticket - Science-Fiction Thriller


Funding period 28/05/2013 14:14 o'clock - 11/07/2013 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal reached 3,700 €
City Köln
Category Movie / Video

What is this project all about?

"Humanity is a weakness free yourself"

George’s believes that targeted killings of individuals will lead to a better society. He forces the young psychiatrist Sophie Kramer into a very special therapy session where he shares his memories with her. The story starts off with a bloody night in Hong Kong and turns out to be the doom of mankind. What remains is certainty - you do not have to die in advance of experiencing hell.

At the moment, “One Way Ticket” is in its post-production stage.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our top priority is to entertain the audience and to participate in a variety of film festivals worldwide. Besides the original German version, we produce an international version and will translate the movie into English and Chinese language.

Our movie shall not only target fans of exciting thrillers and science fiction films, but everyone that appreciates a well told story – independent of genre.

Why would you support this project?

We love movies that do not reveal the end at the very beginning. We like surprises, we love being dragged into the story and we enjoy epic scenes as well as the still moments. Keeping this in mind, we dedicated ourselves from the pre-production until the fruitful shootings, in order to make the movie that satisfies us, and thus certainly you.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The biggest chunk of costs has been already borne by us, and the team dispensed on their pay (actors as well as the crew). Your money will be used completely for post-production purposes, namely visual effects and footage from Hong Kong.

Who are the people behind the project?

Our team consists out of young creative and highly motivated movie-makers. Our common target is to produce great films. We like to entertain, but we also like to give the opportunity to all people involved to realize their aspirations and visions. Our last movie project called “Nachtschwaermer” has been nominated for the Shocking Shorts Award 2012, as well been shown on German TV and been published on DVD.

The main character "George" of One Way Ticket is played by the experienced actor Udo Schenk, who is well-know for his numerous roles in German- and international TV- and cinema productions. Udo has also worked as dubbing actor for Gary Oldman, Ralph Fiennes and Ray Liotta.

Julia Kelz is the second main character of our movie. The talented young actress played various roles during her life. Being raised in Italy, she looks back on theater performances in Milan, Cologne and Stuttgart. She also played multiple roles in German TV productions . Her cinema debut will take place 2014 with the tragic comedy “Ohne Dich”.

In Further roles:

Mi Hae Lee

Sin-Min Park

Seung Hyun Chong

James Chul Park

Project updates


Erste Eindrücke aus dem Film. Da es uns wichtig ist zu zeigen für welche Teile der Produktion wir Eure Unterstützung benötigen, haben wir bewusst auch Bilder aus unfertigen visuellen Effekt Szenen verwendet. Wir wünschen auf jeden Fall viel Spaß beim Trailer und würden uns freuen, den einen oder anderen von euch, als Fan auf unserer Projektseite begrüßen zu dürfen.


Trailer In order to show you for which parts of the post-production we need your support, certain parts in the trailer are shown unfinished, e.g. the green screens or Hong Kong. We wish you a lot of fun watching the trailer und would appreciate it if you support us.

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