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A short film critique against the mental abuse, which social media content moderators have to endure with little psychological support.

We are three female film students from Germany, aiming to create impactful and diverse movies. Having recently learned about the mistreatment of social media content moderators we instantly took the decision to create a short film about this topic! We would be very grateful for your support :) If you want to know more about the job of a social media content moderator, we can recommend this documentary: The Cleaners.
Funding period
2/14/22 - 4/3/22
Shoot: 17.02.-20.02.2022
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 2,000 €

With this value, the basic and necessary costs for our short film can be covered. Every additional Euro is very welcomed!

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Out Of Sight, Out of Mind - Short film