"Paradies" will be my third photo book. The conclusion of my little photobook trilogy, so far consisting of "Das Leben und Sterben des BENHAMMER" and "Tage Danach". It is another personal illustrated book, on beautiful open-pored paper, filled with countless analog photographs captured on color film. Enriched with song quotations, personal words and lyrics. A photographic journey to paradise. Wrapped in a tender softcover.
9,703 €
12,500 € 2nd funding goal
Project successful
 Paradies - Photobook 3/3
 Paradies - Photobook 3/3
 Paradies - Photobook 3/3
 Paradies - Photobook 3/3
 Paradies - Photobook 3/3

Ueber unser Projekt

Funding period 5/9/20 10:58 AM o'clock - 6/14/20 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period December 2020
Funding goal 8,700 €

The printing costs for the book in Hamburg are about 8700 Euro plus the transport to Cologne, where I send the books to you.

2nd funding goal 12,500 €

If we reach the second funding goal, there will be further limited Fine-Art Prints, further photo art or similar. You can actively participate in the process!

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City Köln
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Ben Hammer
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51105 Köln Deutschland

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Mein Film Lab

This time again, I will send my films to the team of "Mein Film Lab" for development and digitalization. Thus, you can look forward to a great picture quality in "Paradise". Consequently, this photobook will also be realized completely in Germany.

Chips & Champagner

The Cologne creative collective consisting of photographers, video filmers, DJ's, event organizers, producers, copywriters and other trades is committed to art, culture & Kölsch in its home town Cologne.

Schumacher Club Bochum
Schumacher Club Bochum
Gemeinsam möchten wir auch in Zukunft das Nachtleben unserer Region, unserer Stadt und jedes Einzelnen bereichern.
9,174 € 18 days
Das LOCH muss weiterspielen
Das LOCH muss weiterspielen
DAS LOCH BENÖTIGT DEINE UNTERSTÜTZUNG! Egal ob symbolischer oder ausschweifender Solidaritätsbeitrag – wir freuen uns über jede Hilfe!
4,877 € 12 days