Our revolutionary idea: PGS - Pacific Garbage Screening! A floating platform, with special structural properties that allow for the filtering of plastic and plastic particles from the water. The platform functions without the use of nets - fish and other marine life are not endangered. Our aim is not to burn the plastic debris collected, but to use it as a value-adding resource - for example, by converting it into energy or using it to create biodegradable materials.
231,205 €
Flexibel project: The collected funding amount will be disbursed.
 Pacific Garbage Screening
 Pacific Garbage Screening
 Pacific Garbage Screening
 Pacific Garbage Screening
 Pacific Garbage Screening

About this project

Funding period 6/8/18 6:03 AM - 7/15/18 11:59 PM
Realisation Start: Autumn 2018
Funding goal 200,000 €

This is our seed capital to get off to a flying start. To create jobs, to realize ideas, to conduct model experiments, to form partnerships- to save the oceans!

Category Science
City Aachen
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Legal notice
Pacific Garbage Screening e.V:
Marcella Hansch
Campus-Boulevard 57
52074 Aachen Deutschland

Amtsgericht Aachen VR 5663
M.Sc. Architektin Marcella Hansch (Vorsitzende)
M.Sc. Verena Krebs (Stellv. Vorsitzende)
Dr. rer. nat. Tilman Floehr (Vorstand)


Bundesverband Meeresmüll e.V.

The BVMM is a Network, that is made up of various parties. Business representative, representative of scientific Community, interest groups as well as private persons come together to develop a Common strategy on how to avoid marine litter.

Der digitalHUB Aachen e.V.

The Association "digitalHUB Aachen" is committed digitalisation of the economy and the public sector in the Aachen region. Members are SMEs, industry, startups and institutions that support the goals of the Association.

federal german award ecodesign 2016

Jurystatement: "(...) this student work and visionary as well as solution-oriented Work is setting a strong sign. And that is exactly what we want to set with the federal award ecodesing. A strong Performance.'' Dr. Thomas Holzmann

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