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Koldbrew coffee and Tonic water, together in one bottle. An unexpected, refreshing friendship we want to bring to life after seeing how many people loved the fizzy combination. We founded Philosoffee because we love coffee and the people who drink it. We work with high quality coffee products and want you to enjoy coffee in a completely new way. Help us bring this project to life by supporting our crowdfunding campaign to produce the first batch of Koldbrew Tonic.
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 Refreshing & Energizing - Koldbrew Tonic
 Refreshing & Energizing - Koldbrew Tonic
 Refreshing & Energizing - Koldbrew Tonic
 Refreshing & Energizing - Koldbrew Tonic
 Refreshing & Energizing - Koldbrew Tonic

About this project

Funding period 10/16/17 9:50 AM - 11/20/17 11:59 PM
Realisation Now - 15.1.2018 (shipping)
Minimum amount (Start level) 20,000 €

Reaching the required amount means that we will be able to finance the production of our first batch of Koldbrew Tonic - 12,000 neat glass bottles.

Category Food
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

What is Koldbrew Tonic?
We started Philosoffee because we want to delight people with unexpected coffee experiences. Koldbrew Tonic is a refreshing, energizing, and sparkling coffee experience most people have not heard of. It is a mix of high quality, organic coldbrew coffee and Tonic water. In order for more people to experience exciting highs of Koldbrew Tonic, we want to produce the first batch ever: 12.000 (250ml) bottles of pure joy - for coffee lovers and Tonic drinkers alike. Well caffeinated (32mg/100ml), sparkling, and organic. Based on fair prices we pay to the real geniuses behind the drink - the coffee farmers.

Our coffee
The coffee we use for our Koldbrew Tonic is carefully selected and fairly traded specialty coffee. For this Koldbrew Tonic production, we will use the same Arabica blend we also used for our Koldbrew Pure. The blend made up of Typica and Caturra is from Northeastern Peru, a place called St. Ignacio in the heart of the Cajamarca region.
As is the case for most specialty coffees, we have a direct relationship to the coffee cooperative in Peru which also ensures that we pay a fair price for our coffee.

Roasting of our coffee
But as you may know, high quality coffee is only the beginning. One of the most crucial steps of coffee production is the way the coffee is roasted. Thanks to the expertise and our close relationship with Constantin Hoppenz, German brewers cup champion at Bonanza Coffee Roasters Berlin, we have developed a unique roasting profile that brings out every lovely bit of the aroma.

Cold brew coffee aka Koldbrew
Cold brew coffee is a special way of preparing coffee. Our favorite way, we should add. The coffee is extracted with filtered cold water in a process that takes more than 12 hours. The result is sweet and mild, yet extremely flavorful. Clearly present are notes of delicious chocolate and a creamy nuttiness, creating a taste almost like “liquid tiramisu”, according to Constantin Hoppenz.

Tonic Water
Our product guru Chris, who received a Masters in beverage technology, has spent the last couple of months developing our very own, organically certified Tonic water.

Our mission
We wanted to create a fair and organic coffee beverage that people love. One that most people probably would not have come across. Welcome, Koldbrew Tonic.

Fair, organic, and sparkling: A coffee drink that will illuminate you, day and night.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal
We want to bring innovation to the coffee market and the market of sugar-heavy energy drinks with the help of natural sweetness, high levels of caffeine, and a unique taste combination of coffee and tonic.

For? Coffee lovers, Mate drinkers, and taste explorers
For those who have long discovered the depths of specialty coffee, this is a refreshing innovation. It brings together the unique taste profile of cold brew coffee with the sparkling and fresh taste of tonic water.
But it's also a refreshing alternative to Mate drinks, Energy drinks and a great cocktail ingredient.

A fair and sustainable product
One of our principles at Philosoffee is to produce coffee beverages that are truly fair and sustainable.
We believe that every person in the value chain should receive a fair price for what they produce, and that all starts with the coffee farmer.

Why would you support this project?

We develop new coffee beverages because we want people to experience coffee in a completely new way. If you like coffee and are looking forward to broadening your horizons or are looking for a new little addiction, that Koldbrew Tonic will help you with that.

Why support us
For those of you looking for fair and refreshing coffee experiences, we found a way for you to participate. With your support, we will be able to produce the first batch ever of Koldbrew Tonic here in Berlin. It will also enable us to grow as a company that stands for high quality coffee products, for a fair and transparent value chain, and for a team of people that will never stop trying to push the boundaries of how coffee is consumed.

Let's redefine coffee together!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Over the past months we have been working hard to source, roast and bottle flavorful Koldbrew. At the same time we have dedicated significant resources to the development of our own, organically certified, Tonic Water.
Now we're ready to take the next step. With your support, we will to finally put the two parts in one bottle.

Producing Koldbrew Tonic
In order for the perfect blend to end up in this 250ml bottle, we will use the funds for

  • Finalizing the research phase: ingredients of our Tonic Water
  • Lab studies to determine the nutrition facts of Koldbrew Tonic
  • Putting it all together: bottling the unique mix of Koldbrew and Tonic in one single bottle, 12.000 times.
  • Labeling the bottles: the last step will be to finalize the label design and put it on our freshly produced bottles

Beyond Koldbrew Tonic
A successful campaign also means that we have found enough people that love our product and want us to keep pushing the boundaries of coffee beverages. That in turn will mean that we will continue to push both the distribution of our current products (Koldbrew Pure, Koldbrew Tonic, Nitrobrew) and keep developing new drinks - so you can drink better, healthier, and more sustainable coffee.

Who are the people behind the project?

First and foremost this project is about the people that enable us to enjoy such magnificient coffee - the coffee farmers from the Cooperativa Cenfrocafé in Peru.
This project also wouldn't exist without the unbridled support of Bonanza Coffee Roasters Berlin, especially Constantin's support in selecting the best coffee and adjusting the roast profile to our needs over and over again.

The Philosoffee team
The team started with three founders that combine the expertise of entrepreneurship, strategy consulting, beverage technology as well as living and working in Latin America.
But Lukas, Chris, and Ben did not only connect because of their love for coffee and their professional experiences, it's actually a long lasting friendship that brought them together.

Chris and Lukas went to primary school together and have stayed in touch ever since. Ben and Lukas did not only study together for three years, they also successfully led the university rowing team to three consecutive successes on the Außenalster in Hamburg.

After working with small holder coffee farmers on improving the drying and fermentation process, Lukas discovered specialty coffee for himself. Working so closely to the source - in Bogotá (Colombia) and Mexico City (Mexico) for four years after that - it was hard to ever really let go. At the same time, Ben realized that Berlin seemed to not have seen a coffee beverage innovation in 10 years and after coming back from a trip to NYC - a city flooded with cold brew beverages - he was determined to work in the coffee business.
As a beverage technologist and vintner (those that produce wine), the decision to join a coffee start up was rather easy for Chris. Also since he saw the chance to significantly improve the rather copious amounts of coffee he regularly consumes.

And the team keeps growing...
Including our three masters students, we have found five more fully committed coffee lovers that support us part of full-time in our mission to provide the world with fairer and better tasting coffee, day and night.

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Constantin Hoppenz - Coffee Creative at Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Constantin is a German Brewers Cup Champion (2016) and international finalist.
Together with Constantin, we carefully select the best coffee and roast profile for our cold brew.

Hochschule Geisenheim University

We are working in close collaboration with the HGU, spurring our product research and development. The HGU is one of the leading institutions for viniculture and beverage technology.

Alena Schön - Master of Bartending

Alena holds a Master of Bartending and has ample experience mixing cocktails. Together with Alena we develop some of the finest coffee cocktial recipes including Koldbrew Tonic.

Refreshing & Energizing - Koldbrew Tonic

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