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POTTWATCH recalls the history of the Ruhr Valley and gives you the opportunity to share the love for your home with others. In the dark, a luminous effect illuminates the dial - as a miner's lamp once did the miner's way. The last hard coal from the Prosper-Haniel coal mine in Bottrop, refines the back of our timepieces. Every single watch is unique, individualized by the raw material that shaped the region so strongly. Made in Germany - assembled in Duisburg.
123,343 €
50,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 POTTWATCH Grubenlicht 5.1 - Limited Edition
 POTTWATCH Grubenlicht 5.1 - Limited Edition
 POTTWATCH Grubenlicht 5.1 - Limited Edition
 POTTWATCH Grubenlicht 5.1 - Limited Edition


Funding period 7/18/19 6:04 PM o'clock - 8/29/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period November 2019
Funding goal 20,000 €

If we reach our goal, we can cover a part of the manufacturing and marketing costs of Grubenlicht 5.1 and put our timepieces on track.

2nd Funding goal 50,000 €

If we can achieve this goal, we can continue right away & present the next collection just before Christmas.

Category Fashion
City Oberhausen
What is this project all about?

We tried to embody the complex character of the Ruhr Valley in a wristwatch.

We are an education and industry location. We have over 150,000 companies. We were the cultural capital of the world.
We are 5.1 million people.

A wristwatch that embodies all these elements.
Partnerships with friends and local businesses are at the forefront of our efforts to strengthen the region. We want to give young, ambitious people the space to develop themselves creatively, together with us.

For us the Ruhr Valley is more than a home. It is a region with unique values, ​​that we want to identify with in the future.
We want to show the world that even after the end of the black coal there is still a lot of potential here. We do not just want to accompany structural change, we want to shape it. We want to cherish our past and step into the future with it.

What could be better for that, than a wristwatch?

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With POTTWATCH we want to give people from the Ruhr Valley the opportunity to show their colors.

We want to tell our story. The history of coal and steel, of underground and surface, of football and pigeon clubs, of coal mines and steel mills, of universities and schools.

Who are we? We are 5.1 million people. We are so multicultural and diverse, putting us in a pigeonhole is impossible. We are as different as no other place on earth, and yet we have one thing in common: Our home.

Why would you support this project?

Throughout the recent months, we have put a lot of sweat and blood into this project. The result is not only unique pieces of jewelry, but functional instruments that lead to a dialogue.

For us, the founding of the company was a journey into the past. We want to give something back to the Ruhr Valley - for the values ​​and lessons that it teaches us.

If you want to be a representative of the Ruhr area and show the world where you came from, then support this project.
Together we can tell what solidarity and trust really mean. Together, we can strengthen our past and make the hard work of our ancestors memorable.

Are you one of 5.1 million? Or maybe of 82 million? Then support POTTWATCH with the purchase of a wristwatch.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Every euro contributed by this campaign flows directly into the production of our timepieces.

So far we have supported everything with our own equity. As students and career starters however, we depend on you. Production costs, marketing costs, and many other costs incurred in setting up a business are to be supported by this campaign.

With successful financing, we can deliver all ordered watches to our supporters. With the achievement of the second financing target, we can even finance the next collection: "Heimaterde".

Who are the people behind the project?

Growing up in the shadow of Prosper-Haniel, the coal mine that ended the long history of hard coal mining in the Ruhr Valley at the end of last year, we - Lucas, Jason and Damian - had the idea to let a piece of our home, continue its journey in a wristwatch.

For years, we dreamed of creating something together. With the establishment of our own company we come closer to this goal and work day by day to realize it. We secured a coal donation from Ruhrkohle AG, visited Baselworld, the world's largest watch fair, and collaborated with local companies. We invited friends to join us on the journey and to be creative. We are now pleased, to proudly hold the product of our invested time in our hands.

POTTWATCH is a milestone in our friendship. The various cooperations we engaged in, only just make this project possible. A big thank you goes back to all our supporters, who have pulled together with us to realize this project.

Without our network, which we have built up over years, this enterprise would never have been possible.

  • Thank you, Benedikt Küppers, for your convincing designs and your creative drive. Without you, we would never have been able to implement neither the technical nor the communicative aspects in such a detailed manner.
  • Thank you Tobias Rümpler, for your camera skills and your commitment, both within the coal mine and during post production. The visual documentation captures our history and creates transparency.
  • Thank you, Max Krumm, for your audiovisual skills in bringing the viewer into the action. Thanks also to Oskar Nohl for an incredible soundtrack that completes our project artfully.
  • Thank you, Malte Thomeszcek, for your role as a partner as well as a mentor, for your commitment to this project.
  • Thank you, Patrick Engemann, for your openness to this venture, despite all the uncertainty.
  • Thank you, Börje Nolte, for your Oscar-ready video-shooting performance and know-how about mining.
  • Thanks to the whole team of the Nachtigall colliery. Your hospitality at the Industrial Museum is a sign of the still existing solidarity of our region.
  • Thanks to the mates of the visitor mine Graf Wittekind. Through your company on our journey, as well as through your solidarity with each other, we were allowed to experience the past firsthand.
  • Thank you also to all other participants who have supported this project in any way. Without you, POTTWATCH would not have been possible.


Project updates


Glückauf Mitgründer,

wir haben ein kleines Update geschaltet. Da wir bereits Anfragen für mehr als 15 Uhren auf einmal bekommen haben, bieten wir nun unser Grubenlicht 5.1 - Unternehmenspaket.

Mitarbeiterpräsente oder Kundengeschenke? Nur zwei von vielen Möglichkeiten dieses Paket zu nutzen.


Beste Grüße vom POTTWATCH-Team!
Lucas, Jason und Damian

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Legal notice
POTTWATCH - Heinen, Sell & te Heesen GbR
Lucas Heinen
Prinzenstraße 21
46147 Oberhausen Deutschland

Vertreten durch:
Gesellschafter Lucas Heinen, Jason Sell & Damian te Heesen

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer nach §27a Umsatzsteuergesetz:


ZEITpunkt. Chronometrie, Duisburg

"Zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort." Egal ob Herstellung, Montage, Demontage oder Reparatur von Uhrwerken – die ZEITPUNKT Meisterwerkstatt ist mit Leidenschaft und Detailverliebtheit am Werk.

Ruhrkohle AG, Essen

Die RAG kümmert sich seit ca. 1968 um die Organisation aller Zechen und Förderanlagen im Ruhrgebiet. Für POTTWATCH spendete die RAG 100 Kilogramm Steinkohle des Bergwerks Prosper-Haniel aus Bottrop.

To be continued!
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To be continued!
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