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This is a showcase of the power of individual actions! A broken system has landed us with 5 billion tonnes of unattended plastic waste in our environment. Now it will take united actions to build an improved global plastic system that can tackle the plastic waste of the past, present and the future. Half of the funds will be used in India to - collect 160t of plastic waste - support a semi-informal waste facility The rest will help to develop our digital ecosystem to fight the plastic crisis.
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 Plastic Action by precycle
 Plastic Action by precycle
 Plastic Action by precycle
 Plastic Action by precycle
 Plastic Action by precycle

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Funding period 1/3/22 11:06 AM - 4/3/22 11:59 PM
Realisation 4 months after crowdfunding
Category Environment
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Precycle enables individuals to take responsibility of their plastic footprint. Doing so will fund the recovery of plastic waste with our partner organization in India and support the development of fair plastic waste infrastructure in one of the countries that need it the most. This is possible through a plastic credit system. Plastic Credits are generated by our impact partners - recyclers in the Global South who recover & recycle plastic waste under fair work conditions. Those credits can be used by brands and individuals in the Global North, who want to offset unavoidable plastic emissions.

Our system generates a triple impact - social, ecological and economic.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to demonstrate the power of individual actions in the plastic crisis. Our funding goal is to raise 100k Euros.

Half of the funds will be used for a social inclusion program to formalize and upgrade a facility of a semi-formal recycler in India. In addition, we will create fair jobs for 16 individuals from an underprivileged background. This will enable the semi-formal recycler to recover 160 metric tonnes of plastic waste from the environment.
This project will serve as a model for hundreds of similar projects across the globe!

The other half of the raised funds will be used to further sophisticate our digital tools that will help us in accurately calculating, tracking and tracing of plastic footprint of brands and individuals in the near future.

Why would you support this project?

Support this project to spread hope - it is actually possible to tackle the plastic crisis! All it needs is responsible individuals and brands that take ownership of their plastic footprint.
We at precycle can then support and equip the people that are most affected by the plastic crisis.
Your support will help us to create first impact on ground and improve our digital tools and services - so that in the near future it is possible for brands and individuals to fight the plastic crisis together.

Do your bit today and back this project to build plastic waste management infrastructure to handle the waste of the past, present and the future!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If the project is funded then we will use the raised 100k Euros to

- bring back 160t of low value plastic waste from the environment

- create direct jobs for 16 individuals from underprivileged backgrounds which provides them with minimum wage, social security, occupational safety, healthy working condition, regular health checks, and assistance in opening a bank account.

-upgrade a semi-formal recycler's facility with machineries like conveyor belts and baling machines as well as safety aids such as PPE, fire extinguisher, CCTV, first aid kit. This ensures hygienic and safe working conditions. The entrepreneur and on-roll employees will also receive trainings on Material Handling, book keeping, Fire Safety and Environmental and Health Safety Training

- further support Precycle's development of the digital platform that will enable brands and individuals to calculate, track and offset their plastic footprint

Who are the people behind the project?

Precycle is a team of ten people from three different continents and various professional backgrounds. Some of us have founded companies before, while others worked in multinational corporates or studied in internationally renowned universities. What brings us together is the drive to use our individual skills to question the status quo, to create a positive change in the world. We're fascinated by the possibility to transform the burden of plastic waste into an opportunity to create positive environmental, social and economical impact. We're driven to make plastic action as easy and accessible as possible for brands and individuals. Let's change the world together, one step at a time!

CEO & Founder: Christian Rühlmann
Software Development: Maximilian Kaske, Brian Grandjean, Daniel Amado
Marketing & Sales: Vrinda Kabra, Rozsa Simon, Sally Amin, Sarah Pretorius, Pooja Rao
Legal & Finance: Manuel Frenzel

Project updates

2/8/22 - Dear Contributors, We are stoked to see...

Dear Contributors,

We are stoked to see individual actions that our campaign has summoned so far. The purpose of our crowdfunding is to recover and recycle 90-160 metric tonne of low value plastic in India and through our outreach and your response we are all the more optimistic about achieving this goal. Hence, we have decided to extend the deadline of the Plastic Action campaign till 3rd April ’22. In the coming weeks we expect creating lot more awareness through various collaborations and you can only expect more individuals joining our mission!

The real success of this initiative will be in its impact and to maximise the same we have taken this step. We are grateful for your support because strengthens our belief of a hopeful future.

Your precycle team <3

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Plastic Action by precycle

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