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Germaid Ponge


Singer, Songwriter, Traveler, Refugee of the system, Child of earth, World citizen, Human!

When I was a child my father always told me: “Take care of your inner child, always and any time.”
Together we were traveling through the country in our old VW T4 van, standing on the farmer´s market to sell our vegetables, singing songs on the road because the radio was broken. Till now I am carrying these times in my heart and I am living the mission of my great hero Pippi Longstocking: “Be cheeky, wild and wonderful.”

Frequently I am going on tour through Europe with my bright red VW bus called “Bobby” since the year 2012. Following the tradition of a traveling troubadour I am playing livingroom concerts, I'm busking and I am singing folk music in the different languages of this world. In 2015 I was traveling to India, Sri Lanka and Nepal together with my boy-friend as tourists. After the earthquake of April 25th we were giving humanitarian help on our own initiative for over 6 weeks in the disaster area of Nepal. Out of this initiative our NGO “be the change e.V.” was born, carrying the mission to give the poorest of the poor a hand and to share from the plenty we have.

I want to create a colorful and glaring world. I want to make people cry with my songs and make their hearts laugh. I am an hopeless dreamer who can't stop believing in the good in people. I am not closing my eyes to the darkness of this world but I'm living in an imperturbable believe, that the more darkness exists the more chances will come up that the light and the love can break through it.
I believe in a change of the society. I know I am a part of it and I can change and enrich this world.

How do I do that?
I play guitar for cows.
I love it to paint on walls.
I am singing load in the super market.
I was living in a tin hut and in tree houses.
I was lying on the desert sand counting starts.
I was swimming in an ocean of shining plankton in the night.
I was sleeping in a hammock under palm trees.
I made people laugh.

I love it not being normal and to show that the horizon is going further behind your own nose.
“You have to be the change you wish to see in this world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

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Lola, der Loseladen in Linden

Unverpackt Einkaufen in Hannover
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Lola, der Loseladen in Linden
Uta UTHANA Budzinski

uthana&miko - MIT DIR - ep 2016

"MIT DIR" ist unsere erste cd: 4 wunderschöne songs in überlänge - mit stimme, geige& gitarre. ünterstützt uns dabei, unser träumchen real zu machen!
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uthana&miko - MIT DIR - ep 2016