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Katharina Guhlmann


As far as I can remember I sing and play violin. A childhood and youth with intense classical education was followed by my studies in violin in Weimar and Prague.
After my diplom I put the violin into my backpack, walking across the Himalaya, Biking over Sri Lanka, nomading through France and Spain and experiencing three long wilderness canoe journeys in northern canada. During this time the classical bonds melted and gave way to my own musical expression. It slowly took shape in improvisations and compositions with voice and violin or guitar.
I moved back to my hometown Halle in 2016. As a free lance musician I play in several (baroque) orchestra projects, I joined the irish band „the reel chicks“ and the balfolk trio „Lo bosc“. This summer I founded the Duo „Jaondo“ with the percussionist Florian Betz.
My love for a natural and consciouss use of the body as well as the longing to truly „embody“ the humannes, the life and the feelings brought me to explore Contact Impro and Authentic movement. I study Shiatsu in Berlin and make an education with Susanne Brian on body oriented spiritual attendence.
My deepest wish is, to remember us humans to our own innermost wholeness. My music is dedicated to that wish and invites into the inner silence.

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