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Rona Walter

Deutschland / Hamburg

I was born and raised in the barren nothingness of the enchanted Isle of Skye.
Soon she did an apprenticeship to become a dancer but later worked as a bookseller for a couple of years.
Because she needs more time for her writing Rona worked part-time as a callcenteragent for printed magacines, a photographer for touristic attractions like The Dungeon and as a barmaid in an Irish Pub.

Furthermore she studied English Literature: 19th Cent. & Romanticism in Milton Keynes, England.
Today she is a freelance translator, a novelist and an author for books and short stories.
However, first and foremost she works as a scriptwriter with her own business gloomy media composing documentaries, teaser, trailer, music videos, film, TV and serial.

Her prime novel KALTGESCHMINKT / THE HUMAN DRESS gained 2nd for German Fantasy/SciFi/Horrors Award Vincent Preis in 2013 as the Best Newcoming Writer.

Team member of

`VAMPI:Die kleine Vampirfledermaus´ - Ein besonderes Kinderbuch
`VAMPI:Die kleine Vampirfledermaus´ - Ein besonderes…
Vampi, die kleine Vampirfledermaus, haust in einer Mauerfuge im römischen Stadttor. Leider greifen die neugierigen Römer nur zu gerne in die Wohnhöhle und stören Vampis Ruhe. Immer öfter beißt die Fledermaus zu. Bald spricht man von einem blutdurstigen Untier. Die zahlenden Gäste bleiben aus und...
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