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Nannette Swed

Deutschland / Berlin

Hi, I am the founder of the Ethical Kids Fashion GmbH, which is the vehicle to realize VEGAN CHILD. Its mission is to make ethical shopping of kids garments possible. I have shared the same experience with many vegan and vegetarian parents: looking for kids clothing that should be fair, sustainable and vegan at the same time drove us almost into insanity. More and more people reconsider their food choices in favor for animals. It is high time to reconsider our clothing, too. I dedicate my work with VEGAN CHILD to this idea. May we find it easier in the future to buy clothing that goes along with our life choices.
We are all in this world together. Let's make it beautiful!

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DER SACHE WEGEN - einfach richtig einkaufen

DER SACHE WEGEN - einfach richtig einkaufen

Unser Laden - plastikfrei, palmölfrei und tierleidfrei, mit besten Zutaten wie fair, bio, regional und jedes Produkt bewusst ausgewählt.


GOOD VIBES fashion for kids: fair, sustainable and vegan.
SirPlus - the food outlet shop with delivery

SirPlus - the food outlet shop with delivery

We save perfectly edible food from being wasted and offer it at a discount online or in our food outlet store in Berlin