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Wir sind Reprodukt, ein unabhängiger Verlag für Comics & Graphic Novels aus Berlin, und wir brauchen eure Unterstützung für unser Herbstprogramm 2022!

After two years of the pandemic, we have a massive problem: a lack of raw materials and rising energy prices have made paper very expensive. Production prices have currently risen by up to 60% compared to the previous year. At the same time, the availability of paper is severely limited, and freight costs have also steadily increased. In order to be able to continue making comics in this situation and to set up this year's Fall program, we ask for your support!
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Funding period
4/11/22 - 5/9/22
Fall 2022
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 30,000 €

Wir nutzen die Summe, um unser Herbstprogramm von 30 neuen Comics zu finanzieren.

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What is this project all about?

Reprodukt is an independent publisher that has been publishing comics by authors mainly from Germany, France, Europe, the USA and Japan for 30 years. For more than ten years we have also been publishing a colorful children's comic program for young and old readers.

With paper prices rising, it's becoming increasingly difficult for us to publish comics and run this year's fall program as usual.

Therefore we are now asking for your support!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to use crowdfunding to continue publishing our authors, employ our translators and letterers, and be able to realize our Fall 2022 program.

And of course offer our readers and all interested parties many great new comics!

What we want to do with your support:

30,000 Euro: We are publishing our Fall program of 30 titles in the usual high quality. Carefully translated and edited comics appear, projects by young authors are accompanied by experienced editors, and we pay attention to high production and printing standards without the risk of having to compensate for the increased production costs with excessive sales prices.

45,000 Euro: If we reach 45,000 Euro, we can buy the planned new editions of much-requested comics such as „Die 2.333 Dimension" and "Otto" by Marc-Antoine Mathieu, "Blast" 3 + 4 by Manu Larcenet or reprint "Hitler" by Shigeru Mizuki.

60,000 Euro: If we reach the sum of 60,000 Euro, we will produce new slipcases for the “Donjon”, “Ralph Azham” or “Blast” series.

70,000 Euro: Wow! If we achieve this ambitious goal, nothing stands in the way of a new edition of the works by Marc-Antoine Mathieu around Julius Corentin Acquefacques such as "Der Ursprung" and the publication of his long-awaited novelty "Der Hypertraum"!

Why would you support this project?

Only with your support is it possible to publish our Fall program 2022.

In the short term we need financial help to absorb increased freight costs and increased paper prices and to be able to continue our publishing work in the future.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

We are using the sum to finance our autumn program of around 30 comics and we want to use it to compensate for the rapid increase in paper prices.

From Fall 2022 these comics, among others, are to be published:

  • "Facetten" by Pénélope Bagieu
  • "Hundeblick – Berliner Schnauzen" by Nadia Budde
  • "Mr. Natural" by Robert Crumb
  • "Ein deutsches Tier im deutschen Wald“ by Anke Feuchtenberger
  • "Didi & Stulle Omnibus" 1 by Fil
  • "Blood of the Virgin" by Sammy Harkham
  • "Das kalte Herz" by Sascha Hommer
  • "In der Haut eines Mannes" by Hubert & Zanzim
  • "Berichte aus der Ukraine" 2 by Igort
  • "Juliette" by Camille Jourdy
  • "Werwolf" by Noëlle Kröger
  • "Nowhere Girl" by Magali Le Huche
  • "Kitaro" 7+8 by Shigeru Mizuki
  • "Teufelsfisch" by Susumu Katsumata
  • "Momsplaining" by Katja Klengel
  • "Das Leben geht weiter" by Isabel Kreitz
  • "Nadel und Folie" by Luka Lenzin
  • "Akira Kurosawa und der meditierende Frosch" by Nicolas Mahler
  • "Der lachende Vampir" 2 by Suehiro Maruo
  • "Ping Pong" 2 by Taiyo Matsumoto
  • "Kajaani" by Ville Ranta
  • "Der Mann im Pyjama"by Paco Roca
  • "Ginsengwurzeln" by Craig Thompson
  • "Donjon" -82, 15 und 16 by Joann Sfar & Lewis Trondheim, Stéphane Oiry, Juanungo and Guy Delisle
  • "Die neuen Abenteuer von Herrn Hase" 6+7 by Lewis Trondheim
  • "Carmilla" by Thomas Wellmann
  • "Aber ich lebe..." by Emmie Arbel & Barbara Yelin

And in our children's comic program:

  • "Kleiner Strubbel" by Céline Fraipont und Pierre Bailly
  • "Ariol" 14 by Emmanuel Guibert & Marc Boutavant
  • "Ben & Teo" by Martin Baltscheit & Sandra Brandstätter
  • "Q-R-T" by Ferdinand Lutz
  • "Yasmina" 2 by Wauter Mannaert
  • "Die Feuerwehr macht Urlaub" by Mawil
  • "Simon & Louise" by Max de Radiguès
  • "Anna und Froga" by Anouk Ricard
  • "Akissi" 4 by Marguerite Abouet & Mathieu Sapin
  • "Vom Wacholderbaum" by Núria Tamarit inspired by the Brothers Grimm

Who are the people behind the project?

Reprodukt is an independent publisher of comics, consisting of a team of nine employees and many freelancers.

Redaktion: Heike Drescher, Michael Groenewald
Herstellung: Alex Rügler, Anna Weißmann
Vertrieb: Sebastian Oehler, Mona Schütze
Presse: Filip Kolek
Veranstaltungen: Lukas Jantzen
Verleger: Dirk Rehm

Kampagnenvideo: Sebastian Lempe, Lara Schless and Cody Christensen


The crowdfunding project has been successfully completed. Supporting and ordering is no longer available on Startnext.

  • The processing of orders placed will be handled directly by the project owners according to the stated delivery time.

  • The production and delivery is the responsibility of the project owners themselves.

  • Cancellations and returns are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective project owner.

  • Revocations and cancellations via Startnext are no longer possible.

What does this mean? 
Legal notice
Reprodukt GmbH
Dirk Rehm
Gottschedstr. 4, Aufgang 1
13357 Berlin Deutschland

Natürlich versuchen wir stets unser Möglichstes, aber es kann trotzdem passieren, dass sich einige Titel trotz sorgfältiger Planung verspäten oder verschieben, denn der Drucktermin hängt von sehr vielen Faktoren ab: dass alle Beteiligten die Bücher rechtzeitig abgeben, Druckereien die korrekten Materialien verwenden, die Lieferungen pünktlich sind und dass Pandemie oder Papierverfügbarkeiten uns keinen spontanen Strich durch die Rechnung machen.

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