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The former silent film theater Delphi is a beautiful protected historic landmark building from the 1920’s being re-awakened as an arts and culture center. Help us recover from the theft of all our technical equipment so that we can re-open the "Theater in Delphi" for our artists and audiences!
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Funding period 10/13/17 12:04 PM - 12/12/17 11:59 PM
Realisation December 2017
Start level 20,000 €

This is the amount needed to replace the basic necessary technical equipment which are essential for operations of the theater.

Category Community
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

In 2012 a hidden jewel in Berlin was awakened from her sleeping beauty slumber. This beautiful relic of a bygone time - the golden 1920’s in Berlin - was left unused for over 50 years until the artist group Per Aspera discovered it and opened the doors once again.

Since then our small management team have been fighting to preserve the building, and establish it as a unique new venue for arts and culture in Berlin. Since 2012 we have produced and hosted more than 200 events, everything from classical concerts to experimental film, modern dance to site specific performance, exhibitions, conferences, refugee culture festivals, and more.

On October 1st, 2017, tragedy struck. The theater was broken into, and all the technical equipment was stolen - every cable, every adapter, from the most expensive projector to the paper stapler, everything is gone.

We are trying to replace what was lost so that we can re-open this unique and valuable venue for arts and culture in Berlin.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal of the former silent film theater Delphi is to create an unique space for extraordinary events of art and culture. We want to provide a home for exceptional ideas, that need a space just as special. Our goal is to create a place where all walks of life and all forms of art are welcome, and encourage the crossover between genres, formats, and cultures.

The aim of this fundraising campaign is to raise enough money to replace the technical equipment that was stolen from us, so that we can make sure the Delphi stays well and alive as a historical arts and culture venue.

Help us meet our goals so we can again fill the Delphi with extraordinary happenings, and secure it as a permanent home for arts and culture in Berlin.

Why would you support this project?

The former silent film theater Delphi is one of a kind.
The last remaining theater of its type from the “Filmstadt Weißensee”, a cultural hotspot in the 1920’s, its originally preserved art deco architecture is a remnant to this time of art and glamour.

The Delphi is a truly unique place, not only because of its extraordinary aesthetic, but also because of the kind of people it attracts. The artists, organisers, and audience are all drawn to the mystery, beauty, and potential of this place, creating an environment of creativity, and enchantment like no other.

This magical environment has been operating without any public or private funding. We, the small management invested personal finances and even did not pay ourselves for years of full-time work so that every cent would be invested in the theater - to provide the best possible conditions for artists and audiences.

Now all that we sacrificed for is gone.

Being without funding, without personal wealth or savings, our only hope to bring the theater back to life is through the kindness and generosity of the community.

Unfortunately, none of our insurances will cover this loss. The additional protection for this kind of theft would have cost 5 figures, which for us was simply not financially possible.

The theater in Delphi is a truly special cultural space, if she is lost, Berlin will be losing an irreplaceable jewel!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If we reach our first funding goal of 20.000€, we will use the money to replace the necessary technical equipment which is essential for operations of the theater.

If we reach our second funding goal of 50.000€, we will be able to replace everything that was stolen from us, and again have the high quality video, sound, and lighting equipment we need to present our artists in the most professional way.

All money gathered is guaranteed to be used for the common good, through our registered nonprofit Per Aspera e.V.

Who are the people behind the project?

The artistic directors and managers of the theater are Brina Stinehelfer and Nikolaus Schneider. Working under the name Per Aspera, they are theater and performance makers and producers. When they fell in love with the Delphi, they made a decision to give up everything and dedicate their lives to creating a space for all artists - a new institution for the city of Berlin, one that would outlive them. They still believe that their years of sacrifice, struggles and hard work will be worth it - not for financial gain, but in creating and securing a truly special place for the community, for generations to come.

But the Delphi is not about the two directors, it is a place for artists, organisers, and audiences, people drawn to the place looking for a special opportunity to create, and a unique experience. Over the years the Delphi has given around 30.000 people heart-warming, enriching, fulfilling, joyous experiences.

This project is really for them!

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