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The REX RETROSPECTIVE showcases this most relevant contemporary artist and pornographer in an exhibition of hyper-masculine art. Together with you, our friends and supporters, we are proud to present the largest exhibition of his groundbreaking work.
1,842 €
6,000 € Funding goal
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Funding period 23/01/2018 07:19 o'clock - 22/02/2018 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period February 23rd until 25th 2018
Funding goal 6,000 €

You may find all information for the usage of the money in the category "Where does the money go". All staff works on voluntary basis.

2nd Funding goal 12,000 €

If the higher amount may be reached, the preparations to ensure the upcoming San Francisco exhibition, could start and the planned brochure may be extended.

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Ort Antwerpen
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Bernd Althans
Driesener Str. 1a
10439 Berlin Deutschland


The TOM OF FINLAND foundation represents the estate of this foremost artist. Their president Durk Dehner and Sharp invited the REX project to be strongly promoted and supported through the foundations networks.

The editor and publisher of this international male-fetish magazine were initualizing the invitation for REX, to exhibit during the DARKLANDS fair. Due to their popularity a very successful exhibition is guaranteed.

The photographer Mark Esper has agreed to support this art-project by submitting his unique blackandwhite photos and films to help communicating the high quality of artist content with equal standards in print and promotion.

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