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schwelle7 - the meeting point of Berlin’s avant-garde artists, bold body workers and sexual revolutionaries, the ultimate venue for innovative performance art, the mecca of rope bondage aficionados worldwide and the stage of the most sophisticated play parties in the city - is losing its premises in Berlin-Wedding at the end of this year. We are looking for a new home! Now we have an offer to buy a perfect new location in central Berlin and we are trying to get the money together!
Funding period
6/26/15 - 7/31/15
August - September 2015
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77,777 €
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What is this project all about?

To be able to buy a new home for schwelle7 we are applying for a loan of EUR 950 000 from our bank. We need about EUR 250 000 of equity capital to get this loan. So far, nearly EUR 100 000 came together as private loans from friends and members. Now we need another EUR 150 000 to make this happen.

We set our funding goal at EUR 77 777 to be sure not to miss the goal, but we actually hope to get double.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

As soon as the campaign is accomplished successfully and the bank accepts our credit application we will buy the new location - if everything goes smoothly already in August / September this year.

The campaign is addressed to all friends and fans of schwelle7 as well as to former and potential visitors. We also try to reach out to those who never had the opportunity to come here, but who nevertheless believe that our work is necessary and needs a future.

Why would you support this project?

schwelle7 inspires by offering an innovative workshop program full of unique proposals (dance, bodywork, sexuality). Many of these workshops are especially designed for schwelle7 and are without comparison anywhere else in the world. schwelle7 has also organized participatory performances created by Felix Ruckert. These special "play parties“ represent an unrivaled mix of live music, set design, choreography, action and BDSM play. They belong to the most avantgarde events of Berlin's club culture. Schwelle 7 also hosts one of the biggest and most active schools for Japanese rope bondage (Kinbaku) worldwide, an art practice that is rapidly growing in popularity. All this needs to be preserved and developed further.

At schwelle7 art is linked to social and political ideas. Our activities are centered around sexual liberation, questioning of hierarchical structures, research on conflict and violence, gender fluidity. On the organizational side, we pay attention to social compatibility (low workshop fees, reductions for the socially disadvantaged) and the application of ecological principles (garbage reduction, ban on plastic , vegetarianism and green electricity).

schwelle7 creates an unique field where sexuality and art come together and can be explored freely and with intelligence. schwelle7 enchants and makes you happy.

What they say about us...
"I’ll make an educated guess that the best hybrid and the most ethical play space in the city is still schwelle7, where you can run with chaste sluts, stage trained actors, Shibari braggadocios, or a throng of contact improv students. You may as easily attend an on point analysis (and play party) about furries and pet play as take an aerial yoga class. And when they say chastity at schwelle7, it is in all sincerity. There you’ll be taken as seriously in your abstinence as your peers who endeavour to come in a froth on a pile of warm bodies. This manner of co-existing is the apex of elegance, and this democratic approach to choice is what I find most delicious about Berlin.“ Melissa Steckbauer/ shortlist No 3 / 2013

"schwelle7, the space to uncover, discover, cry, laugh, wander, fly, dive, connect, bleed, sweat, resurrect…21st century Berlin at it’s best." Tatjana aka Scaramoushi

"A hub for open unhindered unmediated connection, expression, fun and bliss. Truly transformative, if you want it to be." Gregory Fung

"To me, schwelle7 is at the same time home and wonderland, strange and familiar, sacred and profane, wild and easy, revolutionary and necessary." Nehra Stella

"Of course the whole thing oozes with sex. Things that happen at schwelle7 are hot. It is a place where your urges are accepted and your boundaries are tested and your prejudices are given not-so-mild electric shocks. It really made me see how much people need attention and intimacy; everyone needs love. Everyone needs touch. And everyone gets something from being allowed to step, leap or jump stark-block-naked out of their comfort zone. What’s stopping you? " Becky Jackson

What else do you get....
For the donors we are offering small art objects like our famous INSECURITY T shirts, play party invitations, tickets for xplore and... of course: places in all sorts of workshops as well as plenty of massage, bodywork and bondage sessions, all offered by generous experts of the schwelle7 family. There will be body work sessions and tantric massages by Ancsa Überhardt, Anja Goralski, Amira, Claudia , Deva, Judith Salamander, Kai Ehrhardt, René Zechmeister, Sela Fischer, Udo Treide; Rope Bondage and Tuition by Andrea Ropes, Butterfly, Davide La Greca, Caritia, Felix Ruckert, Gorgone, Klara Luhmen& Matis d'Arc, Yoroi Nicolas; places in workshops of Barbara Mahler, Barkas, Felix Ruckert, Frank T. & Sheila Crux, Mara Morgen, Marlen and Christian Gouttenoire amongst others. We will upload these perks little by little, so please check this site regularly for new offers...

As we will remain for at least 6 more months in our current location, we can guarantee that all perks will be delivered - even if we do not achieve to buy the new location!!!

Faithful to our conceptual beliefs we apply a politics of "Forced Feminization“ in our perk menu. Become the woman you always wanted to be ---------------------------------------------------------------------->

Other ways you can help…
Of course some of you have no money to spare, but nevertheless would like to contribute.

You can offer us new perks for example, if you have specific competences. Please talk to us if you have ideas or questions about that:

You can spread the campaign by talking about it to your friends and share it on the social networks, using Facebook or other tools.

Thank you.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

As soon as the campaign is accomplished successfully and the bank accepts our credit application we will buy the new location - if everything goes smoothly already in August / September this year.

We might not succeed in raising all the money. The bank might not give us a loan with what we have. In that case we will keep the money on the account of the association and we will look for other resources, private or public, and another location to buy. We might also rent another place while we are searching.
If we achieve to buy the building we will have to wait some years before we can move in, as there are some tenants in it with long term rental contracts. We will try to help them to find an alternative, so we can move in as early as possible. We might also rent another space meanwhile or organize a schwelle on the move, in different locations.

We also might have to make political moves. We will not simply give up.

Who are the people behind the project?

The non-profit-making association Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V. / schwelle7 has about 130 members and is directed by Felix Ruckert, Judith Salamander and Delta RA’i. The international schwelle7 community contains several thousand friends and regular visitors, as well as schwelle7 branches in Vienna and Sydney, Australia.

For more information check:

schwelle7 crew

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