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Projekte / Education
ScoutingTrain 2014 - Create Understanding
25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain we want to connect Europe! Our vision is a network for young Europeans, a network that is real and alive! In the summer of 2014, guides and scouts from Germany and former countries of the Warsaw Pact will create a very special bridge between East and West and celebrate the idea of scouting as a way of spreading international understanding. www.scoutingtrain.org
115,401 €
800,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 ScoutingTrain 2014 - Create Understanding


Funding period 20/03/2014 12:07 o'clock - 31/05/2014 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal reached 100,000 €
2nd Funding goal 800,000 €
When we reach the funding minimum limit of [b]100'000 Euro[/b], the 100 project leaders are enabled to make the trip to Russia. When we reach our funding aim of [b]800'000 Euro[/b], the full project will take place and 400 Scouts go on the joint ventur
City Irkutsk
Category Education

What is this project all about?

In 2014, the ScoutingTrain will depart from Berlin with international project teams on board, heading for Irkutsk with stops in Poland, Belarus, and Moscow.

400 scouts and guides will travel on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway and be an active part of an international educational project. This journey will take us to a scout camp at Lake Baikal. There we will explore the area together, work on our projects, and interact with the locals, thus supporting an on-going dialogue between different nations and experiencing a modern and very international rediscovery of the joys of scouting.

It must be said, however, that the ’ScoutingTrain’ is much more than just a train journey. A train? Yes. With carriages? Yes. But while the engine is making the train move, the real driving forces for this journey are building steam inside the carriages! This is where our conductors and their passengers are. The conductors, having developed a number of projects throughout the year, by way of Conductors’ Academies, where they meet their teams and mentors, called ’switchmen’, and create the concept of their carriage. They arrange their meetings to allow all the passengers of each carriage get to know each other prior to the journey. This way the conductors become true ambassadors of our idea.

Each carriage tells its own story and together we are creating an even bigger narrative
Let us introduce our carriages:

With this project, we hope to write our page in the history of European integration and mutual development and there will be plenty of stories to tell! This is why we are going to meet again in Berlin on 9 November 2014, 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. We want to show the public that the stories that make up Europe’s history are still being told and will be told in the future.

On 9 November, we will meet again, exactly where the journey began.
In Berlin. Again, we’ll tell our stories, but this time our audience will be the citizens of the German capital. 25 years earlier, people here celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall and on the anniversary we will celebrate the fact that we took part in making other walls fall - those in people’s minds.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

More than just a train journey - why Lake Baikal is not the end of the journey

For our project to change Europe, it is not enough to take the train and travel to Lake Baikal. We want to develop and communicate as many different aspects of successful youth work as possible. We want to enable many people to organise similar follow-up projects and to remember how they did it on the ScoutingTrain. We pass the contacts and necessary tools to the conductors and in doing so enable them to share their excitement about this kind of project with others.

Our message is: We want to use the unique memories of the ScoutingTrain journey and capture them in pictures in order to promote the following ideas

  • International youth work can bring down barriers[*]Thanks to the culture of the journey and the camp, as well as the international scouting culture, young people and especially scouts and guides meet all requirements to do this [*]It has been 25 years since the Berlin Wall ceased to be and with our project we want to destroy the walls left in people’s minds

Our conductor teams are being supported and supervised by the switchmen, mentors and coaches throughout the year.

Why would you support this project?

Although the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago, there are still walls in people’s minds. Together, we can tear them down!

  • Fire up the engine so that we can move forward with the project! Even a little donation will keep the train going![*]With our project, we are playing our part in building a network of young Europeans – and to do it we need your help! Together we can encourage and develop mutual understanding between the cultures.[*]Fire up!! With the recent political developments, we feel that our goal is even more important and hope that we can spread our message.

Your donation helps young people from East and West to get to know each other! We are fostering the civil society!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

  1. To enable 100 project leaders to go to Russia this summer and promote our idea there, we need to hit a target of EUR 100.000.[*]If, together, we manage to raise EUR 800.000, we can take 400 scouts and guides to Lake Baikal and tell our stories to the people we meet on the way and at our destination. Every passenger will have to pay for their journey to Moscow and their flight back home from Lake Baikal.[*]Our aim is to raise EUR 1.300.000.With this funding we can meet in Berlin in November to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall and tell our story to the people of Germany. This sum will enable us to travel to Moscow together and cover our flights home.

Participants’ contribution:
Everyone who will join us on the journey in summer will have to pay a contribution of EUR 500.Travel expenses for the journey to Moscow and the flights back will be in addition to this if higher fund-raising target is not met.

What happened so far:
We managed to organize two conductor academies already: one in november 2013 and one in february 2014. This two meetings were founded by the Stiftung Pfadfinden, the Foundation of German-Russian Youth Exchange and the foundation Avec et pout autres.

Find more informations about our finance structure here: http://www.scoutingtrain.org

Who are the people behind the project?

Executive Board | http://www.scoutingtrain.org/initiators/the-international-executive-board.html
We are volunteer scouts and guides from Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder e.V. and we are an inter-confessional youth association that together with confessional associations (such as Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg (DPSG), Pfadfinderinnenschaft Sankt Georg (PSG), and Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP)), are a member both in the German Federal Youth Association and world organisations of scouts and guides.

YOUROPE | http://www.scoutingtrain.org/yourope/yourope-youth-in-scouting-boundless.html
Together with you we are "YOUROPE – Youth in Scouting, boundless!" ...and we want to explore YOUTH in EUROPE! Europe has gone far as a united community of peoples that have grown together and scaled down borders. This should go even further for the future generations when it comes to connecting to each other and tearing down mental walls!

Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP) e.V. (German Association of Guides and Scouts) | http://www.pfadfinden.de/en/about-the-bdp
It is our belief that scouting is a demanding activity that promotes personal development of an individual. Sport, arts and crafts, and music go hand in hand with life in the great outdoors, interaction with the social environment and meeting children and youngsters from other countries. This scope of activities offers every member a chance both to use their knowledge and skills and to learn from others and expand their horizon. Life in a group helps to develop social behaviour, cooperation, tolerance, readiness to help, taking responsibility, mutual decision-making and activity. Most of the funds required for this work are covered by members’ contributions and donations. On top of these, BdP receives appropriated public funds within youth policy funding schemes. In 1998, ‘Stiftung Pfadfinden’ (Scouting Foundation) was founded in order to support innovative projects.

Project updates


die weltweit erfolgreichste
Kaderschmiede für Manager

Die Stiftung "Avec et pour Autres" hat uns mit 70.000 EUR unterstützt um die Idee von Mentoren in den ScoutingTrain zu tragen: die WeichenstellerInnen!

Ein Team von 11 MentorInnen gibt sein Wissen in Form von Erfahrung und Ratschlägen an die SchaffnerInnen der Waggons weiter. So helfen sie den jungen Waggonmanagern dieses Herausfordernde Projekt zu bewältigen!

Mehr lesen: ► http://bit.ly/switchteam


the world's largest
leadership development

The foundation "Avec et pour Autres" gave 70.000 EUR to the ScoutingTrain 2014 to install a mentoring programme in this project: the switch team!

A team of 11 switchmen (and woman) is supporting the conductors and conductresses to do their job! With life experience and experience in various things they try to transfer their knowledge to the conductors and conductresses!



20% of the funding threshold accomplished! Since the beginning of the ScoutingTrain last year, the scouting foundation (Stiftung Pfadfinden) has been collecting funds for the project. Many people have supported us with their donation: Until today, 17. 000 EUR have been gathered which we just involved in the campaign. Now we want to say thank you! ► Who supported us so far? http://bit.ly/scoutingtrain-donations ► Scouting Foundation: http://www.stiftungpfadfinden.de


20% der Fundingschwelle erreicht!

Seit Start des ScoutingTrain im vergangen Jahr hat die Stiftung Pfadfinden kräftig Spenden für dieses Projekt gesammelt. Viele Leute haben uns seit dem mit einer Spende unterstützt: So sind bis heute 17.000 EUR zusammengekommen, die wir so eben in die Kampagne eingebunden haben!

Dafür sagen wir: Danke!

► Namen des bisherigen Spender: http://bit.ly/scoutingtrain-donations
► Stiftung Pfadfinden: http://www.stiftungpfadfinden.de

Legal notice
Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder e.V.
Kesselhaken 23
34374 Immenhausen Deutschland

Telefon: +49 5673-99584-0
Telefax: +49 5673-99584-44
E-Mail: info@pfadfinden.de
Internet: www.pfadfinden.de

Vertretungsberechtigter Vorstand: Friederike Weißer, Sarah Jäger, Philipp Steinmetzger, Stefan Lörcher, Oliver


Das Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend unterstützt den ScoutingTrain mit einer Förderung in Höhe von 95.000 EUR

Angela Merkel, Bundeskanzlerin der Bundesrepublik Deutschland hat dem ScoutingTrain ein Grußwort gewidmet:

"Denn der ScoutingTrain steht nicht nur für eine gemeinsame Zugfahrt, er steht auch für den Aufbau und die Vertiefung der Kontakte zwischen Ost und West, [...]"

Seit Start des ScoutingTrain im vergangen Jahr hat die Stiftung Pfadfinden kräftig Spenden für dieses Projekt gesammelt. Viele Leute haben uns seit dem mit einer Spende unterstützt: So sind bis heute 17.000 EUR zusammengekommen, die wir so eben in die Kampagne eingebunden haben!

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